Ive always been in love with the fabric, ever since i first felt cool amazing fabric run over my tiny palms. My mother had boughten me a teal silk nightgown when i was six, and i loved how it felt wrapped around me.
Of Course, i grew up, like everyone does, and silk became my solace in my lonely bed. Through months of no companionship i would walk into my bedroom and throw off my clothes and delve between my red silk sheets. I can write as many fantasies about being wanted and needed and threesomes but in reality my bed is mostly being occupied with me myself and i. But my sheets, my wonderful silk sheets that could kiss my nipples, if i rubbed the watery fabric just right.
Letting it slip over my stomach, my hips, down to the apex of my legs. As you have seen i have quite the vivid imagination and soon my hands were no longer mine but someones who were strong and experienced hands that knew their way around a woman's body. My sheets turn into soft lips and gentle hands and soon i can't help myself!
I'm dripping wet, spilling my juices all over my sheets but they have tasted me before and i know they dont mind. I know I'm going to squirt, to make a mess, but i push my imagination more and am no longer worried, just hot and horny and ready for the release that i had been craving all day. At last it happens, that wave of pressure is finally released and i cum so hard it makes me tremble and shake with the intensity. I love my silk sheets...after they love me, they wrap perfectly around me, holding me close, protecting me and i fall asleep, knowing that they will still be there in the morning.
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