Sissy Barry
We had so much fun with Barry, we knew we had to continue. We just invited him over to suck cooks and he immediately showed up...eager to slurp on cocks. He came in the door smiling and stripped down to tiny stringy thong panties. As previously stated, the thong panties are perfect for him because he has an extremely teeny weeny cock and balls. The smallest cock that I've ever seen in my life, aside from children under the age of six. That means that your average third grade boy has more going on down there than Barry does. He must be humiliated about that. And yet...there he stood in those tiny silk panties.

I took Barry back to my bedroom and put him into a cheerleading uniform. The uniform fit him perfect. The top was snug but the very short skirt was perfect. And he seemed very happy to be a cheerleader. He was so adorable. I quickly had him on a couch on all fours. And I was tagging his butt cheeks with my big wooden paddle. The loud SMACK of each firm swat jarred his body and echoed in the room. After several minutes of spanking, Barry was blushing and squirming. His ass cheeks were just starting to glow. It was then that we brought in that group of black guys. One guy stood in front of Barry and let Barry sensually slurp and kiss the tip of his huge cock. At the same time, another guy went behind Barry and peeled his panties off. That guy took out his monster cock and began to slide it into Barry's ass. Barry eyes grew wide with total surprise as he felt the cock entering his ass. He moaned and slurped on cock. The guy in front of him just grabbed Barry's head a gradually slid his huge black cock all the way to the back of Barry's throat. Barry's face blushed and his eyes fluttered as he stretched his mouth and throat to take the huge cock. At the same time, the guy behind him was pushing his monster black cock into Barry's ass. Barry groaned as the guy went deep in Barry's tight ass. The guy went in a full nine inches. We could all see Barry's legs and arms trembling as he tried to cope with the discomfort in his ass. On both ends, Barry was being cock rammed...a blushing white guy with two black guys putting him in his place. Barry has become an Oreo...white in the middle of two black cocks. Us four girls laughed so hard. Watching Barry take nine inches into his throat and into his ass was quite entertaining. Barry kept blushing and rolling his eyes while his mouth sensually slurped the cock in his throat by hollowing his cheeks constantly. Both guys pounded this little white sissy cheerleader mercilessly. They both had multiple orgasms, dumping cum into Barry over and over. By the time both guys pulled out of Barry, He was just a blushing sissy panting to catch his breath. He groaned in a whimpering voice, "OH MY GOD...THAT WAS SO SO DEEP!" "Do you mean deep up the ass or deep in the throat?", I giggled. "BOTH!", he expressed with blushing. "Well, aren't you just a little cum-bucket", I giggled. Barry nodded, rolled his eyes and blushed.

The next two black guys stepped up. The guy behind Barry slid his cock all the way into Barry's ass to the balls. "UGGGGHHHHH! THAT IS SOOOOO DEEP!", Barry exclaimed in an excited fashion. The next moment, the guy in front of Barry pushed his huge black cock into Barry's mouth while proclaiming, "through the lips and over the tongue...look out tonsils here I come!" Barry started slurping the big cock like it was the best thing he had ever tasted in his life. It was very entertaining. As his lips slid up and down on the cock and his tongue could taste the big black cock, his eyes would roll periodically and he would let out a groan of pleasure as he enjoyed the blowjob. While this was happening, the guy behind Barry ram-rodded his cock up Barry's tender ass. The ass-fucking produced a few queffing occurrences for Barry. Sissy cheerleader Barry was so focused on the cocks he was slurping and enjoying that he was oblivious to the fact that his ass was being so hard-core pounded that he would be unable to sit down for a week. It was a full-on back-door assault on Barry's tender ass. Both of those guys, just like the last ones, dumped their cum into sissy Barry.

The third and fourth set of black guys followed suite, one guy fucking Barry's throat and the other fucking his ass. The three of us girls just watched, video-taped, and laughed. We would laugh when Barry blushed, which was frequently. His ass would queff while being fucked and the back of his throat produced loud slurpy noises while being tonsil hammered. After four guys in his mouth and four guys in his ass, Barry could do nothing but blush bright red. He had been turned into an Oreo Sissy. He sat on the floor with a very sore butthole and foamy slobber and cum dripping from his chin. He kicked his feet and clenched his fists and repeatedly bounced up and down on his ass...throwing a tantrum for several minutes. After his butt bouncing routine, Barry crawled up on his knees and rubbed his butt while grunting, "this is so so embarrassing! I cannot....ugghhhhh! This is not happening!! My butt is so sore!! I am so embarrassed!" We all just laughed and laughed at him.

The little butt-bouncing tantrum had been long enough for our eight black guys to get re-charged. The four who went up his butt, now wanted Barry's mouth and the four that face-fucked him now wanted to take his ass. Barry just moaned, groaned, and blushed. Each of the guys dumped their cum into Barry again. The tonsil banging and the ass assault can only be called brutal. When they were all done, Barry returned to his butt-bouncing routine. He bounced for several minutes despite the face that his butt was so sore he felt he could faint. The more he blushed, the more we laughed, the more we laughed, the more he butt-bounced, the more he butt-bounced, the more he blushed. We loved he grunted out, "I am so totally completely embarrassed!!!" We knew Barry was hard-core humiliated. When he talked, his voice had a slight gargling sound, as if a thick layer of cum were lining his mouth and throat. I could not resist finishing him with a little Girl Power. He told him to stay on his hands and knees, his sweet butt cheeks in plain view. My big wooden sorority paddle whacked his ass cheeks for several minutes until Barry's eyes were crossed in delirious humiliation. I pulled his thong panties back on for him and sent him home. He walked out of my apartment whimpering and walking slowly and stiff as his ass ached severely. I laughed at him hobbling home in humiliation. I was shocked and intrigued when my phone rang an hour later and it was Barry. He simply asked, "so....same thing, same time tomorrow?" I was speechless and could only laugh at first. My response to him was a quick, "absolutely!"

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