I thought I had the most boring job, to begin with I was to embarrassed to say where I worked but now im ok with it, I work in a lingerie store that's more famous for toys than panties.
It was a quite afternoon when I first met Matt, he and a "male" friend were looking at the sexy toys, they both looked quite comfortable usually guys well straight guys are more awkward looking, was he gay? He wore smart trousers, well fitted shirt no tie. At least 6ft tall, a worked out body with fashionably wind swept black hair - in a word fit!
When paying for a large dildo and a whip Matt stated I have a cool job, to which I replied it's actually quite borring! And then it happened... He gave me his number and said next time that I get bored text this number. I smiled he wasn't gay!!!

So I text him "im bored"
He text back hi and it was at first bit too polite, he told me the dildo was a leaving present for a girl in his office, then he text "if your bored play with the toys and send me a pic"
I text back the only thing I could think of "lol"
To which he replied that I should test the stuff I sell, a cook always tastes his creations.
What a perv but I did meet him in a sex shop, I did send him a pic, a pic of my knickers on the floor next to a opened dildo box.
So it had begun and before I knew it I was sending him self pics of naked me, this went on for about a month.
Im blonde, far too pale nice bum but small boobs and for alot of the time left in a shop full of costumes and accessories so I was sending some hot pics. However I never sent a pic of my pussy as I told him if he wanted to see that it would at least cost him a dinner.
One night I was getting ready to close the shop (alone) when Matt came in with a MacDonalds bag, the cheeky fucker, im not cheap! But his cheekyness made me laugh. I put the closed sign up and locked the door.
Matt said that I had promised to show him my pussy, I was already aching for him, the pics he had sent me were very good and now here he was.
I looked around and said let me put on something a little more sexy? To which he replied that I couldn't look more sexy, (I was in leggings and a T shirt)(and not my best non matching underwear)
He came over kissed me and we went to the end of the shop away from the window.
Matt's kiss was enough to convince me to take of my T shirt, he unclipped my bra, I undone his shirt ripping a few buttons in haste, his hands slid in my leggings holding my bum and lifting me up to kiss. My small boobs pressed against his real man chest.
We madly kissed then I was lowered down and he undone his belt, I saw my Q and pulled down his trousers and tight shorts, there it was his big hard cock, I wrapped my arms around his bum and first I hugged his dick then I practically ate it, so much he had to lay down, I licked and sucked, I pulled it about with my teeth, he was moaning like a virgin as he did want me to stop but didn't know if he could take any more.
I stood up and pulled down my leggings with my knickers so he couldn't see how non sexy they were. Fuck! My pussy was a little spikey but he seemed happy to put his big cock in it as I lowered myself on to him.
Cowgirl was how I rode him months of frustration taken out on him as I slammed my arse down on him stopping occasionly to savour the feeling and stroke him like the animal he was.
I was way too much for him and he didn't last long, he shot his load up my pussy, felt absolutely wonderful and a bit scary (I was not on the pill) I stood up with my pussy leaking cum down my leg, I looked at the 2 minute wonder and for a moment I was all power, I told him to lick it off my thigh, he fucking did aswell, and my pussy, I thought it's a bit weird licking your own cum but he did it and it felt great.

As I got dressed my brain kicked in, oh fuck! (sorry but I swear alot) CCTV camera to which I have no access too would of had a great view of the whole thing.

It turned out Matt was probably not the man for me, I need more than a two minute guy but this was just the beginning - I love my job x

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