Sir 3
Before having Harry and number Six stay, Sir had arranged a week at the beach staying at a friends beach house. The morning they were going she was sat by the door waiting on everyone, the three girls had already brought down 5 suitcases and there was more to come. "Will you lot get a move on!" shouted Sir up the stairs "if you're not ready in 10 minutes I am going to leave without you!", Sir had bought her some summer dresses for the trip and she had picked out a short green one with white flowers on she couldn't wait to get to the beach and was so excited when the limo turned up to take them.
Once the limo was packed they all got in, Sir sat at the back with some work he had brought the three girls were sat along the side sipping on champagne and looking through magazines, she had made herself comfortable next to sir's feet.
Half an hour into the journey Crystal called her over Sir was too busy with his work to notice, "look" she said in a whisper "I think we need to make amends, Jason has been so stressed with the auction and everything I think he needs a relaxing week, just stay out of my way and i'll leave you alone, ok?" she wasn't sure what to make of this, Crystal had never been kind to her and this could be another trick. "Ok" she said "do you want to look at one of my magazines?" said Crystal, she nodded "this ones a good one theres loads of ideas for hairstyles if you like any I could do it for you" "thanks" she said still very apprehensive.
Sir looked over "it's nice to see you all getting on for once" crystal beamed a smile at him "i'm going to do her hair for her" with that Crystal pulled out a brush and started to brush her hair, with Sir watching she played along, "well seeing as you're all behaving i'm going to take a nap" he put his work down and laid back and soon was snoring.
"I'm thinking of cutting my hair into a bob, what do you think Diamond?" "oh you would look fab Crystal" "I know" crystal said, "there!" crystal said "all done you should wear your hair up more often it looks so good" she had put her hair in a high ponytail and had wrapped pieces of her hair round it. The journey was taking ages the three girls were talking about the clothes they had bought for the holiday and she was feeling sleepy she settled down where she was and fell asleep.
She was awoke a while later by a finger prodding her in the side, she sat up and saw Crystals face staring at her with a grin spread over it, suddenly Crystal face changed into a look of shock and grabbed at her own hair " I can't believe you did that after I was so nice to you, you evil little cow!".
Sir woke up with a start "what the hell are you screaming about?" "she cut my hair Jason, my lovely long hair!" "what?" Sir said , she looked down and in her lap there was a lock of Crystals blond hair and a pair of scissors. She pushed them from her lap onto the floor "I did not!", "I saw her", " me too" chirped in Diamond and Sapphire.
Crystal had now run to Sir sobbing with her head on his chest "after I done her hair for her and let her share my magazines" "I didn't" she said looking at sir. "What a liar!" Diamond said "I didn't" she said again knowing it had fell on deaf ears three against one Sir was never going to believe her.
"Why would I cut my own hair?" sobbed Crystal "To get me in trouble, you bitch" she shouted "you're a lying little cow I hate you!" Crystal snapped "and your an ugly slut!" she shouted back. Sir stood up and Crystal went to sit with Diamond and sapphire "did you cut Crystals hair?" he said in a harsh voice "NO! she did it" she snapped pointing at Crystal, she was fuming what an idiot she had been to belive Crystal, how she hated her.
"Why would she cut her own hair?" Sir said "she said she wanted to cut her hair" she said "you're only making it worse for yourself lying to me". "I didn't say that" Crystal said "you're just a nasty whore whos jealous of me", "Jealous of you?...I fucking hate you!" she screamed.
Sir grabbed her arm, she pulled away "NO! i've had enough" she knew she had gone to far but she was too angry "you bitches set me up again! I hate all of you" she stood up to face them, Sir grabbed her arm again "Fuck off!" she shouted.....he spun her round and slapped her across the face, she stopped and lowered her head, if Sir had believed her there was no chance now that he would stand up for her. "who the hell do you think you are?" Sir shouted she stayed quiet the anger had passed now she was starting to get wet, "Don't you fucking dare talk to me like that!". "Get!" he spat pointing to the floor where he had been sitting, she rushed over to the chair and lay down on the floor.
He sat back down with his legs over her "I think you need to say sorry to crystal?" she didn't move she wasn't going to say sorry to that bitch "I know you heard me?" she said nothing. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up "say sorry!" he said angrily, with the last bit of courage and anger she had left she said "NO! I didn't do it! she's a lying bitch!" "well if its just lies and filth coming out of your mouth" he reached over to his bag and brought out her gag. "No please Sir i'm sorry!" she pleaded "sorry for what?" she pursed her lips together.
