Sir 1
She was fuming! Chained up again and this time she was sure it was not her fault. The backs of her legs were still stinging and her cunt was sore where he had been so brutal with her. It was starting to get dark now and the main hall was slowly fading into darkness, she knew she would be left there until morning. The cold marble floor was soothing on her legs but it would start to get cold soon. He had left her with just her white vest and dog collar on. She tried to get comfortable but it was hard with her wrists cuffed behind her back. The cuffs were attached to a long chain which was attached to the wall. She lay down on her side and tried to sleep.

The sound of heels on the wooden stairs woke her "sleep well ...BITCH!" Crystal spat, she laughed tossed her long golden locks back and went into the dining room. She hated everything about Crystal, her perfect hair her perfect clothes how stunningly beautiful she was. Everyone loved her, she hated how she had to bow down to her, never answer her back do what she told her to do.
Sapphire and Diamond were next down not even noticing her as she pathetically sat chained to the wall, she hated them too. They had never really done anything to her but had never spoken up for her when Crystal had blamed her for things. She thought them pretty, identical in every way both tall and slender, plump red lips and short red hair. They joined Crystal in the dining room and soon talk of the latest clothes trends filled the air.

Her arms were aching now having had them behind her back for so long and being left in the cold hall all night. She pulled herself up into a sitting position and using the pillar pushed herself up to standing. The sound of a door opening came from upstairs and then footsteps along the hall, she hit the floor with her legs tucked under her and pushing her forehead onto the marble. She started to tremble, the sound of shoes came down the stairs the hair on the back of her neck started to tingle. soon Sir was standing in front of her she could just see the tips of his black shiny shoes, he made her feel so scared, but how she craved him. Her cunt started to tingle knowing he was staring down at her half naked and marked by him. her ass and legs would be shades of blues and purples by now. She felt her cunt start to get wet how mad he would be if he knew. "do you have anything to say?" no emotion in his voice, she stayed quiet just her breathing getting faster "nothing at all?" he said she moved her head closer to his feet he pushed her away like a piece of rubbish. "sorry Sir" was all she could manage in a whisper "your punishment is not over, I think I have been too easy on you breakfast" "but I...." she shut her mouth so fast "sorry Sir sorry Sir" "every time you seem to start to behaviour yourself you do something stupid like this". He bent down and unlocked the cuffs, she crawled over to his legs kissing his inner thigh. He ran his hand through her long brown hair, oh how she adored him, he curled his fingers grabbing a handful of hair and yanking her head back. Pushing his face into hers. She was not allowed to look him in the eye knowing she would get a slap she looked down "you are on thin ice................go and get washed and dressed" he tossed her to the floor and joined the girls in the dining room.
The home she lived in was an old manor house, Sir had brought it and had made it to his liking large elegant rooms with furniture to match. There was also the special rooms all for pure sexal enjoyment and then the room he had built just for her. The room she was most scared of.

She ran to his room and washed in the sink then put on a pair of red shorts and a clean white vest top quickly running a brush through her hair she sat outside the dining room doors for sir to finish. Soon Crystal emerged with Diamond and sapphire following behind her, she sank into the wall lowering her head hoping that they would not see her. Crystal span round quickly "oh! the bitch has been let out" Crystal looked her up and down tutting "god your so ugly I can't bare to look at you" she looked over to Diamond and sapphire making sure they were agreeing with her, both were nodding happily. "When Jason said he was going to buy a dog I never thought he would get a mixed breed BITCH!" she laughed followed by the twins. She raised her head to look Crystal in the eye, Crystal pulled herself up "don't you fucking dare bitch!"she spat. She lowered her head again biting her lip raging knowing there was nothing she could do "thats it be a good little bitch, come on girls we have things to do lets not waste any more time on this piece of shit". With that they were gone, probable out to some high class spa then shopping. She was never aloud outside the house without Sir.

