Simon Sez.
'What do you think about when you play with yourself? Tell me.'

'I think about you and me, or us and a her'... and you know sometimes I think about you sticking that big cock into my little asshole.'

Throughout the day I sent my husband texts, initially sharing sweet and slightly naughty things, then slowly, began to seriously sexting my husband while he was at work; it was so dreamlike- we were actually talking about my ass and the fact that I wanted him to be in it. It had been a big risk, but sharing that with him and his lack of negative response to it gave me courage.
'I am playing with my pussy; just talking like this has got me dripping with excitement.' I texted, still feeling a bit of a nervous flutter in my belly.

'You know, I think about you a lot. I think about how sexy you are. Do you want to be sexy for me?' Came his reply a short while later.

'Always love!'

'Then let's play a game. We will play sexy simon sez- so sexy simon is going to tell you what to do, and to show you are playing, you need to take a picture and send it to me.' At this point, I was not aggressively trying to cum, just rubbing my rubbing my body and pinching my nipples occasionally, enjoying the touching after long day. The normally reserved man I adored rarely took charge like this, and it had me on delicious edge. His game suggestion left me feeling intensely hot and horny, I responded with a simple yes.

'Take off your clothes.'

'Now play with your nipples.. Simon wants you to twist and roll your nipples a little between your thumb and index finger. Take a pic when you get them nice and hard.'

'I want you to shave your pussy and take a pic while you finger-fuck yourself.'

After a bit of time in the bathroom, I returned to the bedroom and sent him a picture of my freshly shaved, puffy, pussy lips, shiny, with my middle finger knuckle deep in me, with the message I wished my finger was his cock, just the thought of his hard rod made me give an involuntary twitch of pleasure, deep in my pussy.

'Simon did not say respond with anything more than pictures ;)... Sink two of your fingers as deep as you can into your pussy.'

I admit, I very happily obliged, and the photo followed clearly showed the slick evidence of my enjoyment.

It must have given him an idea, because I got this text shortly after: 'Play with your new vibrator and get it all wet and shiny with your juices for me, but sexy simon does not say you can cum...yet'

This turned out to be a very hard task indeed. With great care and a set jaw I did as simon' said, and sent him the proof of the wet, sticky, shiny vibrator, panting slightly.

'Clean it with your tongue; I want to see you licking your wetness off the vibrator.'

I did this with pleasure. It felt perfectly kinky and I was beyond horny by now, I had been entertaining myself for quite some time and was nowhere near being told to cum. I was completely lost in the game, and loving every minute of it.

'You ARE still fingering yourself aren't you? I don't remember telling you to stop. Take one finger out of your pussy and stick it in your tiny little asshole. Now put your thumb in your cunt. Now fuck both your holes at the same time, but don't cum yet.'

This was a trick to take a picture of, but with my leg propped up on the wall, I managed to get one, all the while biting back little whimpers of pleasure.

My next task was to stuff two fingers in my bum. Not a problem by myself as I had been playing with my ass, but he wanted proof. My ass and thighs were so wet from my pussy juices flowing out of me as the game progressed and I was slick down my crack. He had me so turned on; I hoped he was half as horny as me. I wanted to show him my fingers stuffed into me. I slid one finger into my ass slowly. It was very hot and tight, I suddenly wasn't sure another finger would go in, but I was so primed and so wet that the second finger slid in with surprising ease. This was the biggest my hole had been stretched open and it felt amazing. I sent him a photo, which took a few shots to get just right.

'I am on my way; simon has to pick something up. While you wait simon says you can have an orgasm, but just one.'

I stuffed a finger in my ass, two in my pussy and rubbed my clit in frenzy, I needed to come so badly I almost hurt. The orgasm hit hard and took the edge off, but I knew more was to come, and already ached for it..
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