Shila Part II
I felt a stir. She moved and my cock in the crack of her ass was moved so sweetly. I kissed her shoulder and heard a moan of need and desire.

My hands on her breasts teasaed her nipples and I felt a movement that made me wanting her, even more than before. I whispered into her ear, "do you want more of me, my love?"

"I want you in me, baby." Waht an invitation! I rolled her onto her back so I could kiss her sweet curvacious body and tease her. My kisses started on her breasts, exciting her nipples then sucking her HARD! My fingers entered her soft and wet pussy so I could excite her into an orgasm with my stroking...

I felt her growing wetness, easing my strokingloving the thought of her cumming, gently at first then more strongly as we play...

"Fuck me, Brucie!" I love those three words! :) I moved over her and felt her hands guiding me into her wet pussy. I push and feel her vagina taking me slowly as she opened to my size. What a wonderful feeling!!!

We stroked gently at first and then we speeded up our rhythm, our breathing speeding up with our fucking. I kiss my sweet lady with my cock deep inside her... loving the smile I elicit on her olive face, her full lips savoring my lips.

We drive harder, faster and I plunge deep into my love's pussy, feelinjg my glans touching her cervix. Mmmmm!

She caressed her clit and soon, she starts to clamp onto my cock. She's cumming! :) I pound harder into her and feel her pussy tight on my cock...

Cum for me, baby!

I feel wetness growing and flooding my hips, my cock and the towel under us...Loving how she is cumming.

I plunge deep inside her and feel my hot orgasm growing deep in my body...I push deep, then pulse and spurting my gism deep inside her...Aw Baby! I kiss her as we both cum hard.

I look into her eyes and see a sexy smile, full of erotic happiness... Damn, you are good Shila!

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