Short but strong

My avatar walked into our private gym, being a goddess creating a mansion for daughter was an easy task. Miyako is still human thus I am letting her live a human life before bringing her into divinity...that doesn't mean I don't play with her from time to time.

The thing about Miyako is she's short, like right at 152cm (5ft for my American readers) she's short and somewhat childish despite being 18 clingy and silly.

I saw her struggling to lift the 20 pound weights. Poor girl I wasn't about to just let my dear daughter lose to human metal.

"Miyako." Miyako squeaked in surprise at my soft motherly tone. She didn't know I was there. My scarlet eyes met her cute blue ones. My avatar wore a white Cheongsam with black roses which came down to my ankles and I wore white slipper shoes too with long black nylons. "Will you do something for me?" Miyako ran up and glomped me. I held her tightly, the little girl burried her face into my toned abs.

"Welcome home Momma!!" She wasn't listening, that was fine, she had missed me, after talking my ear off about the latest Voltron episodes on Netflix and more about her writing about her self shipping She then realized my request. "Sorry, uh what was it you wanted?" The young one had dressed in a shorter cheongsom that reached her hips instead of her ankles and wore white boots.

She was sorta taking after me. The little one idolized me. Of course she didn't know this was just an Avatar, but she didn't need to know that. All she knew was weird things happened while I was around. I kept my smile, and had indulged her in her conversations then went to my request. "That barbell over there. "I tilted my head towards it, she hadn't noticed it. (Because it wasn't there till right now, I can make things with ease hehe) The weights were massive totaling at 200kg (440Lbs)
"Lift it, or try at least?" Miyako looked at me like I was insane. "You trust me?"

She nodded wondering what was going on most likely. She walked over and took hold of it her first try she couldn't lift it, second got it off the ground a bit, third a bit more, forth a bit more. fifth a full 3cm (1in). "It's hard Momma." She complained, what she didn't notice were her arms thickening and her legs doing so too. She was even getting taller too.

"Keep going for me?" She nodded feeling frustratedon her sixth however she got it higher 6cm (2in) with each try she was getting thicker and more powerful. Soon the amount of muscle stopped she was no female body builder but she had notable biceps and thighs her 6 pack abs showed under her dress and she had grown too. a full 15cm (five inches) Yet now she was doing squats with this barbell with ease. "Did I-? Why is this so?" She threw it behind her cracking the ground. I feigned shock.

OF course I wasn't about to let up. She was getting stronger by the second. "There's heavier for you too." I had doubled the weight yet she lifted it with ease. "I need something to test myself with!!" She growled in frustraion my little girl literally jumped out of the weight room and landed outside with a BOOM!! I couldn't help but chuckle Knowing her she'd be looking for heavier things to test and the more she tested, the stronger she would get. The funny thing was that this was the first of many who would soon become goddesses I was rather excited and wet at the thought of whatelse I could do.

At the junk yard Miyako had gone full hulk well in terms of anger. She smashed old cars and crushed piles of steel by jumping on them. Each time she crushed something she let out a scream of pleasure as she came. She grabbed a massive truck and threw it into the distance letting out a roar of pride and pleasure. Miyako became a legend as she went into a frenzy, No one heard from her one, but me. Perhaps I'd have her being a goddess sooner than later.

I could hear her roars as she gives into her primal urges to use her strength, to get stronger, to destroy, and to cum in the process, I wondered which would do the world in first the force of her orgasms, the stomps and jumps, which produced so much force that the earth began to shake, or her roars which began producing echos that could tear down trees and buildings.

With a shrug my Avatar vanished. I'd repair the world when she was done with it and revert it later. Yet she'd still remain a legend. Later I'd find another girl. For now however I decided I'd take a break.
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