Shhhhhh! Part Two.
He had been working hard all morning. Hard in every sense of the word. The homework being turned in was flowing just as fast as the blood to his throbbing member when he thought of her. Who was she anyway? How the hell did she find a way into his head after 5 minutes of conversation?

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He shifted to retrieve it. It was from her.

"Inappropriate? I'd say about as inappropriate as me saying that I'd like to ravage your body from head to toe. I was always taught to speak the truth."

Hot damn! He had hit the motherload with this woman. He hesitated before sending that text to her this morning, mentioning her ass, and letting her know that he was still thinking about it. Apparantly, his words were fine by her. She was right there with him in the game. She listened to authority, so, a good girl. Maybe a good girl wanting to be bad? Who knows, he decided to bite.

"Head to toe, huh? With a few pit stops along the way?" he wrote back to her.

"But of course, Professor. I know a lot, but, I'm ready to go back to school and further my education. That is, if you'll be the one teaching me." she had said.

They flirted back and forth constantly throughout the week. Sexual innuendos galore. Everytime he was at work, and felt that buzz in his pocket, a wave of excitement shot through his entire body just at the possibilities of what could be on that screen. She never disappointed, and he found himself, more than once, hiding the lower half of his body behind the podium. No need for his entire class to be witness to the effect she had on his pole.

While the talk about sex was fantastic, they exchanged life stories as well. He had told her about his divorce, his two daughters, and the fact that his ex wife was still his best friend. He wasn't sure how she felt about that fact, but, it didn't really matter either. Truth was, he'd never stopped loving her, and probably never would. That level of comittment frustrated him to a point. Katie was a welcome distraction from the battle that raged in his head. Honestly, he couldn't wait to take his frustrations out by pounding her sweet, lonely housewife ass. It was going to happen. They just hadn't decided when or where.

He felt bad for her really. Stuck in the monotony of daily life, she sought out someone to make her feel alive; someone that would make her feel like more than just a mother or a wife to the selfish bastard that she married. She wanted someone to light her fire, and, he was thrilled that she had handed him the match. He was ready and willing to ignite it.

The week had dragged on, but Thursday finally came. Katie had been suprisingly distant, and her texts had been few today. He wasn't quite sure why. Maybe she was nervous. Maybe embarrased at some of the things she had said. Maybe not so sure that meeting him was a good idea. He wasn't sure. Hopefully she didn't stand him up. He was looking forward to seeing her again...even if it was just from across the table.

After classes, he ran home to grab a bite to eat, and collect the things that he wanted to show her. He found himself digging in boxes for old photo albums, memorobilia, and things of the like that he thought might interest her. He had rifled through these things at various points throughout the years. Places, people, and women that he had met all around the world were etched in his mind, but it was nice to be able to have something for others to look at to get a glimpse inside the life he had lead.

He looked at the clock. 9:00. He had one hour to shower and get to the library. He headed to the master suite. He took his shirt off and threw it on the bed. Next, he reached for his dockers, and emptied out the contents of his pockets. As his phone hit the bed, he noticed it flashing. A text.

"Hey Professor. Can't wait to see you tonight. Are you ready to show me the world?"

He chuckled under his breath. If she only knew what he really wanted to show her. Actually, she probably had an idea. He hadn't been shy about it.

"Anxiously anticipating. Are you in receptive student mode, Peaches?" he replied.

"More than you know. See you in an hour" she said.

With that, he put the phone down, finished stripping, and got into the shower. With the warm water running over his body, he shut his eyes and let his mind drift back to last Thursday. She was definitely what the kids these days were calling a "MILF". He didn't think she knew it though, judging from her reaction when he had touched the apples of her cheeks while brushing her hair out of her pretty face. She blushed instantly at the very touch of his hand. He liked that he had that power with her.

He found himself starting to get aroused at the very thought of her, so, he opened his eyes and shook his head. He got out of the shower, dried off, and headed towards the walk in closet. What to wear? Should he go for the usual jeans, tshirt, and baseball hat or spice it up a little. He thought for a moment. She had rarely called him by name when she wrote him. She referred to him mostly by "Professor". He decided he would dress for the role. He grabbed some black dress slacks, a dark blue long sleeved dress shirt, and a tie that coordinated with the two colors perfectly.

