Sir 2

The rest of the morning was a haze of people coming and going, Sir had been busy and had not much time for her so she stayed in his office out of the way and out of trouble. The three girls had locked themselves away to get ready for tonight, she wouldn't get ready till the last minute.
It was an hour before the party and Sir had put her in the bath while he shaved at the sink. "I want you on your best behaviour tonight" she stayed quiet "you will be on your leash tonight" he walk out of the bathroom to get dressed. He wore a black suit with a black shirt and tie. Once she was dry he called her over to dress her, he pulled out a sheer piece of white net and tied it round her waist, as she was a low submissive he liked her nearly naked to show others her place and so he could show off her body and marks. He pulled out her leash, it was long thick and made from black leather, he had used it to whip her before. He attached it to her collar, he held her by her waist turning her round she knew he wanted to fuck her. "If you're good tonight I might play with you" he traced his fingers over her ass and legs he liked fucking her when he could see his handy work. "Right time to go" he grabbed the end of her leash and lead her down stairs.
The manor was dimly lit and the walls were draped in red and black material, in the main hall there were two penned off areas for the auction lots, there was already about 30 female and 12 male subs they're already, trying to look their best hoping to be bought by a rich kind master.
Sir lead her into the ballroom it was about half the size of a football pitch with a stage at the end ready for the auction tomorrow, there was also a bar and a blues band playing.
The hall was packed, filled with Masters and Mistresses of all sorts. There submissives were a sight to see the higher ones in the latests sexy fashions and the lower ones were a mix of leather and scantily clad outfits. Crystal was on the dance floor surrounded by a posse of admirers and kiss asses, she would never be allowed that much freedom even if she was being good.
Sir had started to talk to a tall french Mistress, her hair was jet black and cut into a bob she wore a full length purple dress she reminded her of a evil disney queen. She settled on the floor sticking her bum in the air and face to the floor knowing Sir would like it. "Now I wouldn't mind that rubbed in my face" a deep laughter feel the air "hi Dave, this is madam Sirlin" Sir said "pleased to meet you madam" said Dave kissing her hand "madam sirlin has come all the way from france and has bought quite a few top lots" said sir "Oh! you have been all so kind" she said.
She was bored and listened to the people talking around her, she tugged on Sirs leg, Sir looked down "can I go to the bathroom please Sir" "be quick".
He let go of her leash and she made her way over to the bathroom, she pushed the door open and came face to face with Crystal. She lowered her head and tried walking round her, "stop right there Bitch!". Crystal was surrounded by other subs, great she loved to show off her power over her to others.
"And where are you going?" "to the toilet Crystal"she said quietly "but you haven't asked me yet!" "can I please go to the toilet crystal?" "mmmm let me see?" she said turning round and laughing "I think you're in the wrong place, don't bitches piss outside?" Crystal said staring at her there was a chorus of giggles. "So no you can't piss in here, look like you need a drink". Crystal turned round and turned on the tap and filled a soap dish up with water and put it down on the floor. "Drink!" she said in the nicest way she could, she got down on her hands and knees and started to lap at the water, everyone laughed. "See, she will do anything I say, Good little bitch!", Crystal waited until the dish was empty then filled it again. "Drink BITCH!" she spat.
There was nothing she could do, Sir would be angry if she ran and made a scene and Crystal would lie about it any way with her friends backing her up and then she would be in more trouble. She would just have to let Crystal play her silly little game and be done with it. She didn't care what these fools thought of her anyway.
Crystal kept filling the dish up till she got bored, "now go away little bitch! and I don't want to see you in here again". She left the bathroom and went back to Sir. A while later she really needed the toilet she looked round and saw Crystal on the dance floor, so she asked Sir and off she went.