She waited outside the dining room another five minutes then crawled in through the doors, Sir was sitting at the top of the table still reading the morning paper. She crawled under the table and made her way between the chairs to wear he sat. He knew she was there he always knew where she was. She slowly lay her head against his leg making little whining noises, he took no notice. She started lifting her face to his crotch "please Sir?" She waited ...nothing. Slowly moving her fingers up she could feel his cock "please Sir?" still nothing. She traced her finger round the shape of his cock laying her face next to it, it started to twitch and grow slightly "please Sir?" nothing. She stopped for a minute thinking he would get mad with her, everything had to be on his terms this only made her wet again she rubbed her cunt on her leg a little she stopped not getting permission for this would really make him mad. she nibbled at the material over his cock well he hadn't tried to stop her "please Sir?" nothing, she reached up to the button on his trousers. A hand shot under the table grabbing a handful of her hair Sir stood up pushing the chair over, dragging her out she let out a little cry knowing he hated her screaming. He lifted her up by her hair only to be slammed down bent over the table. Letting go of her hair and pinning the back of her neck to the table. She lay perfectly still not fighting back, she had gone to far again!
"you never learn do you!" she stayed silent "you really do infuriate me girl" his other hand shot down between her legs working his fingers into her cunt "wet!" he said tutting, plunging his fingers in and out a few times. She lay there as still as she could loving every touch still sore from yesterday only made it more enjoyable. He pulled his hand away and started to unbuckle his belt thinking he would fuck her she opening her legs for him but he started to pull his belt free. she tried to pull away but he had her tight by the neck "please Sir no!" she whined "I will be good please Sir?" her words fell on deaf ears "please Sir no!"
"When will you learn you dirty little dog" he had his belt in his hand now "please Sir I'm sorry" she moaned "Shut up!" he shouted and then the belt cracked over her legs. He let go and she slumped to the floor, it only needed one hit her legs were still sore from the beating she got the day before. She lay by his feet tears in her eyes trying not to make a sound. He fastened his belt and picked up the paper "come!" he said and he left the room, she picked herself up and followed him at a distance still a little scared he might hit her again.

He went into his study and sat at his desk to start todays work. She entered the room and sat down on the large cushion he had for her at the side of his desk. She lay down and closed her eyes and fell to sleep. She was awoke some time later by someone coming into the room, it was Mr Jones. She liked him he always had a treat for her in his pocket, he was a big built man with a southern accent "ah Jason" he boomed "ready for the party?" " not quite Dave I'm having to redo the auction lists again!" Sir said looking over at her. "I've never known it so busy it really has gone big this year a?" said Dave. Dave lay back in one of the leather chairs in front of the desk "don't i get a drink?" "sorry Dave" Sir said "brandy?" "yeah cheers what's been going on ?". Sir poured the drinks and sat back down, she lowered her head and tried not to be noticed. "oh shes been playing up, got to a head last night, she just doesn't seem to learn!" "but thats what you like about her a? keeps you on ya toes" Dave let out a deep loud laugh that filled the room. Sir smiled at him "I guess so, I have never met anyone who can get me so angry and I think she likes it" She sank down even more she felt awful. "You've got a kinky little bitch on ya hands Jason you lucky bastard!" Dave said laughing. She poked her head round the desk to look at Dave "speak of the devil" he said grinning at her "come here then". She crawled round the desk and sat down in front of him looking sorry for herself "poor thing... all you wanted was a fuck a?" she sat there pouting. Dave started to fish around in his pocket bringing out a red lollipop "what do you do?" he said staring at her. She sat up straight and lifted her vest showing her pert little tits keeping an eye on the lollipop "lovely" he said rubbing his hands together, he held out the lollipop in front of her she quickly put her mouth over it "suck!" he said she sucked on it for a while then he let her have it. "fucking hell what I would do to have that mouth on my dick!" " that one is all mine" said Sir " You are a greedy fucker Jason!". "well I have to start getting the hall ready call me if you need any help with the paperwork" " will do Dave see you". She looked up at the clock it was nearly lunchtime "can I go to the bathroom Sir?" she Said, after a minute sir put his pen down "hurry up and when you get back i'll be in the great room" she got up "and don't be long".
She went into the bathroom and turned to look at her legs in the mirror they were quite colourful now purples and blues from yesterday and a long red line from earlier. They would never go down for the party and Sir would definitely want to show them off. She had tried so hard not to get into trouble and she had managed a whole week. Then Crystal had noticed, she was sure of it. It was not her fault all the auction lists had been shredded, she had not done it! But it was her Sir found laying on her cushion with all the shredded paper round her. Crystal must of come in when she was sleeping, but Sir did not want to hear any of it. Crystal was a good girl and would never do anything to upset him. The look he had gave her, she shivered.

The great room was like a living room but on a grander scale, Sir also kept his library in there. There was a gigantic open fire surrounded by sofas and armchairs. Sir was sitting on his favorite chair an old brown leather armchair eating his lunch and reading some paper work. She came in and sat by his feet, this was her favorite place she felt so safe and wanted here. After a minute he passed down some of his sandwich to her, she ate it quick feeling quite hungry. She turned to face him and pouted her lip "stop begging" he snapped she lowered her head. When he was full he placed the plate on the floor "go on then" she finished his food quickly and sat back in front of him.