As he tightened his tie, he caught his reflection in the mirror. He looked pretty darn good for a middle aged man. He had let himself go at one point, but recently had been to the gym, and turned things around quite nicely. He combed his hair, brushed his teeth, and dabbed a bit of the cologne she had commented on in all the right places, just for good measure. This was as good as it was going to get.

"Here goes nothin'" he said aloud to himself, and grabbed the stack of things he had planned to bring with him. He fumbled a bit with the keys, but managed to lock the door, and away he went.

Campus was only a few short minutes away. He wondered if she'd be there waiting for him, or if he would be the first to arrive. He pulled into the parking lot, and was reminded he had no clue what she drove. There was no way of telling if she had gotten here before him or not. Only one way to find out. He found a spot to park, and headed inside.

Upon entering the library, his eyes did a quick scan of his surroundings. Hardly anyone was here. The student worker behind the desk had headphones in his ears and he didn't even notice when he walked past. There were a few people on the computers, but, other than that, the place was nearly empty. Katie wasn't here yet. There is no way he could have missed seeing her, so, he chose his usual table, near the back, directly in front of the wall of floor to ceiling windows.

He put his stack of albums and other various items down neatly in a pile at the corner of the table. After taking off his jacket, all he could do was wait. He chose a seat on the side of the table that faced the door. It was five minutes after 10, she should be here any minute. He found himself staring out the windows. He could see Christmas lights in the distance. It was that time of year, and he liked to admire other folks' pretty electric bills. He heard the door creak open, and turned his head.

It was her, but, she looked a little different than he remembered. She was wearing a long black trench coat, and had her hair tied up in a ponytail with red ribbon. Her glasses flattered her high cheekbones that were pink with blush. What did she have in her hand? He couldn't quite tell. He could tell she had black stockings on with matching Mary Jane shoes. Interesting combo.

She looked around nervously, until she spotted him. She began to walk towards him. It was like a scene out of a movie. Everything was in slow motion....or was it? It almost looked as if she was on a catwalk. Each foot placed with care with a swing of the hip that followed. Her ponytail mimicked the movement of her swagger, swaying side to side with each step that she took. He watched her every move, and finally realized what was in her hand. A lollipop. Huh?

She got to the table and sat down quickly opposite him, without taking her coat off.

"Sorry I'm a little late. But, I'm here. What do ya got for me?" she said looking at his stack on the corner of the desk.

He said nothing. Just stared at her. Puzzled.

"John? Hellooooooo? Are you in there somewhere?" he heard her say.

He snickered. If she only knew what he had for her. 'Not here, not now' he thought to himself, and shook his head a little to bring him back to reality. He nervously grabbed a photo album. He could feel her eyes on him, not the pictures. Then, he felt her foot under the table. First, just resting next to his, and then, moving up his calf just a little.

He looked up and her eyes met his. She giggled quietly, and cast her eyes down on the photos in front of her. Her foot went back to its resting place under her chair. He tried to focus on telling her the story behind each picture. It was hard to concentrate. There were the occasional accidental touching of hands, and stares that lasted a little longer than they should've. You could feel the sexual tension in the air. There was no denying it.

Her nails were painted a crimson red. They flashed him like a neon sign each time she adjusted the collar on her coat.

"Take your coat off. Stay a while." he suggested to her.

She looked at him, shot him a crooked smile, and stood up slowly, granting his wish. She reached down and started with the bottom button. She undid each one with ease, but took her time on her way up the jacket. When she had unfastened the very top button, she did a quick sweep of the room, and took a deep breath as she took the jacket off.

'Sweet Jesus!' he thought as his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. She was dressed in a tight. white, three quarter length, button down shirt. It was unbuttoned about two buttons lower than it should've been, and the black lace of her bra peeked through. Her cleavage was abundant and overflowing. She had tied the bottom of the shirt up in a knot, just enough to reveal her belly button. A red and black plaid skirt was underneath her tummy. It was short enough that it didn't even hit the midpoint of her thigh. Suddenly, the black knee high stockings and Mary Jane shoes all made sense. A school girl! She indeed came as a student!

