Sister Margaret's confessions
It was parent teacher confrence day at St. Jude elementary and everything was going pretty normally. The sister's were meeting with parents and students in their classrooms to discuss student performance. As head master, I casually made my way around the different classrooms and said hello to many families and familiar faces from Church.

When I got to Sister's Margarets classroom I thought it was strange that the door was closed with at least half a dozen parents sitting in chairs outside the class. I smiled at them and knocked twice then opened the door, walked in and immediately shut it behind me, what I witnessed inside the class needed explaining and I did not want the other parents to see what was happening, or notice my unwelcome and surprising stiffness in my suit pants. I crossed myself as I entered the room.

Sister Margaret was standing in front of her desk hugging a man who was sobbing into her shoulder. Her arms were locked tight around the man and her fingers pressed deeply into the mans back making deep indentations in his dress shirt. The weeping man had his face pressed tightly against the young Sister's neck, he appeared to be kissing her neck. He also had both his big hands on her...rear end.

I cleared my throat loudly and watched the sinful embrace seperate, then noticed both their eye's were full of tears.

"Father Dean, this is Mr. Tocco" said the upset nun.
It was explained to me that Mr. Tocco had just lost his eldest son Josh, a former student of sister Margarets. He had stopped by to give her the bad news and thank her for trying to help the troubled boy.

I offered my most sincere condolences to Mr. Tocco who was barely able to keep his composure during our introduction. I offered the grieving man the church's help in any way and turned to leave. The stiffness in my pants was long gone but as I turned to close the door I noticed the two of them come together once more. Slowly, like two lover's coming together they embraced once again and Mr. Tocco's hands slid down Sister Margaret's back and onto her firm young butt. I watched as his fingers dug deeply into her garment and as he squeezed Sister Margaret's fingers dug into his back as they both began to cry once more. The erotic scene had my untouched hairy penis standing at full attention.

Outside the class Mrs. Vickers greeted me. Her son was a student at St. Jude and she was a regular face in church Sunday morning. Today Mrs. Vickers was very excited as she explained how she had found a new job. In her excited state she leapt into my arms without warning and was immediately poked in the abdomen with my sinfulness.

The embrace was short and when I looked in her eye's they were filled with lust! Mrs. Vickers mouth hung slightly open and her eye's were half shut as she slowly looked from my eye's down to my rock hard erection, obviously thinking she was the inspiration.

I shook her hand and quickly made it back to my office to pray for my sins, and that my negelected penis would shrivel before Sunday service. Sitting at my desk with my hands folded I found it difficult to stay focused on my prayer. My mind wandered from thoughts of sister Margaret's molested ass to my youth crusade through Detroit where prostitutes would flash their breasts at us. Finally after two hours I gave up for the night. I leaned back in my chair and stared at the giant tent in my black suit pants. Without thinking I reached down and grabbed it...HARD!

Joyful sensations ran through my entire body as I held my stiff cock in my hand. I gave in to the sinfulness and rubbed it back and forth hard. A large wet spot appeared and I felt it running down my thick shaft. If my thoughts were impure before, they were down right raunchy and illicit now. I closed my eye's and seen Sister Margaret, bent over pulling her gown up. She was looking over her shoulder as the material inched up her thighs. She paused at her ass, blew me a kiss, then showed off that spectacular bare bottom and spread her legs. Her private region was hairless and pink and I felt another gush of fluid wet my cock. I stroked harder.

About three years ago I had an erection come on out of nowhere. I faked an illness and prayed for the entire time, finally the lord had mercy and my erection and lust went away. This was far worse, I had given into my thoughts and my desires. And as fate would have it, just as I was picturing Sister Margaret's fingers sliding back through her moist pussy, there was a knock at my door.

It was rare, but not unheard of for a nun to see my light on and visit late at night. As I opened the door I was treated to sister Margaret's beautiful face. "Good evening Father Dean" she said. "Can we talk?" "Absolutely my child, come in" I said.

Her beautiful blue eye's were still filled with tears as we talked about Josh Tocco. It was near 11:00 when she said goodnight. I offered my embrace and she smiled a wicked smile and slid her arms around my neck. My hands slid from her small waist down to grasp both ass cheeks. I felt her fingers dig into my back and heard a sharp inhalation of breath. She rose up upon her toes until her soft lips were at my ear and exhaled, moaning "Oh Father" as she did so.