Sir sat back in his chair and stared at her, she craved any attention he gave her. She straighten her back and stuck out her chest wanting to look good for him wanting him to want her. He just carried on staring at her with a blank look, "stand" he said. She shot to her feet, he rubbed at his mouth "strip" he said. She slowly started to pull her top over her head "I said strip not fuck about" he snapped, she quickly took the rest of her clothes off and tossed them away. "Turn" he said, she turned round loving being the centre of his attention, having him looking at her naked body. He was probably checking out her marks he loved marking her, she was his to do with as he wanted to, she felt special. "Come here" he said in a softer voice, She got back on her knees and settled her head in his crotch. "What do you want?" he said she stayed quiet "do you want cock?" she nodded "well?" he said "yes sir". "yes sir what?" "please can I have cock sir?" she said. He lifted her head and unbuckled his belt, he looked at her "please sir" she whined he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his cock out "what do you want?" she went to lick it "I said what do you want?"he said crossly "cock sir!" she was trembling now eager to please him "please sir I want cock!". He pushed her mouth over his cock and she started to move her self up and down trying to take as much in as she could. she placed her hands on his thighs and started to lick her tongue up his shaft it was fully erect now, after she kissed the top he grabbed her hair and falsed his cock into her mouth making her gag, holding her there for a minute he let go "carry on" he said laying back in the chair. She continued to suck on his cock thinking if he would fuck her after or play with her, she closed her eyes and started playing out scenes in her head getting wet ready for him. Suddenly he pushed her back onto the floor.
He got up and sat over her pinning her arms down on the floor with his knees and started wanking in her face "dirty little dogs don't get to play" he shouted "what are you?" she closed her eyes and turned her head. "I said what are you? and look at it when I'm talking to you" She turned her head back and watched him push the skin back and forth on his cock. "For fuck sake WHAT ARE YOU?" he growled " A dirty little dog sir". He grabbed her hair and brought her face up holder her in place "open your mouth dog" he commanded she opened her mouth he pushed his cock in just in time to come in her mouth. He pulled out and finished off in her face, he stood up and looked down at the mess he had created, she lay there trying not to do anything to anger him. "I will not play with you until you can learn to do as you are told, do you understand me?" she nodded "yes sir" she wimped. He walked away dressing himself, she sat up and bowed her head. "You will not touch yourself and if you do you will be in big trouble, do i make myself clear?" She nodded "yes sir" she said in a slightly cross voice. He raised his hand and slapped the back of her head "don't you fucking talk to me like that" she lowered her head still angry but not wanting to push him any more thinking her legs and bum couldn't take it.

Later that night when the three girls were back from shopping they were all in the dining room eating dinner, Sir at the top of the table Crystal to his right and the twins to his left. She was sitting next to his chair on the floor not being allowed to sit at the table she had to wait for him to feed any food to her.
Crystal was talking about all the fun things she had done and all the clothes she had bought "and the red dress was only £200 so I got it in black too" she smiled at Sir "I'll show you later if you want Jason?". Crystal turned to look at her, she was just in a pair of white knickers "It doesn't cost much to dress you" she laughed. Crystal loved rubbing it in her face how much freedom she had how much Sir loved her for all the money he spent on her, but she didn't care she got to spend all day with him.
"And I got a dress for the opening party tomorrow night but that ones a surprise, It looks so good on me" the nodding twins were doing there bit to stay on the good side of Crystal nodding and agreeing with everything she said.
They all finished eating "well its an early night for me, its been a long day, Crystal you're in with me tonight" Crystal smiled and got up from her chair "well I'm off to get ready then" she said giggling she left the room. The twins were sulking "but sir" said Diamond "we wanted to be in with you" "maybe tomorrow I did promise Crystal this morning, now off to bed with both of you" they both kissed him and went up.
Great she thought she would have to listen to Crystal play sex kitten tonight and she couldn't even play.

