Simply The Best
Sitting quietly contemplating our encounter, rewinding it over and over again in my mind, I have come to this conclusion!

You my darling are simply the best. My treasure!

Tell my girlfriends, I wouldn't dare, they will try every trick they have to temp you away from me.

Shhh! You will be my secret!

I can just see you grinning at me, I know! I'm being greedy, but I don't want to share!

Baby, any man can fuck a woman, and those who can usually do it satisfactorily, but give a woman perfect head and she will become your slave, make you her world.

Satisfy her and make her happy your happiness is a given.

Even the most beautiful of women have self doubts and wonder if a man will like their body. Thinking back and smiling, recognizing that you knew from the beginning I was shy about my body, but you quickly put my fears to rest. Yes, exploring every inch of me, telling me how beautiful I am, what parts you like best, building my trust until I was ready to let you make the trip down south, let you between my legs.

Once there you stopped, exploring what was before your eyes, smiling at me outlining me with your fingers assuring me nothing makes a woman more unique than her pussy.

"Beautiful, you said," asking "may I show you exactly what makes your pussy so special.""

Approaching ever so slowly gently understanding that a woman even more than a man loves to be teased. You move to my inner thigh knowing that is my most tender spot licking, kissing, tracing designs with the tip of your tongue. Coming dangerously close to my pussy then floating away. Making me anticipate it. Then you lick the crease of my leg and nuzzle your face in to my mound, brushing your lips over my slit without pressing down on it to further excite me. Drive me crazy doing this until I begin to buck from my seat and strain to get more of you closer to me, then you put your lips right on top of my slit. Kissing me, gently, then harder. Using your tongue you separate my lips and when I open up; you run your tongue up and down between the layers of soft flesh. Gently you spread my legs more with your hands. Every move as you eat me made with gentle patients. You begin to tongue-fuck me. This feels so divine. It is also teasing the hell of me and makes me want attention given to my clit.

You know I am watching you checking out my clit, you see how hard it has gotten peeking out of its covering. You lick it. You bring your tongue to the top of my slit and feel my beautiful pearl. You begin licking hard now and press into my skin. Gently you pull my lips away and flick your tongue against my clit, doing it quickly causing my legs to shudder. Sensing that I am moving toward an orgasm you make your lips into an O and take my clit into your mouth. You start to suck gently at first watching my face for my reaction. Seeing I can handle it you begin to suck harder. Seeing I love this you suck harder. I lift my pelvis into the air with the tension of my rising orgasm, you move with me. Hanging on and keeping your hot mouth on my clit you don't let go. All I can say as I whimper is 'DON'T stop. DON'T ever stop!'

Taking two fingers so you can get deep enough you slide them inside, slowly at first, then a little faster, fucking me with them rhythmically. Speeding up only when I do. You listen to my breathing so you will know what to do. You know my symptoms, my nipples are rock hard, and I start to tremble hips jerk against you and my pussy muscles contract around your fingers and my juices flow.

As I start to come down from my first orgasm you press your tongue along the underside of my clit leaving your lips covering the top. Moving your tongue in and out of my pussy gently as everything is so sensitive right now and know I will climax to another orgasm as I whimper and beg, 'Don't stop. Please don't ever stop!'

Baby, I want you to cum again and again and again!

After you have made me come repeatedly, made me your slave by giving me the best head I have ever had, you start to stroke my body, caress my breast and make love to me quietly until I have come all the way down, showing me just how sensitive you are to my needs.

I have never experienced such satisfaction in my life.
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