Shoulder years part 2
Mary got home from work late on Friday after getting some food from the grocery store. She was exhausted and just wanted to get home for some rest and a bit of alone time. She didnt get much of that lately with Jamie and Chris and their schedules and of course her new b/f Charles kept her say the least! She began to un-pack her groceries when Chris walked into the kitchen. "Hi Mom" "Hi" she replied, "How was your day?" "OK" he said. "I'm going over to Dougs house tonight if its ok with you" Chris asked. "Sure, what time will you be home?" "Well we are going to be up late so I will just spend the night there if its ok" "Sure just be sure to not stay up so late that you sleep past noon" said Mary. She was actually a bit glad to hear that Chris would be gone...she could really use the alone time....what a great time with nothing to do but soak in the tub with a book and some wine!
She wondered how Charles and Jamie were getting along at the camp...Jamie had really taken a liking to Charles and Mary liked that her kids were in favor of him ....and Mary certainly needed a man around since the divorce. Charles was a great lover and she loved the sex they shared.
Mary pulled out a bottle of wine from the rack that she and Charles had stocked when the phone rang. "who the hell is calling now?" Mary thought to herself. She picked up the cordless as she poured herself a glass of wine "Hello"? She asked. "Uh-huh, those are the corrected figures Brent" "No Im positive that they are correct...they were all subject to the discounted percentages ....and not at the sales costs" "Uh-huh...well can't it wait"? "Fine...see you in 15 minutes then"
"Damn it" Mary said as she hung up the phone.
She murmered to herself "That jerk Brent cant understand shit if you drew it in crayon for him" She got up and removed the bath robe and grabbed some jeans and a t-shirt and pulled them on...."I'll have him out of here in 10 mins max..." She turned off the bath water and swallowed most of her wine....It was almost 8:30 and she hadnt even had dinner and this a-hole has to go over figures that she spent all day getting done for him...she was fuming.
Brent had hired Mary prior to her divorce not quite just one year ago. He was a nice enough guy but quite anal about his companies finances. He was married and had one kid. He was 10 years Mary's senior and had dark greying hair. Mary thought he was handsome but couldnt get past working for an ass-hole part of him. He was always business oriented and never made Mary uncomfortable sexually so she felt ok about the proffessional relationship.
Mary heard the doorbell and went to answer. There was Brent in a baseball cap and jeans. "Hi Mary...Sorry about this late meeting" "Is ok Brent" "Lets get going" She led him into the dinning area and sat at the table. Brent sat next to her and placed the breifcase on the table and opened it.
...continued in part 3.
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