I drove past her home often to the airport, but didn't really know exactly where she lived. Regardless, I got excited everytime I passed hrough her town. I wanted to stop by and enjoy what I know what would be a hot, sexy woman.

Finally, after several months of my wanting, she gave me her address and on the next Saturday morning, I pulled up in front of her little home.

I had a small toy bag with me and I stepped up onto her front porch. the door opened almost immediately. She was expecting me. I looked into her eyes and kissed her gently. Lips openedand I felt her tongue looking for mine. That did it! I held her tighter and we kissed deeply, moaning, our bodies tight to one another. I felt my erection grow hard and rubbing against her warm,sexy body.

My hands caressed her ass and we ground hard together. TRhis very sexy woman who I never thought would accede to making love with me has turned into a sexual dynamo!

I finally moved back from her and asked her to please undress before me. She shyly started to unbutton her blouse. I asked her to look into my eyes. She smiled and we kept eye contact until she was nude. I looked at this beauty who didn't think she was lovely. I found her to be not only lovely, but very exciting. I wanted her immediately.

I slowly stripped in front of her and let her see what was being exposed with each article of clothing until I, too, was naked and in obvious arousal.

I took her hand and asked the direction of her bedroom. She pointed and we walked hand-in-hand to her bed where we pulled off the covers from her four poster.

I helped her lie back and placed two pillows under her hips so her mons was exposed and very accessible.

Out of my toy bag came four Velcro straps which I tied to the bed posts and attached her wrists first, then her ankles. She was spreasd-eagled and smiling as she was restrained.

I climbed aboard and immediately kissed her wetness, my tongue tasting her and entering her. she started to moan as soon as I touched her clit, licking it gently at first then more aggressively, humming against it. She started to cum and continued as the orgasms grew in intensity until I slipped in two fingers searching for that rough spot on theupper roof of her pussy. Touching it and teasing it made her cum hard. I tasted her juices as I licked her sweetness, stroking her, teasing her...

She pulled on the restraints, but could do nothing to affect my lovemaking. All she could do was cum and flow into my hungry mouth.

In our chats, I found out that she wanted to be DP'ed, so I had a strategy...Undoing her restraints and turning her over onto a wedge I brought, she was exposed such that her ass and vagina were ready for me. I reattached the rerstraints then kissed her swollen mons. My tongue opened her, licking then finding her little ass hole. Mmmmm, rimming her,hearing moans of want and need. Mmmmm!

I found my crystal dildo in my toy bag, lubed it and lubed her tight little ass. The smooth glass pushed against a tight muscle, teasing, pressing...then she opened for it. I pushed it all the way into her ass then pushed my cock
down to her pussy and pushed into her gently so she could accept my size.

My belly pushed the crystal cock into her ass on every stroke as my cock filled her to her cervix every time I rammed hard into her. Soon, Shila was moaning, I was ramming hard into her, loving how she was tightening onto me.

"Cum for me, baby!" I rammed harder and faster, loving the feel of our fucking. I wanted to feel Shila's orgasm, clamping onto me hard before I came, so I pumped harder, deeper and faster. She was so great, I almost came, but I held off, still fucking her.

Then, Shila clamped hard onto my prick and I knew she was cumming. She shouted my name and soaked my cock with her juices and I came hard as well.

I undid her restraints and then touched where we were merged, soaking two fingers with our cum. I then touched her lips with the wet fingers and kissed her, sharing our sweetness. Oh, so delicious!

Pulling out, we moved so I was behind her in a "spoon", my cock in the crack of her ass and my hands caressing two lovely breasts, dozing before we find new ways to make love.
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