Shower Power
O my goodness I thought as my naked clean little brunette stepped out of the shower. Her hair up in a towel rapped bun. Her smooth tummy glistening with drops of water trickle down to her freshly sculpted patch. Her bottom so round, full, and firm. Her bikini line highlights her most valued physical blessing. She with a smirk on her face as if to say " If you want me you are going to have to work!"
She bends over to pick up her towel from the floor. Her pussy pointing straight at my face taunting me to cum taste. Her lushes lips sooo full and smooth. I can see the scant glisten of her prearoused state. Her legs so toned. My primal urge to devour her hot puffy femininity surges through my thought.
The smell of her fresh skin in combination with her natural fragrance feel my senses with an aching desire to pleasure her till her fill.
As if control had left my body, my lips take advantage of her vulnerable state. My tongue and mouth firmly meet her mound and sink into her full slippery lips. Her treasure is so deep inside my mouth. She lets out a moan of approving surprise as gental massaging licks tease her desire. I suck her deep into my mouth as my face is pulled to her womb. The clean musk of her sex fill my urning with a heightened sense of sensual energy.
Her ass arched high. Her buns spread wide, Her hips in smooth rhythmic unison with the soft strokes of my tongue over her throbbing hard clit. She is so namazingly stunning in her erotic state. The sound of her short breaths in combination with her soft entraced moans gratify my ego as I control her body with each caress of my tongue. Her flavor and warmth are so alluring. Her body so ready to release its fevor all over my face. I hold her down tight as my kisses become more passionate. Her rhythm disrupted by her body's jolts of preorgasmic spasm. Her breathing becomes deep and labored, Her mouth opens wide, Her wine fills my mouth. I hold her tight and force her body into orgasmic submission. Her her hips jerk in unison with her tummy as she cums amazingly all over my face. I frantically lick up every warm drop of her pleasure filled state. Oh! That was so so good! I hope she thought so too.
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