My erection was pressing firmly into her as I gently caressed Sister Margaret's firm ass. She was breathing deeply into my neck and I felt more seminal fluids rush from the tip of my cock. The embrace lasted much longer than appropriate, I felt the sweet girl grinding her hips on me and erratic breathing right before I pulled away. We stared deeply into each others eye's before I kissed her gently on the forehead and said goodnight my child.

The next day I was hearing confession and I always had the nuns confess last. Sister Margaret's confession was the last I heard for the day. I was excited as I heard her voice.

Her confession was that of inpure thoughts and emotions mixed with desire stemming from a dream. At the end of her confession I offered to give my thoughts on her dream if she wanted to come by my office later that night. I had been aroused all day and wanted another private.

The knock on my door that evening was light, as if not wanting to bring attention. I let Sister Margaret in and closed my door.

"So tell me about this dream sister" I said. "It's so wicked so evil but so fulfilling" She said. "Go on" I begged. "Well Father, I'm married to Christ and I dream he comes to me in the middle of the night and takes me as a husband would a wife" she said. "It's perfectly normal sister, what does he do to you?" I asked.

"He pulls the covers back and finds me wearing naughty underwear, then his hands are all over me and we're kissing and rolling around the bed". "He takes off his loin cloth and feeds me his thick manly....COCK". While he's in my mouth his fingers are in my underwear rubbing me" she said with lust filled eye's. "He's not gentle with my mouth either, he jams it to the back of my mouth until I'm gagging".

Her words were having an effect on me now. I was hard and could picture her pretty lips stretched open by thick cock. Her eye's wide as the lord invaded her mouth and stroked her womanhood. I thought about my own fantasy as she confessed, seeing sister Margaret bent over rubbing her fingers through her bald pink pussy as she looked back at me.

"Finally he takes mercy and pulls his penis out of my mouth, it's wet, just as wet as I am between my legs". She says. "Then he crawls between my legs and stares down at me with deep penetrating eye's. He teases me with the tip, pulls back to slam it in and right before he enters me I wake up".

"Whenever I have this dream I wake up and find that I've soiled the sheets Father Dean". "I've been having this dream more frequently father, and I'm nervous, just talking about it has me wetting my panties". I feel energy inside me that's bursting to come out".

I saw my opening and I decided to commit sin. I too had a feeling ready to burst out of me.

"Sister, it's not normal for a woman your age to be wetting the bed, it IS possible that you have a medical condition, I could have a look if you'd like" I said.

"Yes please father" she said excitedly.

Sister Margaret stood in front of my desk and started removing her clothes. Soon her basic church bra and panty were in view. My mouth went dry and I tried to appear professional all while my cock raged in my pants. I reached down and adjusted myself to hide my throbbing erection and stood to walk around my desk.

She stood in front of me in just her bra and panties, the pale skin of her flat stomach was white as snow, seemingly never having let the sun shine upon it. Her beautiful eye's were frightened as I approached to investigate her pussy.

"Let me help you" I said as I slid my hands from her shoulders, down her arms, then snaked them behind her where I hooked my thumbs into the elastic. I leaned in close and felt the pressure of her bosom against me, she smelled of the soap we provided to all the sister's there and today, coming off her flesh, the smell was intoxicating. My fingers dug into her fleshy ass for a moment, then I pealed down her underwear, falling to my knees as I slid them down her beautiful legs.

I looked up at the young nun and realized that without her uniform on she appeared to be a teenager. Fear had left her eye's and was replaced by that of lust. I trailed my eye's lower until I was face to face with her womanhood which was hidden behind a thick blanket of pubic hair. This was not at all what I had invisioned in my fantasy.

"Sister, I know that it's your right to groom any way you like but for my observation I must ask that you shave, here, come with me". My office had a small bathroom which I shaved in before mass.

I took her hand gently into mine and escorted her to the bathroom where I turned on the hot water and got out my shaving kit. I took the initiative and decided to do the job for her and I started with scissors, trimming away years of overgrown fuzz. I felt her body tense, "relax my child, I'll be very careful with you". She seemed to relax a little and I had her sit in the sink and spread her legs. Before me was her womanhood and my lust grew, now words were spoken as I finished with the scissors and spread the shaving cream.