She stood still for a moment and let him scan her from head to toe and back up again. When they regained eye contact, she wrinkled her nose in a cutesy way, and twirled. The girl was wearing no panties! God help him. His cock was already throbbing just from the sight of her. What would happen if she happened to brush against him?

"Pick your jaw up off of the table, Professor." she said as she sat down and crossed her legs. And, uncrossed them. And crossed them again. Then she did it. She grabbed that lollipop off the table and unwrapped it. She looked at the sucker, and then at him. She knew exactly what she was doing. She brought it to her lips, and stuck her tongue out ever so slightly. She licked around the circumference of the candy and then made sure he was watching her as she licked her lips. She then put it back up to her lips again, and it was as if the cherry colored candy blended and disappeared into her full, supple lips. She took the stick and twirled it around in her mouth.

She then took it out, grabbed the wrapper, and put it away. "Hmmm." she said, almost with a look of confusion.

"Wasn't the right flavor?" he asked her as he shifted in his seat, adjusting his pants.

She looked at him with a twinkle in her green eyes and said, "Not even close."

He cocked his head to one side and just stared. He stared at her chest heaving up and down as she breathed. He stared at her erect nipples poking through both the lacy undergarment and the shirt. She was just as aroused as he was, no question. He found himself wondering if there was a wet spot between her legs on the chair. He wondered what she tasted like. He wondered what her lips would feel like on his own, and on his neck, his chest, and his rod. He could almost feel her manicured fingernails digging in his back, and her long legs wrapping around him, locking into a position to please her.

It was at that moment, that she brought him back to reality by getting up out of her chair and coming around to his side of the table. She came around behind him. She felt her tits press against his back and her warm breath on his neck. She felt and smelled like Heaven.

"Scoot your chair back. I think there is something underneath the table that I need to get my hands on" she said to him an a sultry, low whisper.

He was frozen for a minute. This wasn't happening. Maybe she had dropped something, and it was closer to his side under the table. When he felt her lips kiss his ear, and the back of his neck, all the way over to his other ear, he knew he was mistaken.

"Are you going to make me ask you again?" she whispered in the opposite ear. She then reached around him and slid her hand down his chest to his groin.

"Ahh. What do we have here? Is this why you feel like you can't stand up?" she said as she gently, but firmly squeezed his engorged member.

She ran her hand back up his body and massaged his shoulders for just a minute.

"No worries. You just stay right there." she said as she pulled the chair right next to him out. She got down on all fours, exposing her hot, full ass, and crawled under the table, pulling the chair back into position once she got where she needed to be.

He felt her hands slide underneath his pant legs, both at the same time. She would rub them up to about his knees, and then run her fingernails back down, only to repeat. Then, her hands ran all the way from his feet up to his inner thighs. She teased him, touching everywhere around his penis, before she unzipped his zipper with one slick move. She carresed him over his boxer briefs for a time, before he felt himself almost spring forth when she pulled his cock from his boxers.

Just then he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Hey Professor Smith. What are you doing here so late?"

It was Eli Anderson. The king of annoying freshmen at the University. A kid who was fed from a silver spoon and didn't hide it. He drove the flashy car, wore the name brand clothes, and had hair that was far too perfect to be on a male's head.

"Mr. Anderson, don't you have a party to be throwing or a car to be buffing, or something other than being in the library at 10:00 on a Thursday night?" he said, clearly irritated.

"Actually, on my way to the frat house down the road, ya know, 'Thirsty Thursday'." Eli said as he whipped his golden locks around ridiculously.

That kid needs a haircut, he thought to himself.

Katie had heard the conversation start, and had paused a moment, but started right back at it again. She was rubbing his shaft slowly, but constantly. How in the hell was he supposed to carry on a conversation with this dickhead with her touching him like that? He needed to get rid of this kid. Pronto.

Just as the thought went through his head, and he opened his mouth to say something, she felt her tongue on the tip of his member.

"Good LORD!" he said aloud. He realized Eli was looking at him in a state of confusion. He thought quickly, and looked at his watch.

"Umm..its getting late, Mr.Anderson. I've still got lots to do here, can I catch you another time?" he said, almost in a panic, as he felt her lick the underside of his erection from the tip to his sack, and back up again.

"Yeah, sure Professor...are you ok?" Eli stuttered.

