Sitting Naked and reading V9
This story starts out with me being naked as I hate clothes and go naked around the house as much as possible. I love reading the stories here on V9 and most of them get my dick very hard and leaking like a faucet with bad O-rings. My favorite writers are..Well you know who you are as you are on my HOT LIST.I start out reading with coffee in one hand and the mouse in the other but, end up with the mouse in one hand and my hard dick in the other.

I usually stop reading just long enough to get some good lube to mix with my precum and that's when it gets really good.I find myself getting so into it that I have to stop reading as my orgasm starts to get closer and closer.

I feel it start to build from way down deep and start to slowly creep its way up and out.

I sometimes put something deep in my ass (I love getting fucked in my ass)with anything that is clean and fits,there is no better feeling while jacking off and getting something long and hard sliding in and out of your tight back door hole.My dick is getting harder just thinking about getting fucked in my ass.

I love it when making love and my partner says I want to fuck you in your ass and she gets up and puts on her big eight inch strap on dick. She puts on some lube and then puts some on my already wet ass and slowly puts her stiff cock deep inside me and slowly begins to fuck the life out of me as I lay on my back with my legs held high with her sliding in and out with ease ,I cum so fucking hard but that's another story.

I read the stories on V9 and get ideas as to what I want and would like to do all the while stroking my dick as I said,sometimes pushing something long and hard in and out of my ass.It's so fucking hot and good.

One thing I like,is to take a small ice cube and push it in my ass, then slide in my big rubber cock (12 inches). It is a feeling of hot and cold at the same time.

Soooo fuucckking good.As I'm writing this,telling you all this secret of mine my dick is hard as a fucking concrete block and leaking like a bitch in heat.I also like to take my fingers and wipe my precum up with them and rub it all in my mouth,I love the taste of my precum.

For all my gay friend writers, I taste so fucking good. MMMMmmmmmmm!! Sweeeetttt.

As most of you know I keep my cock shaved as I also hate pubic hair,mine and hers.There is nothing like touching and stroking a smooth shaved cock. Oohhhh I'm getting so close it's hard to type and write as I stroke my hard dick and slide up and down on my stiff rubber cock. I don't know which feels the best,my hand all wet with precum and lube sliding up and down on my stiff hard dick or my long fat 12 inch rubber cock going deep in and out my ass.

I love cumming like that.Hope you all liked this as much as I did. I was bored and couldn't think of a good fantasy to write about. Now I have to go clean up. Later Friends.
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