She opened the door and quickly went in she just turned to look at her self in the mirror when the door opened, Crystal was standing there with her hands on her hips and a angry look on her face. She came in with her friends following her "I thought I told you, you can't come in here!" "but I really need to wee crystal, please" " we've been through this, bitch's piss outside" she said laughing. "Get down" she said pointing to the floor. The dish was filled up again and placed on the floor "drink!". Everyone was laughing happy not to be the one Crystal was torching. The dish was filled again and again "now fuck off and don't come back in here again", she left the bathroom her belly hurting she couldn't go up stairs Sir would want to know why plus she had been gone for a while already. She would just have to wait it out, she sat down next to sir and tried not to think about it.
An hour later she was desperate she would just have to run over quickly she was allowed to go, she ran over Crystal was by the door with her arms crossed sniggering at her. She turned and weed herself a little, please no!. There was a gap in the draped material she had to, she couldn't do it here with everyone around. She crept behind the material as wee trickled down her leg and bent down. Crystal had been watching the whole time she let herself a little smile, now the fun would start.
The first person to notice the puddle was madam sirlin as the end of her dress got wetter and wetter, she pushed the material aside and gasped when she saw her pissing on the floor, everyone around her looked over. "You dirty little bitch!" madam sirlin screamed at her, the rest of the hall looked over to see what was going on. Soon there was a crowd around her staring. She stayed squatting on the floor as she finished, too scared and embarrassed to stand up. Madam Sirlin was ranting in french now at the top of her voice, people were pointing and tutting. She felt sick in her stomach and a lump formed in her throat, she could feel her face redden.
Soon Sir came over and taking in all that was going on around him took a deep breath "madam sirlin please go up to my bedroom with Crystal here, she will look after you. I cannot apologise enough, and she!" pointing a finger at her "will be dealt with when you are ready". Madam Sirlin walked off with Crystal still ranting and Crystal playing the perfect helper.
The hall was quiet now knowing they were in for a treat. Sir stepped over to her and stood staring, he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face down into the piss, "dirty little bitch" he shouted "you disgust me, you do not piss on the floor" he boomed. She felt her pussy tingle and her nipples hardened.
He pulled her up and marched her to the doors that lead to the garden. He opened the door and pushed her out and closed the door with a bang. She was too scared to move she stayed still and waited, how stupid she was letting Crystal play such a nasty trick on her, how she hated her. There was no point trying to tell Sir, he was too angry with her and wouldn't want to hear anything she had to say.
Suddenly the door was opened and a bucket of cold water was thrown over her "strip" sir shouted at her, she quickly took the cloth off her self and another bucket of water was thrown "come here" he said angrily.
She came over to the door and Sir grabbed her leash pulling her to the stage, she walked with her head low knowing people were looking at her. They were all remarking about her as she passed "dirty little cow", "yeah just sitting there pissing on the floor", the more she heard the wetter she got.
She climbed the steps up onto the stage and Sir pulled her to the front facing everyone, he came round to face her, she looked down at his shoes and didn't move. "You will not fight me, you will not try to get away. You have shown me up, you will not! again!".
He walked away and left her there.
Ten minutes went by and she heard the sound of madam Sirlin entering the room with Crystal her new best friend following her, she had probably told her loads of lies about her.
Sir went to greet her she could see him apologizing again to her, she came up onto the stage and spat at her feet "dirty bitch!" she said.
The first she knew what was going on was the stinging on her bum, she stepped forward letting out a cry. She stepped back and shut her mouth. The second time the cane hit she was ready for it and stood still biting her lip three more strikes across her bum she was biting her lip so hard she could taste blood. Sir didn't want her to enjoy this as he had her standing, two more hits and tears came to her eyes. "Stop" said madam Sirlin "please let me help?" "anything you wish madam" said Sir. "I want her bent over so I can mark that filthy little cunt!" she said.
A table was brought over and she was laid over it ass to the crowd, the tingle had started again, all she could see in her head were the looks of disgust from the other masters as she squatted on the floor pissing.