With that Sir pinned her down onto the seat facing him he sat across her and fixed the gag tight , she tried to free her hands but he had now tied them tight with a length of rope. She kept fighting back until he had, had enough and pulled her across his lap. She knew she was going to get a spanking and in front of them three made her even more angry and turned on. He had pulled her arms down and was holding them in place by putting his foot over the rope between her hands. She started to wiggle her bum and legs and he slapped her ass hard she stopped and looked over to the girls where they were all watching. Crystal had a grin across her face she was loving this and winked at her when Sir wasn't looking.
She bucked her bum back only to get another hard slap acrossed her bum. "I even said to her we should be friends so it would make you happy Jason" said crystal "I heard you" said sapphire "she must of taken the scissors out of my bag when I wasn't looking and then she grabbed my hair and cut it" said Crystal starting to pretend to cry again. "We will sort your hair out when we get to the beach house Crystal" said Sir,
He turned his attention back to the wigging mess on his lap "keep still!" he barked, she stopped wiggling and lay still sulking. He lifted her dress to show her bare ass he stroked her cheeks with his hand. "Don't you ever talk to me again like that" he brought his hand down hard again and again and again, she let out a muffled moan. "And this is for cutting Crystals hair" he reach over and grabbed the ruler he had been using with his work and struck her across the tops of her legs five times, it stung and brought tears to her eyes.
She could feel she self getting really wet as the tops of her legs stung, "and this is for your filthy mouth" the ruler hit her ass she let out a gasp and bucked her bum he brought his hand round her neck and squeezed tight she lay still only to be struck five more times in the same place. The tears were streaming down her cheeks, but all she could think of was him fucking her, he pushed a finger in her "even when I make it hurt you're still ready for a good fucking" he said reading her mind.
He never treated the other girls like this it was always gentle sensual sex lots of laughing and play, she turned to look at them. Crystal loved watching her get punished her eyes were like saucers. This only made her more turned on having that bitch watching her about to get fucked, Sir got up and made her lay back down with her legs hanging over the seat.
He got between her legs and unbuttoned his jeans, he had placed her arms behind her head and had undid her dress giving him full access to her breasts. He once again picked up the ruler and lowered his mouth to her ear "and this is for getting wet when i'm spanking you slut!".
The ruler hit her across her right nipple the pain was instant then the left she squeezed her eyes tight and bit down on the bit in her mouth. Her nipples were hard now and he sucked on them the pain subsided as his tongue stroked over them, then he bit down hard making her yell.
He pushed his fully erect cock into her hard "fucking little slut" he said looking down at her "you like that?" she nodded pushing herself towards him he pinched at the inside of her leg, she squealed then he pulled out. He flipped her over onto the floor pulling her bum high and head low she pushed her belly down displaying her wet cunt for him to see. He slapped her cunt hard making her lift it higher, he chuckled to himself and grabbed her by the hips and started to thrust into her faster and faster. Her arms were still behind her head pushing her chest down onto the carpet. The carpet was rubbing on her nipples making them sore she was panting fast, then suddenly she came clamping herself tight to his cock . He pushed deep once more and came deep inside her, putting his hand round her neck he whispered in her ear " MY CUNT!" he hissed. he pulled away and dressed himself she was left shaking a little as her body relaxed. She sat by his feet gagged and tied for the rest of the journey.

They pulled up to a large bench house an hour later, her mouth was aching having had the gag on all this time. A large built, heavily tanned man came out the house as Sir got out the car to greet them. "Jason! so good to see you, how was the journey down?" "Frank" Sir said shaking his hand "the journey was........eventful! how have you been? its been too long". "I know, but you are here now, come in", the girls had got out and was hugging Frank "aren't we missing one?" he said.
Sir turned to the car "out!" she shuffled over to the door on her bum still very angry at anyone who looked at her, sir helped her out and undid her arms leaving the gag on. He then brought her leash out and fastened it to her collar, " so that eventful then" Frank said

The house was opened planned having a seaside theme throughout, Frank was fixing some drinks for everyone and Nancy was greeting the girls. Nancy was Franks long time sub, he had, had up to 4 subs at one point but their relationship grew and it was more like a marriage now. Nancy was quite tall and very curvy her hair was a chestnut colour cut into a bob.
Sir had sat her in a corner facing the wall while he caught up with Frank. the girls had started to take the suitcases upstair and Nancy was helping.
"I'll take you down to the garage in a bit to see that Jag i was telling you about" she heard Frank saying "it needs some work doing on it but it will look really cool when its done". "I think it might be better if we leave it to tomorrow, i don't really want to take her out in public today in the mood she's in" Sir said. "Just tie her down up stairs, Nancy will keep an eye on her and call if she needs us, its only down the road 10 minutes tops" Sir thought for a minute "ok, but shes to call if she needs help" "look your girls are here too, it will be fine" said Frank standing up.