She followed Sir up the stairs and into the bedroom "get into your bed" he said, she lay down on the big cushion at the end of Sirs bed. Sir went into the bathroom to get ready for bed, he came out in his boxers and bent down beside her "I don't want no fucking about tonight" he stared at her for a minute and kissed her on the head and got into bed.
Then she! walked in prancing about in one of her many sexy nighties "don't I look good" she said, it made her feel sick. Crystal jumped into bed next to Sir "very nice"he said "you look stunning". For the next hour Crystal played the perfect sex loveable slut, my god she thought does Sir really buy this. Every now and again she heard Crystal moan with pleasure then her stupid panting she always did when faking to come how she hated her. When they had finished Crystal went back to her own room and Sir fell asleep.

The next morning it was all go in the house, the place was full with people getting ready for the party. Mr Jones was standing at the bottom of the stairs ordering various people around. "Morning Jason, sleep well" "yeah not too bad hows things going?" "well everything's turned up the stage is getting put together in the ballroom were going to have the auction lots in the main hall and the band will be getting here around 3 pm" Dave said. She was looking forward to tonight all the people coming, she loved sir showing her off and the auction was so much fun to watch but that would be tomorrow, tonight was just for everyone to come and see the lots and have a good time. It happened every year people would come to sell and buy female and male sex slave. Sir had got the three girls that way, she was a present from Ms Mills on Sirs 30th birthday.She remembered back to when she first met Ms Mills it was at Ms Larks school for young ladies.

Ms Mills walked the line of girls "NO! NO! I'm looking for something special" she prodded one in the tit with her walking cane "I have seen hundreds just like these". There were ten girls standing in a line all naked all standing to attention. Philp now who was quite flustered having spent most of the morning in Ms Mills company said "how about this one, she has an excellent body and" Ms Mills cut him short "boring, seen it before, look young man you have dragged me around this school showing me the same thing over and over again!" she stamped her cane on the floor.
Just then the double doors at the end of the room slammed open. Ms Mills turned to see a small brunette storm in with a very angry lady following her. "Come back here this minute" she screamed "go fuck yourself!" bellowed the young girl "right thats it! thats it!" the lady turned and walked back out the room. Philip had jumped in front of Ms Mills "I am so sorry Ms Mills" but Ms Mills was not listening. The lady had returned with two very large men "get her and bring her back to her room" she told the two men "you really have done it this time young lady!".
"don't you fucking touch me!" the young girl screamed one of the men grabbed her by her arms as she swore at them biting and scratching were she could the other man grabbed her feet and they both carried her out. The hall fell silent again, Philp was still babbling "I want her" Ms Mills said pointing to the door. "Sorry?" he said "I want her are you deaf?" "no no em!... you mean her?" he said pointing to the door. "Young man get her ready for me I will take her today!".