Madam Sirlin had a long black riding crop in her hand, her instrument of choice, she flicked it a few times over her lips "wider! legs wider!", she opened her legs just imaging what the view looked like. A sharp pain hit the inside of her left leg, she grabbed hold of the end of the table, the crop was then run up over the new welt she let out a breath. Madam Sirlin brought the crop down three times over her cunt, she was sopping wet now, her whole body was shaking. "I think the bitch is in heat, yes?" madam sirlin said "If you would like I will punish her so she will not enjoy it" said Sir "no, no" she said waving him away "lets see if she still likes the crop after I make her come?".
There was a lot of noise coming for the crowed knowing this was going to be fun. Madam sirlin ran the crop down her lips and pushed the end in a little she let out a cry and pushed her bum higher two sharp strikes hit her bum, please she begged in her head please again, she played with her cunt then another two hard strikes. Madam Sirlin came closer and pushed two fingers inside her, pushing deep, still with her fingers pushing down she brought the crop down on her thighs, she couldn't keep the noise in she let out a long deep growl and closed her eyes.
Madam Sirlin bent down to her ear and whispered "will you come for me little bitch" she said tenderly "yes Ms, yes Ms" she started pushing faster pushing a third finger in then first gently hitting her with the crop getting harder and harder. The faster it got the more noise she made crying out "Yes Ms", "Yes Ms" again and again. Until it hit she squeezed her cunt round the fingers and pushed down holding them in pushing slowly with her thighs.
The crop was brought down hard she opened her legs with the shock of it "hold her down" said madam Sirlin, Sir pushed down hard on her neck she was in no state to fight back. Then the pain started she had never been hit after she came before it was brought down again and again harder and harder tears came in her eyes she wiggled around but was stuck fast. The crowd was cheering now one last sharp hit and Sir let go and she fell to the floor. She crawled over to sirs feet trying to stay as small as possible. Grabbing her leash sir pulled her away from the stage "Dave can you do without me for a bit?" "no problem mate, go have fun!" he laughed.

Sir led her out into the hall and down behind the stairs to a black door. She pulled away, he yanked hard on the leash "behave!" she dropped to the floor by his feet. He opened the door and went in she crawled behind him.
The room was painted red with canes, paddles and whips covering the three of the walls the other was a mirror covering the whole thing, there was a large wooden table in the middle of the room with leather straps and chains attached all around. He stood her in front of him "your lucky i'm not selling you off to the highest bidder?" he let it hang in the air, he turned her round and bent her over the table and fastened her wrists to two straps in front of her.
He slowly ran his hands over her swollen bum, she knew better not to make a sound, he then ran his finger down her cunt she wiggled "still!" he said. He pushed his finger in slowly drawing it back and forth the tingle started to come back "still wet" he said wiping his finger on her bum. He then placed a hand beside her "lift!" she did so he pushed his hand over her tit and pulled on the nipple pinching it hard, she bit down "I could get a lot of money for you, you know, you don't act like most subs", he slipped his fingers inside her again while he undid his trousers.
He walked round to face her "open!" she opened her mouth to let him push his cock inside, he started fucking her in the mouth pushing deep making her gag. He pulled out "but I don't think many could handle you!" He went back behind her squeezing at her checks she let out a cry "shut up!" he snapped. She lifted her ass for him and he squeezed again then pushed his cock in hard she let out another cry "I said shut up, one more time and I will gag you!" He pushed himself in and out squeezing hard on her ass as he did "you are not to come do I make myself clear? "yes Sir" she whimpered. He bent over her grabbing both of her tits and pulling hard on her nipples, his breathing started to get quicker fucking her hard and rough. He slipped one hand round over her mouth and nose holding down tight and pushed his cock in deep to come. she fault to breath as he finish off inside her. Letting go he pulled out. He dressed himself and undid her straps "corner!" she went over to the corner where he attached her to a chain. He stood back and looked at her turned and left locking the door behind him.

Sir had kept her in her room all night, only letting her out after lunchtime time. He hadn't said a word to her, so she followed after him round the house while he got ready for the auction that night.
He was dressed in another black suit with a white shirt with the top buttons open, he had put her in just a pair of white plain knickers and had tied up her hair into a ponytail. Just before everyone started to arrive he fastened her leash, then whacked her hard on the back of the head and said "behave!".