Sir lead her up the stairs and Frank showed them their room, the seaside theme carried on up here to. There room was white and blue and in the middle was a big metal framed bed with dark navy blue sheets. "Down" Sir snapped, she lay down on the bed huffing she still was not happy. He tied her wrists together with some rope he had brought with him and tied the end to the top of the bed, then he tied each ankle to the two bottom metal posts having her legs spread wide. "behave" he said pointing at her, Frank walked in "we all ready then?" "just about" Sir said picking up his jacket. Frank moved his gaze to her looking up and down her body "that looks fun!" he said grinning "hard work more like" said Sir turning and leaving the room. Frank stayed a minute still staring at her then smiled and left too.

She heard the front door close after a muffled conversation the two men had, had with the girls, then the house was quite. After awhile she started to relax, her mouth was aching still having her gag fastened tight, she started thinking back over the car journey and how Crystal had set her up yet again. The Bitch! was going to pay this time, this time she really would cut her hair or something worse. This time she will deserve the punishment, if she got caught.
Nancy appeared at the door "behaving are we?" she said leaning on the door frame, Crystal appeared behind her "I can't even stand to look at her, after what she done to me". Crystal must have filled Nancy in with her lies and Nancy was falling for it to.
Nancy came in the room and sat on the chair in the corner, Diamond and sapphire had followed Crystal in and they were standing leaning against the wall to the side of the bed.
"Why don't you cut her hair Crystal?" "I can't Sir wouldn't like it" crystal replied, "I didn't mean her head" Nancy said laughing.
She started getting butterflies in her belly being totally bound and at the mercy of these nasty girls. "She doesn't have hair there" Crystal said pulling her dress up, she wiggled and tried to free herself but to no avail. Crystal placed a hand on her thigh and looked at Nancy, Nancy smiled back "go on" she said "i always thought you would make a good mistress Crystal" Nancy said.
She couldn't believe what Crystal was thinking of doing, nobody touch her without Sirs permission, as soon as Crystal had placed her hand on her thigh her body had reacted she didn't want it to but it always betrayed her.
Crystal looked down at her with a glint in her eye "I always wanted to know what sort of Mistress i would make" she stroked her cheek then traced her fingers down her neck and round her breast. Her nipples were already hard poking up under her dress, "Crystal? i don't think you should be doing this" said Sapphire "shut up!" Crystal snapped turning her head round. When she was satisfied Sapphire wouldn't but in again she turned her attention back to her.
She swung her leg over so she was sitting on top of her, "what should i do first?" she said in a sing song voice "I think those little tittys should come out" said Nancy. Crystal started to unbutton her dress slowly until she had uncovered her, "they are little!" said Crystal to the room "what could i possibly do with them?" she started to laugh, Nancy and Diamond joined in. She could feel herself getting wet, every nasty word that came out of Crystals mouth turned her on more and more.
Crystal started to unbuckle her gag, it felt good having the bit removed from her mouth. "See i can be nice, feel better?", she nodded only to be slapped across the face. Her cheek stung "Fuck off Crystal!" she shouted, Nancy had stood up now and was standing beside her "thats Mistress Crystal to you" she said. "You're fucking kidding me?" she said looking at both girls, Crystal struck her again across the face "say it!" she spat "No!" she shouted. Nancy placed two fingers either side of her nipple "say it" she said softly, she stayed quiet, slowly Nancy started to pinch harder and harder. She gritted her teeth starring Nancy down, "i know" said Crystal reaching a hand behind herself and pushing two fingers into her cunt , she looked at Crystal in shock.
Crystal pushed her fingers in deep, she let out a gasp "enjoying that Bitch?" "no" she moaned, Nancy had started to suck on her tit and flicking the other with her finger. Her body was trembling having these two girls pleasure her, crystal pulled her fingers out and started to move down replacing them with her mouth. She first licked up and down her lips then flicked her tongue across her clit, her breathing got quicker and she started to moan quietly. Suddenly Crystal pushed her tongue in making her cry out with pleasure, "say it" said nancy "or it will stop".
She couldn't stop herself "mistress Crystal" she said wanting more, "and what do you want me to do?" said Crystal enjoying every minute of it "play with me Mistress Crystal" she pleaded.
Crystal started to laugh and pushed her finger in while licking her out, she let out a cry "yes", nancy had started to suck on her tits again faster and faster.
"Please!, Please!" she shouted pushing her cunt into Crystals face, Crystal had grabbed her by her check with one hand and was pushing in harder and deeper, her other hand finding her own cunt. Nancy pushed her breast into her mouth which she sucked on greedly, nancy too had started to pleasure herself. All three girls were in there own world not noticing anything but the pleasure, Their moans were getting louder and louder on the verge of coming.
"What the fuck! is going on here" shouted Sir.
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