Sissy boy
Barry sat in the corner of the adult bookstore. We saw him when we first walked in. He had meet Tisha and I there to pick out a few things to enhance our pleasure as we entertained ourselves with his complete humiliation. He understood that Tisha and I were superior females and both destined for the roles of professional humiliatrixs. Barry also understood that he was a sissy slut addicted to sucking cocks that deserved to be severely humiliated. He had come to the adult bookstore to help us pick out some new sex toys to use on him.

Being that Barry was a blowjob expert, he wanted to explore the large life-like dildos first. I think every sissy boy needs to learn to surrender fully to a strap-on tied to an angry female. Tisha and I represent female superiority and Barry represents male inadequacy and stupidity. His existence begs for frequent and intense public humiliation. So, we naturally chose the largest dildo that they had. That dildo was going to remind Barry's throat and ass that he is a sissy slut. It would be a rough reminder!

When we got back to my place, I commanded that Barry strip down to his panties. Within a minute, Barry stood in front of us wearing nothing except a purple stringy thong with ruffles. The fact that his panty is always the tiniest and skimpiest in the room is a reminder how slutty he is. It is also a reminder of how incredibly teeny tiny his cock is. It is barely there at all. Tisha stood next to Barry and smacked his butt cheeks firmly. In response to the spanks, Barry slightly bent over and slightly wiggled his ass as Tisha started spanking him harder.

A little groan escaped from his pouty lips as he bent over more...practically begging to be spanked. I handed her a ping pong paddle and giggled as she unleashed a furious series of quick firm swats to his ass cheeks. As Tisha spanked Barry with authority, she sternly stated, "you slutty little panty boy!" Barry said nothing, just looked back at Tisha with eyes wide with embarrassment as he nervously bite his lower lip. The loud POP sounds of the spanking filled the room as Tisha taught Barry a lesson he would never forget. As the spanking continued, Hannah and Gina came into the room. Tisha held the paddle out and asked if either of them wanted to spank the sissy slut Barry.

Gina immediately skipped over with a huge smile on her face and took the paddle. She positioned herself behind Barry and began whacking his ass with Girl Power. Tisha and Hannah laughed as Gina pounded Barry's ass into total humiliated submission. All that Barry could do is to moan and blush and take the correction Gina administered. Barry whimpered and rolled his eyes as his face grew red with embarrassment.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and in came eight black guys, each one well-endowed. When Barry saw them come in, his mouth flew open wide in excitement and he hopped up and down in place in anticipation. When I (Brittany) told him "okay sissy slut, you can have some cock", Barry hopped like a bunny over to the first guy, he exclaimed a high-pitched "BOP!" with each hop. When he was in front of the guy, he dropped to his knees and giggled. The guy whipped out his big cock and Barry immediately began kissing and sucking on it while moaning in ecstasy with his eyes closed.

He opened up his eyes wide and rolled them back in his head as he shook his head back and forth vigorously and let out a squeal of exhilarated contentment. Barry was so happy to have a cock in his mouth. Hannah grabbed the large dildo and ripped Barry's thong panty off and shoved the dildo up Barry's cute butt. Barry did not even respond to the dildo sliding up his anus initially. As the dildo went deeper inside of him, Barry began groaning as he sucked the cock.

By this time, Barry was slurping more passionately on the cock and bobbing up and down on the cock. When Hannah reached all the way inside Barry with the dildo, she hit a spot so so deep inside of him that produced a squeak of excitement from Barry's throat. Barry immediately blushed but he did not hesitate to vigorously suck the cock in his mouth. Hannah pushed the dildo in deeply again, which produces the same squeak from Barry. The girls laughed hilariously as the dildo made Barry squeak over and if he was their personal kinky squeak toy.

Barry blushed deeply with each embarrassing squeak. By now, the cock in Barry's mouth was throbbing and was delivering a brutal throat fucking. Barry was moaning, slurping, squeaking, and groaning. The cock exploded in Barry's mouth a huge volume of cum. Barry gulped down every drop with a smile. Hannah pulled the dildo out of his ass at the same time that Barry was allowing the cock to leave his lips. A loud POP occurred with his mouth and his ass. Barry blushed and smiled. I demanded that he get up on the bed on all fours and pooch his ass high in the air and wiggle it. Gina strapped the dildo on and stepped up behind Barry.

As the next black guy shoved his huge cock into Barry's slutty mouth, Gina shoved her dildo in Barry's slutty ass. Barry was hard-core fucked from both ends like a sissy slut rag doll. All that Barry could do is take it so very deep from both ends. Barry's eyes rolled back and his eyelashes fluttered as he blushed so red. He gulped down cum and the next cock picked up the brutal tonsil-banging.

Gina pumped the dildo so hard and fast. His rectum was getting more and more sore by the minute. The foamy slobber dripped off of his chin and his eyes crossed to watch the huge black cock gag him repeatedly. Every one of us girls laughed hysterically at him. Tisha and Hannah both teased Barry by telling him "oh my god, you must be so so very embarrassed, more embarrassed than anyone has ever been in the history of the world." Barry could only blush and grunt. It was very funny and very intense.

Gina pulled out of Barry's ass with her dildo and she shoved a vibrator into his ass and turned it on high. She shoved it all the way in until his ass had taken the entire vibrator in. It just sat deep in his ass rumbling. Gina picked up the paddle and began smacking Barry's ass cheeks again. As the third black cock began to throat fuck Barry, the spanking grew more firm. His fiery ass cheeks were as red as his blushing face. As the huge cock unloaded a gallon of warm spunk down his throat, Gina stopped spanking for a moment.

