Shower Fantasy
I haven't slept nearly enough, but I'm restless tonight. Can't seem to stop thinking of you. Thinking a shower might help me clear my head, I run the water nice and hot filling the room with steam. Slipping under the streams, I lean against the wall, letting the hot water soothe away the world.

Washing my body, running my soapy hands over my breasts, my thoughts are still of you. I long to see your sexy smile, feel your lustful eyes on me. Soaking in the heat, I'm soon completely lost in my thoughts, imagining all you ways you would touch me. I ache to feel your hands all over me, your lips kissing me, your tongue exploring me, your hard cock fucking me.

My hand moves down across my belly, slowly caressing myself as I wish you could. I rub my clit and slip a finger into my wetness. What would it feel like to have your strong hands there, your body pressed against mine in the warmth of the water. Still rubbing my clit, I close my eyes and my muscles tense. I'm picturing your cock before my lips, touching you, licking you, tasting you. Moaning as I'd make you moan and when I cum it's shockingly intense and overwhelming.

Opening my eyes, I see you standing there naked stroking your cock. You have been watching me pleasure myself, your cock so hard it's leaking. Looking at you, I can't resist licking my lips. You look absolutely delicious. I step from the shower and you smile at me. Your eyes telling me that you need me as much as I need you.

I move closer to you, and we kiss. I feel my nipples harden as they press against your body. We deepen the kiss, our tongues exploring in each other's mouth. Your hands caress my back, making my skin tingle all over. Your cock on my leg draws my attention and I press closer to stroke you, one hand on your cock the other on your chest. Do you feel my desire as strongly as I feel yours? I trace kisses along your neck, nibbling teasingly as I go. My mouth moving down, my tongue flicking over your nipples. I slide my body along yours, my tongue never leaving your hot skin. Kisses trailing lower and lower until I am between your legs gazing up at you. My mouth is just above your tempting, hard cock. Can you feel my hot breath as I run my tongue along your length?

Smiling up at you, our eyes lock and you press your cock to my lips. I take just your head in my mouth, my tongue running all over it licking up your pre-cum, moaning onto your hardness. You try to press more of your cock into my mouth but I don't let you. My hands caress your balls and stroke your shaft, as I suck softly on your head. I look up at you to see your reaction, and you grin down at me. Your pleasure easily read in your eyes.

I take in more of you, slowly teasing, still looking up, watching the expressions on your face as my mouth devours your cock. My lips tighten around you, my tongue swirling as I move up and down, faster on your cock, fucking you harder with my mouth. Your hips grinding into my face, I take you almost out of my mouth then straight back down my throat. Your movements become faster in rhythm with mine; I feel your cock swelling in my mouth. Humming on your cock, it's apparent you are about to cum.

I hear your breathing getting heavier. I feel your eyes on me, watching every move I make. Groaning loudly, holding my head against you as you fill my mouth with your cum. Drinking in hungrily all you give, loving the taste of you. After draining every drop that I can, I release your cock from my mouth, and smile up at you.

You pull me up, wrapping your arms around me, holding me close to you while your orgasm subsides. The heat of your body warming mine, I close my eyes. When I open them, you are gone, and once again I am alone in the steam of my shower. close my eyes. When I open them, you are gone, and once again I am alone in the steam of my shower.
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