The party was in full swing Crystal had invited about 50 of Sirs friends, she had themed the party James Bond as he loved the films. The main hall looked amazing with cocktail bars casino tables and a live blues band. Everyone was in tuxedos and cocktail dresses she wore a full length silver gowned she looked stunning. Oh how pleased he was with her, she would ask for that holiday tomorrow how could he say no and maybe those ear rings she saw today?. "Crystal, you have outdone yourself!" It was Dave, Jason's best friend, she didn't much like him he was too loud and he always stared at her. "Thank you Dave I have worked very hard" she said tossing her hair back. Jason came up and kissed her on the check "thank you again crystal, I'm having such a good time, Just one question where's all the sub's?" "ah" piped in Dave "we were told not to bring them masters only" he winked at Crystal "I think Crystal here wanted to be the only sub in the room" he let out a booming laugh. "I didn't mean it like that!" she snapped she hated being Jasons sub, it was ok in the beginning but she had grown to love him, it had helped that he was rich and she was hoping that one day he would marry her.
Just then Ms Mills came into the hall "Oh! there you are, sorry I'm late its been a busy day what with getting your present then wrapping it" "Ms Mills I'm so happy you came" Said Jason.
"Ms Mills" said crystal "its a no sub party" " don't be a silly girl Nero never leaves my side he would get quite upset". Nero was a 6 ft muscula built black man and Ms Mills prize procession.
She treated him like a lap dog. "I think we can make an exception for Ms Mills Crystal" said Jason "so where is this present?" "follow me I have left it in the main hall" Ms mills called everyone into the main hall and made Jason close his eyes.
"Open your eyes Jason ... Surprize!!!" Jason opened his eyes and there in front of him was a petite brunette hands bound behind her and a gag in her mouth she was completely naked.
He let out a big laugh and kissed Ms Mills "only you would think of such a present Thank you!".
"well it took me ages to find her but i think you will have such fun with her" Ms Mills said smiling. All the guests had formed a circle round the girl and was pointing and laughing. She was angry this stupid old woman had taken her from that stupid school, stripped her and bound her and brought her here, for him! well she was not going to go down without a fight.
Crystal had seen enough and had stormed back into the ballroom how dare she bring another girl into her house, no one had seen her go the party had finally picked up to there liking.
"Well open it open it!" said Ms Mills, Jason approached the girl looking her up and down he liked what he saw "the wrapping paper looks great" he said everyone laughed. She had dark green eyes and chocolate brown hair past her shoulders, she also looked quite angry. "I got her from Ms Larks school for girls, shes one in a million" stated Ms Mills. He undid the gag and took it from her mouth.
She closed her mouth and licked her lips looking him straight in the eye. Ms Mills then gave him the key to her cuffs and he undid them coming round to face her again. She brought her hands round to the front and rubbed her wrists "so what do we call you then?" said Jason "fuck off!" she spat, The hall went silent.
Feeling quite taken aback he turned to his guests and laughed "what a dirty little mouth she has" everyone laughed, he turned to face her again "now you better start behaving or I will put these back on" he said waving the cuffs in front of her face. "I'd like to see you fucking try" she said, a gasp went round the hall.
He grabbed for her hand but she pulled back and slapped him across the face, Ms Mills was in stitches "now the parties hotting up" she said.
He stood there holding his face, he had never been treated like this especially by a submissive, how dare she! everyone was staring at him waiting to see what would happen next. Someone shouted "you're not going to let her get away with that are you?" "give her the belt" someone else piped in.
His blood was boiling, how dare this bitch come into his house! and embarrass him! in front of his friends she was going to pay. Something snapped, he shot forward and grabbed her by her hair and yanked her down to the ground, she started to scratch at him and kick out. He pushed her flat by pressing his knee into her back letting go of her hair he grabbed at her hand and cuffed it then grabbing the other one he had secured her. He stood up and now feeling in control of the situation dragged her into the ballroom by her hair.
He cleared a table by pushing all the contents onto the floor and bent her over it pinning her down by her neck "don't you fucking dare you bastard" she screamed "don't I dare! don't I dare!" he turned to face his guests who had followed them in "whos up for some real fun?" a cheer went up.
She was fuming being given to this man as a birthday present, being paraded around for these ass holes to look and laugh at she was so embarrassed. She had noticed some time ago her cunt start to tingle please not now, not in front of these ass holes!
Jason had found some straps and had secured her to the table, leaving his hands free. He started running his hand over her bum then brought it down hard "one!" shouted everyone, three quick slaps "two, three, four!". He rubbed her bottom again she could start to feel herself getting wet, she wiggled but could not budge she started to kick her legs out. "you're a feisty bitch" he said slap, slap, slap! "five, six, seven!".
Someone had passed a cane up and Jasons was swishing it through the air. Crack! "eight" she let out a gasp crack! crack! crack! "nine, ten, eleven!" he had caught her cunt on the last one and she cried with pain and pleasure hoping no one would notice. She was quite wet now and was sure someone would notice and someone did, Ms Mills was standing looking at the girls cunt waiting for this very moment. The school had informed her that the girl hated being beaten but her body loved it. She pointed her finger "look shes wet", Jason had now moved onto a paddle whack whack whack! "twelve, thirteen, fourteen!".
He stopped after hearing Ms Mills he bent down to see "my god shes wet for cock!" he shouted, she had turned red in the face knowing everyone was looking at her cunt wet from a beating with made matters worse. He brought his hand down "fithteen!" she let out a long moan knowing there was no point hiding it any more.
"Do you think we could make her come?" shouted Dave. Dave started a pool everyone choosing a number, the games continued. "Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen!" she pushed out her bum showing her cunt even more, he could tell what she needed so caught her cunt with his hand "twenty, twenty one, twenty two!"she was now in her own little world thinking of the faces staring at her, how people were pointing to her cunt how colourful her ass looked, she was getting louder and louder and the smacks were getting faster and faster. "twentynine!" was the last number she heard as she let out one long moan, Jason was ready he plunged his fingers into her cunt and teased at her clit making her struggle and gasp "please! Please! Please!" she shouted he worked her quickly making her scream with pleasure she finally could give no more and slumped on the table he pulled out and wiped his fingers on her bum. A cheer went up and the winner was congratulated. He undid the straps and cuffs and she sat on the floor by his feet quivering. He bent down and looked her in the eye "this is the last time you will look me in the eye, you are my bitch. My name is Sir" she bowed her head giving into him.
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