My parents had decided to go away for the weekend and I was actually looking forward to being home mostly on my own. My brother was at collage in town so was still living at home but was at his Frat house most of time.

I was in my parents big jet tub listening to my iPod enjoying the bubbles when I could sense someone in the room. I kept my eyes shut figuring it was one of Darin' s friends from the frat house. I was so wrong.

As I opened my eyes I let out a little gasp of surprise and as I studied Andy's face I could see the hunger and lust in his eyes. After the past summer of him taking my cherry and enjoying every inch of me I had a feeling I was in for even more surprises.

He walked over to the tub and bent down beside it. My chest was heaving with each breath anticipating his touch my pussy lips swelled.

"Angie have you been a good girl?" he asked with his devilish smile.
"Who else has been enjoying the fruits of my hard labour?"

"Andy nobody has touched me since you. I am in the 9th grade nobody is interested in me." I put on a little pouty face.

He put his hand in the tub and fondled my breasts with erect nipples and ran his fingers up and down my body. He then preceded to take the soap and wash cloth and clean an massage all of me.

When he pulled the plug and brought me to my feet he patted me dry with the huge towel and then took my mom's fancy powder and gently took the puff and teased me with it as he powdered my whole body.

I was really beginning to wonder what was going on but every time I started to talk he would just say "shhht little one" and spank either my tit or ass whatever was closest so I stood very still and quiet through it all.

When he was done he grabbed my hand and lead me down to the dinning room where I was surprised to see my brother two of his frat brothers and Jeff, who I had also not fucked since the past summer.

I turned to speak and Andy looked at me and I knew if I spoke he would spank me even harder. Very ceremoniously Jeff and Andy laid me out on the dinning room table tied my hands above my head and each ankle to a table leg with my ass right at the end of the table in front of the chair like it was being presented as an appetizer.

There I was laid out with my tits in the air nipples as hard as top hats my little pussy exposed for all to see its swollen lips and clit. I am sure there was a little trail of wetness dripping out of my hole.

Jeff was first to sit in the chair and I knew from past experience he was amazing at eating pussy I was kind of excited about it. He then gently parted my pussy lips with his fingers.

"See boys look at this beautiful pussy that little clit just popped right out as soon as she was on the table.' He took one finger and put it in my pussy and wiggled it about. "See look at how juicy it is." as he then stuck it in his mouth and licked it clean.

They were all standing at the end of the table looking and listening to Jeff as he was taking them on a tour of my pussy. Every once in a while I could feel a different finger pop into my pussy and fell my lips and clit sometimes I could swear there were fingers from different boys in there at the same time.

My brother looked down at me and smiled... "Be a good girl Angie" as he walked off with some other girl to the living room where every once in a while I could hear her cuming and crying out for more.

Andy sat at the head of the table running his hands all over my tits and whispering into my ear .... "it will be ok Angie just close your eyes and enjoy it all I know you like it." he then put a sleep cover over my eyes and it began.

Jeff began to finger and eat me like the pro he is and then I could feel different fingers and toung's on my pussy some more gentle than others some pretty rough and if I made a single sound I would get a smack on my tit from Jeff. "only happy sounds Angie...."

It got too much I was moaning and writhing on the table they would finger and eat me out till I was just continually cumming it was like the flood gates had opened every nerve was heightened and alive.

When my pussy was dripping with cum and swolen from all of the attention thats when I could hear the zippers go down and the pants fall. I could hear them open the condom wrappers and joking about who needed and "extra large".

"Look Andy...Bret's cock is bigger than yours." They all laughed and figured Bret should go last.

The next think I knew there was a cock pounding my pussy and fingers were on my clit and someone was sucking my tits nibbling on my nipples and biting them. I was in ecstasy every part of me was being pleasured.

When the cock in me was done it was filled quickly by another, then another after what I can only surmise were the two frat brothers Jeff had his turn and then I could feel Andy's cock fill me up almost like my little pussy was going to rip open. Andy fucked me hard and put a finger in my ass knowing this would put me over the edge and it did I screamed out as the cum exploded from my pussy all over Andy's cock. I lay on the table shaking so exposed.

"Hey Darin get back in here Bret is going to try and get his cock in your sister." They all laughed.

I could here my brother come walking in the room and laugh even louder... "You are going to try and put that in there.... hmm this could be interesting..."

I was beginning to get a little scared as Andy was so huge it hurt my little pussy to take all of him I could not imagine how big Bret was and how much it was going to hurt.

Andy took of my eye cover so I could see the size of Bret's cock and I let out a little whimper it was a huge thick long black cock I had never seen anything so big. Andy put his hand over my mouth... "Be a good girl Angie...."

Bret walked up to the table and put his fingers in me to get me going again and then I could feel the head of his cock at my opening he tried to put it in and it would not go... then I heard Jeff say..

"Don't worry Bret let me help you...."

Jeff took his hands and opened my lips and tried to pull me open as Bret tried to gently ease his massive cock inside me. The boys were cheering him on and he finally had enough and just pushed it right in. I bit my lip it hurt so much my vagina tried to relax and accommodate his girth but he was so fucking big!

He just started to pound me I thought I was being ripped in half he just kept fucking me harder and harder the more tears that came down my cheeks. Then he put his thumb on my clit and rubbed it and stroked it and I got lost in all of what was going on I screamed out many times and that made him pound me harder and harder. The cum dripping out of me was amazing I could not believe I had any fluids left but my body just shuttered each time.

When Bret was done he pulled out took the condom off and wanked until his cum covered my body. I think this is where I passed out from exhaustion.

When I woke up Andy and Jeff were caring me up the stairs for a shower they cleaned me up and put me to bed and they climbed in on either side of me. I kept thinking that in the morning I was not going to be able to walk.

I stayed in bed most of Saturday with Andy and Jeff catering to my every need and all I needed was sleep.

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