Shower Dreaming
Quite often my mind wanders when I shower. Perhaps it is the soothing jets of hot water, the warm steamy environment and, of course, my very nakedness. I am always one for saving the environment. I am very conscious of green issues, but sometimes I find the 3 minute' shower just isn't long enough. I enter an almost dream state as my imagination transports me to bizarre, erotic and equally steamy and hot places.

I approach the detached Victorian house with a little trepidation. The rhododendron bushes almost hide the small wooden gate. I linger here a while, trying to build up some courage. What has brought me to this place? Just a lady I had chatted to on line - we hadn't even met, and yet you had beckoned and I had travelled half way across the county! Oh well, nothing ventured as they say. The gate creeks open as I take small tentative steps towards the front door. Had you heard? Oh well, I'm committed. I knock.

The door swings open and my eyes swiftly drink you in - a lady of middle years and a commanding presence. You look me up and down, disappointment evident in your eyes and your frown. My gaze drops, averted from yours in shame.

You take my hand and lead me in, through the hall and to the lounge. You sit down, I remain standing before you - I stammer an introduction "hello Mistress, I am your slut Clive". "Yes, dear", you say, your voice cutting "you are my slut, and you are here to please me in all ways" A mischievous, even, perhaps, a little evil, twinkle plays at the corner of your eyes.

"Strip, dear, lets see what we have to play with, unwrap my new toy dear ... slowly". My hands fumble at my shirt buttons - the chill of the room plays across my chest and tickles my nipples as I let the garment fall. I so want to impress, I suck my tummy in, stand tall. I unfasten my belt and unzip, my trousers fall and I pray so hard for a bulge.

Your laugh cuts the silence- as I dreaded, there is no evidence of my manhood showing within my little pink panties. "Step closer, dear" - the inflection in your voice is menacing. You reach out and clasp my balls through the panties and squeeze and I gasp. "Just wanted to make sure you have something for me to play with, dear". I blush furiously.

"On you knees now, dear that's it, at my feet". You order me to lick your toes. I do so, one by one. You tell me to slowly move my lips higher. They (my lips) trace your calf, lick behind you knees, and gradually move up your thighs - savouring every inch. You lift your skirt, you are wearing nothing underneath. You spread your legs inviting my advance.

My tongue plays lightly over your smooth pussy, seeking your sensitive spot. Your foot rams up between my legs - goading me to work harder. My tongue travels the full length of your divine pussy I am pleased that it is becoming moist.

You grab the back of my head and pull me hard to your lap. My tongue searches deeply and begins to lap up your juices. You grind hard against my face. I can hardly breathe. I swallow hard; I keep licking for what seems an eternity. Your grinding becomes harder, more painful, you thrust against my nose, burying this deep, my tongue then reaching out to your crack, searching for your other intimate place.

You push me down onto the carpet, your legs pin my arms as you work your pussy over my face - harder, faster, wetter. I am so pleased when you reach an orgasm. I am so proud of my efforts. "Well, that was a good start, dear - I do like to get down to business quickly" I am already exhausted - but at least my little willy now proudly strains in the panties, bursting for attention. You look on with disdain; I beg for release, you reply "only if you do something else for me, dear"

"Of course" I reply, too eagerly. "Please stand, dear, on the rug in front of the fire, spread your legs a little, dear".

You approach me and wrap a scarf around my eyes. While the blindfold deprives me of sight, my other senses are enhanced, aroused. I can feel the heat of the fire on my scantily clad behind, and the cool draughts between my spread legs. My ears strain as the silence that has enveloped the room is disturbed by the opening of the door and soft treads on the carpet. I feel tender hands running over my body, stroking my face and arms. I quiver at the feel of finger nails running across the satin of my panties, probing the bulge inquisitively. I have the impression that there are at least two pairs of hands, probably three as the fingers continue their exploration. I feel the strain of my growing cock as it tries to burst from the confines of the pink satin.

There I stand with my legs apart and my hands behind my back, deprived of sight but all other senses screaming, when I feel the cold steel of a blade as it touches my left cheek, then another is applied to the right. My nervousness increases as the blades pass down slowly to my neck, and on down to my breasts where they linger. They dig in slightly as they reach the nipples and then continue in tandem to my tummy, gently pricking at my navel before venturing into the waist of my panties. I finally sense them resting against my inflated cock.

I feel fear, trepidation, worry, humiliation, pain, helplessness. But I also feel an overwhelming excitement and anticipation. I experience a delicious kind of freedom as, in all humility; I surrender control willingly and subserviently.

The knives move apart until they are at my hips. In one swift action they tug at the waist band and the shredded pink satin slides down my legs to the floor - my cock, released from its delicate prison, springs to attention. I feel the warm moist touch of soft lips envelope my hardness, so tantalising, but, at the same time fingers are prising my mouth open and I both feel and taste the soaked panties being stuffed into my mouth.

Where might this lead? My imagination is running riot, all kinds of ideas are romping around my head. I ponder - Is there anything I really hope you won't be doing to me? - I am surprised that I find the answer is no, a total trusting surrender.

I am jolted out of my reverie as two pairs of hands grasp my arms and walk me across the room. I am then reversed until I feel something, a chair perhaps, at the back of my knees and my two unknown handlers lower me onto the seat. They lean me backwards and down until I am lying horizontal along the length of what I assume now is a low narrow bench. I feel hands behind my knees, lifting my legs, and binding them, spread, to something overhead. The bench is not wide enough to support my arms which hang down - a rope is attached to my wrists so that I cannot raise them. A feeling of utter helplessness engulfs me.

I sense movement near my head and detect the delicate musk of an excited pussy. I feel something soft touch my nose. "lick" you whisper - I now know this is not your pussy. I reach out my tongue and taste the sweetness of female excitement.

Gentle fingers stroke my cock and I can feel the blood swelling it to a size I have never experienced before. A soft voice warns me not to cum. My eager tongue probes the crack between the girl's legs, seeking to part her labia and gain admittance. My tongue runs the length of her slit and I am rewarded by a satisfied murmur. I find the swelling bud of her clitoris and flick it, tease it. She presses down on me, trying to get nearer to the source of pleasure and I can taste her sweet juices as they reach my lips and coat my face. I can feel her body trembling and she starts to fuck my mouth, urgently seeking the release of an orgasm. Her excitement builds and I know she is near. Her movements become more frantic. She pulls on my cock goading me to work harder, to satisfy. With an almighty yell she explodes on my face and her wracking orgasm surges through her body and through my lips.

She bends forward and kisses my throbbing cock - "thank you Clivey".

I lie still, my limbs are cramping, arms bound down, legs hoisted and spread. The room has gone quiet; I listen hard - but nothing. Have they gone? I begin to wriggle, seeking respite from the cramps, seeking release from my tension. "Shhhh, dear"- so softly in my ear, your hot breath on my neck. Then someone's hand is on my buttocks, fingers exploring my anus, working deep inside me, stretching my sphincter and teasing my tight tight balls - a little roughly. And then something else, much bigger than a finger, insinuating itself into my rectum, pushing, pressing, invading my virgin hole, insistent, persistent as it seeks entrance. I feel a delightful fullness as it is eased slowly home.

"Does my strap-on feel good dear? What is it you really want Clive? - do you want me to fuck you slut?"

"Ahhhhhhhh" I am brought abruptly out of my fantastical dream state as the shower finally runs icy cold. My cock withers, I grope for the controls to turn the icy stream off, I am wrenched back to my real life, shivering. That will teach me to neglect the environment. 3 minutes next time, honest :)
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