"Just Peachy." he managed to get out before the bratty freshman turned and walked away.

It was almost as if on que when he could see Eli no more, she began to suck him like a hoover. She covered every square inch of his massive cock. She took it all in like a champ. In. Out. In. Out. She hummed every once in a while, and he thought he would lose it every time. She knew exactly what to do. Finally, when he was about to cum, he gave her the courtesy head tap, and she touched his hand and said a quiet 'mmm hmmm' to let him know, that it was ok. He braced himself hanging on to the table as best he could without drawing attention to himself. He felt his cock touch the back of her throat and exploded like a hot bullet in her mouth.

He caught his breath, and assumed she was catching hers, when all of a sudden she crawled out from under the table, and went back to her seat as if nothing happened. He looked at her. Her cheeks were fire red, and he noticed some cum in the corners of her mouth. She looked right into his eyes, and gulped, swallowing the load he had just shot into her pretty little mouth. She then proceeded to lick her lips, not wasting a drop.

No words were spoken, but, it wasn't an uncomfortable silence. They could almost read eachother's thoughts it seemed.

She scooted her chair away from the table, just a little bit, and put one leg up on the chair next to her. No one was behind him, so, he knew the show was just for his eyes. He saw her clean shaven pussy. It was drawing him to it like a magnet, and she could tell.

She shook her head 'No', and stuck two of her fingers in her mouth. He knew what was coming next, and he could hardly sit still in his seat. She ran her fingers along her fleshy mound, toying with the outside of her pussy by running them from the very top, down , and back up again.

He could feel himself getting aroused again. His cock was screaming for her. She played with her swollen clit for a few moments before sliding both fingers deep in her tight little pussy. He could feel her eyes on him as he watched her, and as he heard and saw her begin to drip, he leaned forward on the table to get a closer look. Their gazes met, and then she looked at the big, frost covered windows, then back to him. She shrugged, raised her eyebrows, as if to say, "well, what do ya say?"

She didn't have to ask him twice. They got up at the same time, and headed between the book shelves until they stood directly in front of the windows. He wanted her. Now. She had to have felt the same, because she instantly put both hands on the windows, bent over, and stuck out her hot ass.

Damn, she was fine! He couldn't resist smacking it. She moaned ever so slightly, and looked over her shoulders at him. Her smoldering eyes, flushed cheeks, and the fact that she was biting her bottom lip, was enough of an invitation for him. He unzipped his pants, pulled his tool from his boxers, and grabbed both of her hips firmly. She leaned back, guiding his cock directly into her tight, neglected slit. The both began to breathe heavily, trying not to scream with cries of passion for the entire building to hear as he pumped in and out of her.

All of a sudden, she stopped, and squinted to look out the window. What was she looking at? It was then, that he saw the two college girls standing by the bushes. They were watching them. She looked back at him and gave him a Cheshire Cat grin. She looked back at the window, put her index finger up to her mouth, and said "Shhhhhhhhhhh!" to the girls, as if they could hear her.

She looked back over her shoulder and mouthed "Fuck Me. PLEASE!"

He happily obliged, and didn't go slow this time. He gave her the hard pounding that they both wanted and needed so desperately. He was close, and could tell she was as well, when the hot breath coming out of her mouth melted away the thin film of ice on the big windows, allowing the girls still standing there, a clear view.

He felt the walls of her pussy slam down on him with such force, he knew that she hadn't come in a long time. She came, and came hard. He had no control over himself at that point and pulled her hips back on to him, as he moaned loadly, filling her with his cum.

He was still inside her when he heard her start to giggle. She backed off of his shaft slowly, and walked towards him. Standing in front of him, she reached her hand underneath her skirt, brought her finger up to her mouth, and licked it like that damn lollipop.

She pulled it out of her mouth, and held it against her lips, just as she had done before to the girls watching outside the window.

"Shhhhhhhh!" she said, with a hint of authority.

He couldn't help but chuckle as he pulled up his pants and met her back at the table. She was already buttoning up her jacket.

"So, same time, next Thursday, Professor?" she said with a wink.

She didn't even wait for an answer. She knew he'd be there. He watched the familiar swagger of her hips as she strolled across the room to the door.

Next Thursday couldn't come fast enough.

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