Sister Margaret's eye's were closed as I ran my hands all around her sex. Her face had a look of pure pleasure, I reached to rinse my hands and instinctively reached down to squeezed my cock which was aching for attention. I crossed myself and began shaving. Once I had her lathered up I dipped my razor in the hot water and began removing the the top portion. Once finished I had her lift her leg onto the sink which spread her open to my hungry eye's. My mouth was dry as my eye's feasted upon her young, womanly, secret place. My hand went to her pussy to pull the skin tight for shaving and my touch caused Sister Margaret to moan, but like a good girl, she stayed very still.

Once the lips of her heavenly hole were smooth I suggested she lift her other leg upon the sink, and again, like a good nun, she obeyed. In this position, the devil's hole was fully exposed and my razor made quick work of the soft hairs surrounding it. I cupped my had into the water and let it pour from my palm down over Sister Margaret's swollen clit. She moaned and purred as I cleaned away the hair with the water and my fingers started lightly touching her, first the clit then over the smooth lips.

"Feel how smooth and soft you are my child" I said. Her fingers went straight to her clit and rubbed hard, then down through her pussy. Her entire pussy convulsed and twitched as she slowly masturbated, inches from my face.

I raised my finger to her asshole, rubbed gently and spoke softly, "feel here". The juice coated fingers of her right hand slid from her hole and down. I watched as she ran a finger all around her naughty spot, juice started to secrete from her pussy and soon a river flowed down right to her pink asshole.

The naughty nun dipped a finger inside herself and stroked it in and out, thats when her moans and purrs got louder. Her beautiful, pale ass cheeks slid back and forth on the small white sink as she stopped being gentle and thrust her finger deep into her own ass. I watched in horror as Sister Margaret's clit grew even harder and poked from under it's sheath of pink skin.

Unable to stop myself I reached for it and rubbed my thumb over the engorged tip and heard a deep grunt escape the sister's lips. The middle finger of her hand was fully embedded in her ass as I stroked her throbbing clit and the more I stroked the harder and larger it got until it looked as if I was stroking a small penis with my thumb and forefinger.

Her breathing was getting ragged and her moans loud and consistent as I stroked faster. Her pussy juices were flowing into the water below her ass and then she went quiet.

I looked up and her eye's were wide open, her face beating red and mouth wide open and ejecting a silent scream. I stroked harder, incredibly aroused my cock was tearing a hole through my pants. I had wet the front of my underwear all the way through with thick cock precum and felt another very large pulse escape the head as I watched Sister's Margaret's face contort a her eye's roll back.

It started as a heavy trickle of juice escaping her pussy, but as I masturbated her penis like clit her vagina erupted squirting forth like a garden hose all over my face.

"YES YES" yelled sister Margaret!

Precum flowed into my pants and I felt pressure building behind my scrotum as Sister Margaret's pussy furiously ejaculated into my mouth and all over my face. It tasted sweet and I leaned my mouth in and pressed it firmly against the quivering hole, my mouth was filled quickly and I swallowed. A loud trembling intake of air was the first noise to escape Sister Margaret's mouth in quite some time. As I ran my tounge up over her giant clit the squirting continued and I felt both of the nuns hands on the back of my head, holding me tight.

Juice poured down my chin onto my shirt as I sucked on the sensitive organ, my own organ felt as though it would ejaculate any second. As the flow slowed down I rose to my feet and our lips met for the first time. My finger once again found her clit and she moaned into my mouth. Then, I penetrated her with two finger, her soggy virgin pussy was tight and I only slid in a few inches but it was enough as her pussy let loose again, drenching my crotch with a mighty squirt.

Her cum was warm and soaking me, mixing perfectly with my prejizz. Then I felt her delicate fingers touch my cock through my pants and I lost control, hot cum spewed into my underwear and down my leg. Electric shocks of pleasure ran through my entire body, my knees went weak and then gave out and I fell to the floor mid orgasm. My hands went to my crotch, desperately trying to get my zipper down and free my unloading cock.

As I pulled it through the pee hole of my underwear and started stroking forth more cum, I looked up at Sister Margaret, she was surrounded in a halo of light, both feet still up on the sinks edge and her fingers were a blur as she roughly ran her fingers across her clit. I stroked hard and fast and cum sprayed across my shirt, another pulse sent cum up to my chin and across my face. Never had I imagined such pleasure as my body tensed and shook uncontrollably.

Finally our orgasms subsided, we were both soaked and weak, Sister Margaret tried to stand but colapsed as her feet hit the floor landing on top of me. We stared into each others eye's, completely blown away by the sensations the lord had blessed us with.


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