Shopping for Fun
My Girlfriend, Jules and I are at Cindies, the sex store. We walk slowly down the aisles looking for something different to play with tonight. We both enjoy finding new toys, but it gets harder and harder to find something new. We have a massive collection of dildos, vibrators, beads, lubes, lotions, jellies, bullets, whips, cuffs, blindfolds.

We stop by the story magazines, browsing through looking for new ideas. I am all for asking the chick at the counter, but Jules made me promise not to. I guess I can see her point, but I have nothing to hide about my sex life, I like to please and be pleased.
I can hear Jules heels on the tile floor, the sound causes my cock to twitch, I love the sound of a womans heels . I turn around and she is holding something behind her back and smiling. I wait for her to show me and she looks as if she is debating whether actually showing me or not.

"Whatcha got?" I ask her.

"I found what I want to play with tonight," she says and giggles. She then shows me what she has, its a swingers magazine, she has it open to a page with a picture of a gorgeous redhead. I glance at it and see that its ad for an escort service. I smile back at her.

"You sure this is what you want?" I ask her.

I get excited at the idea of calling and ordering this girl too.

"Is it OK?" Jules asks and I laugh out loud and nod. We are both so excited that we almost forget to pay for the magazine, I toss a twenty down on the counter, and we walk out the of the store looking forward to the night ahead of us.

Jules is so excited she begins masturbating on the way home, taking her finger from her pussy periodically up to my mouth, and letting me lick the juices off of them. She has such a sweet pussy that gets even sweeter the more aroused she gets. She tastes like pure honey now and I know she is very excited. She cums just before we pull into the driveway and doesn't even bother putting her panties back on before entering the house.

I sit down and pull my credit card out of my wallet, flipping my cell open in the process. Jules goes into the bedroom, shedding clothes on the way. She wants to shower and dress sexy before the girl arrives. I woman with a deep throaty voice answers, and I tell her I would like to hire an escort for the night, preferably the girl in the ad or her twin sister I say chuckling. She tells me she will see what she can do about that, but a girl will definitely be there within the hour. She takes the rest of my info and I hang up.

A few seconds later the phone rings and she confirms my payment and address.
Jules emerages from the bedroom about half an hour later all dressed up in a blue lace teddy that matches her eyes perfectly. Her breasts are barely contained by the low bust line and the crotch is tied with the little bows for easy access. I want to jump her right here and now, but I'll wait.

There is a knock on the door about five minutes later and I answer it. A huge guy looms over me and I am immediately worried that I made a mistake, but he tells me that he is just here to check the place out and sure we are not freaks. I let him in and he looks around, he sees Jules on the couch and smiles and nods his head. He than pats me on the back and walks out the door to the waiting car.

A girl emerges from the car and comes up to him, he leans down and whispers something in her ear and she laughs. She comes to the door and I am amazed to she that it is the girl in the ad.

"My name is Skye," she says, introducing herself to me and holding out her hand. I take it and shake it.

"I'm Shane and this is Jules," I say as Jules walks up and shakes her hand too.

"Would you like something to drink?" I offer

"No thank you," she says politely. "but I'd rather fuck."

The bluntness catches us both off guard and we stand there mouths gaping as she laughs.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" she asks Jules. Jules nods back to her and Skye leans forward and kisses her. So much for introductions.
We all talk for a while, getting to know each other a little better. Skye asks questions about what we are looking for and finds that we haven't thought that far ahead. We just want to play with her, that is all I am sure of. So Skye takes the lead and strips off her dress. She is wearing a lacy red bra and sheer red panties underneath. You sit back and watch for a while.

The ladies begin kissing each other passionately, their tongues deep into each other's mouths. My cock is rock hard just watching that, so I strip my clothes off and begin to slowly stroke my hard cock as they begin touching and feeling each other through the lacy lingerie. It is an incredibly sexy sight, the two bodies starting to intertwine as they kiss, their hands all over each other.
Skye undoes the tiny bows on Jules's teddy and reveals her pussy, the lips totally shaved and the hair trimmed nicely. She slides her fingers into her and finger fucks her slowly as they kiss. Skye tugs on the lace of Jules's teddy and pulls it down so that her breasts pop out. Jules pulls down Skye's bra straps and her breasts pop free, her pink nipples rock hard. They begin sucking on each other's nipples as Skye finger fucks Jules harder. I am going crazy, wanting to join in.

Skye slides herself down until her face is buried in your Jules pussy and begins licking her. She is on her knees in front of the couch and her ass is sticking up so nice, I just have to touch. I kneel down behind her and pull her transparent panties down, revealing her shaved pussy. She is so wet I can actually see the juices flowing down her legs. I bend over and slide my tongue into her slit and she moans loudly in approval.

She tastes good, almost as sweet as Jules. I lick her and rub her clit as she eats Jules out. Then straighten up and slide your hard cock into her. She moans and pushes her ass back onto my cock and flexes her muscles inside her pussy. It feels like a hand stroking me inside of her. I began to slide in and out of her and she moans and presses her face harder into Jules's pussy in response.

I start fucking her hard and fast the force of my thrusts driving her face deeper into Jules pussy. Her pussy is so good and tight I'm afraid I might cum.

"Cum in her pussy baby," Jules says, seeing me get closer and closer and I smile at her, She licks her lips and I know she is getting close. Jules starts to moan louder and grabs Skye's hair as she starts to cum. The sight of Jules cumming sends me off and my cock starts pumping loads of cum into her Skye's pussy.

I slide my dick out of Skye and gently pick her up laying her down next to Jules on the couch. Jules sits up and spreads Skye's legs apart leaning downing and begins to suck my cum and Skye's cum up, Skye is moaning and my dick is getting harder and the sound mixed with Jules lapping up Skye's drenched pussy.

Skye begins to cum hard and Jules doesn't stop throughout the orgasm. We lay there spent, I have a million ideas flowing through my head about what to do next, when Jules sits up and looks at me.

"Shane, I know what I want to do next."

"Whats that babe?" I said rubbing my cock.

"That guy who brought Skye here... Did you see how big his hands were?"

I laugh and hope they don't charge by the foot or I am going to go broke.
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