He led her down to the main hall, the auction lots were already there as the guests arrived. They were all trying to look their best josseling to be at the front. Sir started talking to another master so she sat down on the floor behind him and looked at the lots. There were blonds, brunettes and redheads of all height's male and female. They all wore a pair of white knickers or pants with a lot number attached. They were all standing trying to catch the eye's of the masters as they came in, except one.
There was a young blonde female sitting up against the wall at the back, first of all she though she didn't want to be there and was sad but then realized she was singing to herself and looked quite happy. The blond looked up straight at her smiled and waved, she smiled back, the blond mouthed something at her but she couldn't work out what she was saying and shook her head. The blond crawled over going through a few legs leaving a trail of annoyed subs in her path, she reached the edge "isn't this super exciting" the blond said grinning. She nodded smiling "I'm number six" the blond said showing her, her lot number "do you think thats good" she nodded. "I can't wait to get on stage I have a whole routine worked out " "really" she said, Sir pulled on the leash "shhhh!" he said not turning round, number six looked up at Sir then back at her and then made a silly angry face and wagged her finger at her, she tried not to laugh. "look out for me ok?" number six said, she nodded at her, then number six crawled back to where she was sitting leaving another path of annoyed subs. She waved goodbye to her as sir took her into the ballroom.
As the hall filled up Sir made his way to the stage, he tied her leash to the table leg on the stage then went to the microphone "evening ladies and gentlemen, if i can have your attention the auction will start in 5 minutes". He came back to the desk and sat down and went through some papers.The first five lots were brought to the stage, they were all brunette females. The auctioneer came up to the microphone "Ladies and gentlemen I'm pleased to say the auction is ready to begin, our first lot today is a petite brunette, very well behaved and shy a good addition to any house what can i ask £20,000?" hands went up all over the hall until it finally reached £31,000. He went through the next four girls all reaching high prices.
The next five girls were led to the stage number six was at the front as she came on the stage she tripped and landed on her face getting up she spotted her number six waved and called over "wooo!" "well em... our next five girls are all blondes and very beautiful, first up number six, she's blonde and ..........". Suddenly number six stepped forward and started to do what can only be described as a cowboy dance she was swinging her hand around in the air with an invisible lasho swinging her hips to match she then flapped her arms like a chicken, the hall fell silent all eyes watching her. She was totally oblivious to the reaction of the crowd, she was trying to moonwalk now across the stage, when she had finished she took a bow and stepped back looking very pleased with herself. "em.. well shes blonde and ..... what can I ask £20,000?" no one moved "£15,000" still totally oblivious number six had started to rotate with her hands on her hips pouting. "£10,000? anyone?" "over here!" came a mans voice from the side of the hall "sold!" shouted the auctioneer quickly, number six jumped up and down clapping "woop! woop!" she said as someone quickly came to take her from the stage.

After the auction the masters came over to the stage to pay for there new submissives, Sir was going through some paperwork with one of the masters. She could just hear a man's voice it sounded a little angry "But I never bidded" he was saying "your hand went up and called to me" said the auctioneer "I was ordering a drink!". The auctioneer brought the man over to Sir "got a bit of a problem here Jason" the auctioneer explained to sir what had happened "what lot is it?" "number six!" said the auctioneer "oh!" said sir. "I'll tell you what?" "Harry" said the man "I'll tell you what Harry legally you have bought this girl but! I don't want to cause a problem so I'll knock off 50%?" "but I don't want it I only came here with a friend" "75% off thats my final offer I could make you pay the full price". "sounds like you're trying to get rid of her?" said harry "no no no you have legally bought her!" "what's wrong with her?" said harry "nothing she is a beautiful blond young lady". "I do like blondes" said Harry "and I have thought about getting one, one day" "why not today? at a really good price!" said sir. " ah I don't know, I mean, I don't even know what to do with her?" "right, how about you stay here for a week and i'll sort of show you, see if you like it?" said sir "ok but if I don't all bets are off and the price is still 75% off ok?". They shook hands and Harry walked off, sir put his head into his hands "Oh Jesus!".