I ordered Barry off of the bed and to sit on the floor on his ass. The rumbling vibrator remained lodged deep in his ass. I commanded Barry to butt bounce for us girls. Barry blushed and blushed as he bounced and bounced up and down on his very sore butt. He could only grunt and groan and express how so incredibly embarrassed he was. The fourth black guy stepped up and slid his cock into Barry's cock-hungry mouth.

Barry continued to butt bounce as he slurped the cock. Barry would express a muffled "UGGHH!" with each time his butt cheeks would SMACK on the floor. The black guy pumped Barry's throat, producing a loud "GUH!" from Barry's mouth, shoving Barry back a few inches with each powerful pelvic thrust. He pumped Barry around the room in circles.

This continued for fifteen minutes non-stop until the black guy exploded his cum into Barry's mouth. Barry hollowed his cheeks as he sucked the cock dry, keeping his eyes focused on the guy's face the entire humiliating experience. It was very immensely and very intensely embarrassing for sissy slut Barry. As he sat panting to catch his breath, the vibrator continued rumbling deep inside of his ass.

Barry kicked his feet and grunted "I am sooooo embarrassed!" He started bouncing on his butt again as he rolled his eyes and blushed. "Uggghhhhhhhh!!! I just can't even....I just can't....". Barry's mind was quite officially blown with complete and total humiliation. He could only lick his cum-drenched lips and feel his very sore butt ache.

Hannah strapped on the dildo and grabbed Barry's hair and pulled him up off of his ass and onto his knees. She pushed him forward and commanded him, "get that slutty sissy ass up there in the air!" As she pounded the dildo inside of his anus, he moaned and whimpered in helpless humiliation. She rocketed the dildo inside of him like a jack-hammer. Her dildo shoved the vibrator so far up in Barry's ass that it released his bladder and he peed all over himself. Everyone laughed. Hannah pulled out of his ass roughly and smacked his cheeks firmly.

Barry fell forward face-first on the floor and moaned "OH. MY. GOD. I CANNOT GET ANY MORE EMBARRASSED!" In that exact moment, Tisha inserted a second vibrator up Barry's ass. Barry exclaimed loudly, "OHHHH FUCK! I WAS WRONG!! I AM MORE EMBARRASSED! I AM SO EMBARRASSED THAT I FEEL SO DIZZY! IM GONNA PASS OUT!" With that statement...Barry fainted face-first on the floor with his rumbling ass pooched high in the air. Everyone laughed so hard, we fell on the ground and cried.

When groggy blushing Barry finally awakened, he could feel the high-speed rumble of two vibrators shoved into his ass. He was able to fish the second one out of his anus, but the first one was buried so deep inside of him. He asked us girls for help. Gina proudly rolled up her sleeve and shoved her entire fist...then fore-arm up Barry's ass. Barry pounded the floor and groaned loudly, "OOHHHH FUCK!! OH MY GOD! IT FEELS LIKE A HUGE TRUCK IS WAY UP MY ASS!! FUCK! I AM A FAGGOT!!" After he said that, a couple of the black guys had to shove their fists up his ass as well. Barry screamed through excited squeals of humiliation. And when he screamed, he said "FUCKITY WOWSERS!! UGGGGH!! YADA YA YOWSA!! I WONT BE ABLE TO SIT DOWN FOR A MONTH!!"

The vibrator was pulled out of Barry's ass and lay on the floor rumbling. Barry was on his hands and knees with his mouth wide open in utter shock and humiliation. Hannah picked up a wooden rolling pin from the kitchen. She shoved it up Barry's widening anal passage and ram-rodded it back and forth in a very rough manner. Barry blushed and whimpered, "will my embarrassment ever end?" All the girls responded NO! in unison.

At that, one of the guys stepped forward and placed his thumbs in the corners of Barry's mouth and pulled his mouth wide open and dropped his balls into Barry's mouth. Barry moaned and sucked his sack hard. Hannah continued to work his ever stretching anus as he sucked balls. The next guy stepped up and was able to take on Barry's mouth next, stretching it out and feeding Barry his balls.

All four of the guys were able to have their balls sucked by Barry. Suddenly, a guy friend of Brittanys showed up. He had been out running and was sweaty and hot and had not showered for a few days. He dropped his hot sweaty unshowered balls in Barry's mouth to suck clean. At the same time, the four black guys were standing around Barry stroking their hard cocks.

Barry wanted to suck those cocks again. He is an insatiable cock whore. But instead, all four guys just jerked off until they spewed their hot cum all over Barry's embarrassed face. Blowjob Barry became Bukkake Barry.

As Barry gradually stood to his feet, he wobbled back and forth unsteady and thoroughly embarrassed. His face was smothered with thick dripping cum and his ass had been hard-core assaulted beyond comprehension. He stood in total shock and disbelief. His mouth and ass had been used as fucking holes so intensely that his mind swirled with thoughts of complete embarrassment. He was rendered thoroughly speechless. His mind had been very officially blown. Everyone laughed at him and the girls and black guys gave each other high fives. Barry blinked in astonishment.

He turned and shuffled towards the door, his legs still not working well from his rectum raping he had received. Barry stopped at the door and looked back and everyone and let out a throaty bark, "ARRF ARRF ARRIFITY ARRF!" He then pursed his lips, scrunched his nose, and squinted his eyes and said, "UGGGHHHHH!!" We all laughed as he shuffled out the door completely naked. He was the most embarrassed person in the history of the world.

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