Sir was in a foul mood after the auction, once the party had ended they all retired to the great room, sir sat in his chair mulling over the nights events. Crystal had already gone to bed and the twins were chatting. "can we sleep with you tonight Jason" they said as one "not tonight girls I'm not the best of company". They both pouted "anyway it's late you two off to bed I'll make it up to you both tomorrow, I promise". They both kissed him and went to bed. She was half asleep on the rug in front of the fire, he sat for a while more, then got up and poured himself a drink and came to stand by the fireplace.
"wake up!" he said kicking her, she sat up rubbing at her eyes. He stood looking down at her, she moved closer to him putting her face to his leg "get off!" he ordered and walked over to the cupboard. He rummaged around a bit and pulled out her metal mouth gag, he came back over to her and bent down "open" she opened her mouth he put the metal bar in her mouth that went across her tongue and stuck out each side of her mouth "bite" he said, she bit down hard holding it in place. He then ran the four leather straps around the back of her head and pulled the buckles tight.
"You are a dirty little cunt" he said prodding her in the face with his finger his voice was angry. She knew the anger wasn't for her but she was the only one here so she was going to get it! He pushed his face into hers, she tried not to look him in the eye "I'm going to fuck you! and if you disobey me i'll give you such a hiding do you understand me?" she nodded, he stood up and went to sit in his chair.
She was already wet, her skin tingled knowing what was coming. "Come here" she crawled over with her head down "what do want?" he said, she had played this game before "I said what do you want?" she tried to get a word out but the gag prevented it. "You really do want a spanking don't you?" she shook her head " one last chance, what do you want?" he said sitting up in his chair, she shook her head in vain moving back a little.
He stood up and she turned to crawl away "oh no you fucking don't". He grabbed her by her arm and pulled her across his lap, he pushed the arm nearest him under her and the other he bent over her back. She kicked out with her legs, he pushed a finger into her side, it hurt and made her stop. "shhh!" he said tenderly then slapped her across her bum she kicked out again "shhh!" he run his hand over her bum and brought his hand down again. She tried not to move this time "good girl" she could feel his cock getting hard on her belly. He pulled her knickers down her legs and rubbed his fingers over her pussy "dirty little bitch, your sopping wet" he pulled his fingers away and pushed them to her face "look!" he wiped his fingers across her face. He replaced his hand to her lips and push a finger inside "well?" she pushed herself back onto his finger pushing it all the way in then out again. He laughed "little whore, I'm going to fuck you so hard". He stood up making her fall to the floor "on your back whore".
She rolled over, he took off his shirt and trousers and bent down to her he pulled her top off, taking one of her tits in his mouth. She pushed his head away, he grabbed her wrist and pinned it down "no!" he again put her tit in his mouth and she pushed him away with her other hand. He quickly rolled her over and slapped her bum four times hard "I said NO!" he shouted rolling her back over. This time he grabbed at both of her tits pinching at her nipples "keep your fucking hands down" he snapped "you are mine, you will do as you're told".
She stayed still, he pushed her legs apart and took off his boxers he was fully erect now, He pushed down on her forcing his cock into her cunt he let out a low moan and started to fuck her, he brought his mouth to her neck and started to bite gently at first then more roughly. She tried to pull away but he was a lot bigger than her so it was pointless. He pulled out and flipped her over, he was kneeling and pulled her ass up into the air and pushed her shoulders down. His cock entered her once again going deep, he tugged on her hips harder and harder she pulled herself up on her arms only to be pushed back down again he started fucking her holding her in place and spanking her ass every time he pushed in. "Don't you fucking come whore!" He shouted she bit down on the bar she was so near. Then he stopped and pulled out and came over her ass, he wiped his cock on her and stood up looking down at the mess he had made. She didn't move knowing better, still very aroused she knew there would be no more for her tonight. He undid her gag and walked up to bed "come!".

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