"That was pretty good Pat, but the next time I want you to try something," she said as she cuddled against me.

We had just coupled for the third time and I thought it was mind a blowing orgasm for both of us. "Oh oh, do I detect a little dissatisfaction here my dear. Didn't I hear cries of delight and moans of pleasure from your pretty little mouth?"

"Oh yes, it was a wonderful experience, but it was over all too soon. You are a great lover, but I think you can be better," Lingmei said as she sat up on the bed in the lotus position. "Next time, we practice all day."

All day sounded pretty good to me, but usually I might be good for two rounds in a day, maybe three if I had stayed celibate for two weeks. But all day, well, why not.

The next time was a week away and I kept celibate for the whole week thinking about many the many, many orgasms that were waiting for us. We met as usual at her place, had our cup of tea, and then undressed each other and got into her queen sized bed.

As usual the sight of her delicate beauty filled my cock with high pressure blood and I wanted to make the four legged dragon right now.

"OK Pat, just lie flat on you back and stick your legs straight out, spread them a little."

I did and she straddled me bending over for a few preliminary kisses. I could feel my cock resting between the little cheeks of her perfect little butt and her dainty tits pressing on my chest as her lips met mine. Oh such lovely lips, such lively lips, she had lips to kill for. I loved to feel them on mine and taste them as I gently licked and nibbled them. A whole week of no release made me very ready and I started to help my stiffy toward its goal.

"No no, we do it my way this time, you just lie there. Don't move. I do the work. Put this pillow under your head so you can see me." she ordered.

She pushed herself up and turned to face my feet with her back to me. My head was propped up enough that I could see her rise up on her knees and wiggle into a position where she could lower herself right onto my penis. She bent at the waist which accented the perfect roundness of her butt and I could see it all; the cutest little rosebud of an anus and that exquisite little kitty just in front of it. She looked ready with a little dampness seeping between those lovely lips down there.

"I am going to slowly sit on you and you are not to move. You do not push up into me, you just lie still and I will sit on you very slowly until you are in me as far as you can be and then I will rise up very slowly. You do not move. I will do this and you are not to release your juices. Think about something unsexy like dog poop on your shoe. We will do this for an hour."

Hah, I thought. The way I feel I'll be shooting out a load before she can get all the way down.

She wiggled a little and I felt it enter her and she lowered herself about a half an inch. My lower head wasn't even all the way in and I rose up a little to feel it go in. She popped up and it popped out.

"No, do not move. You will ruin everything. I try again," she yelled at me.

She positioned herself and lowered again stopping as I felt her tightness engulf half a penis head. She remained in that position for an eternity and I could feel her muscles alternately tighten and loosen on my dick. Then she lowered another fraction of an inch. I could see it all and I was mesmerized by the sight of my cock disappearing into her.

"I can feel you throbbing in me," she said, "Think of picking up the trash after the neighbor's dog has scattered it all over your yard."

I couldn't help it and laughed at that, one of my biggest pet peeves.

"Stop that," she commanded, "you moved, just be still."

And she lowered another fraction of an inch. I looked down at my disappearing cock and thought it needs to be marked like a ruler so I could call out the numbers as one calls out the depth of the water as you sail into shallow areas.

"This feels so good to me." Lingmei said as she went down a little more. "I want to come now just as you do but I will hold back just as you will. We have just begun."

Another fraction of an inch, ever so slowly with her muscles working my dick like a constricting snake. Finally she was all the way down and I was all the way in. I twitched a little.

"Be still. Do not move."

"Can I talk?" I said not knowing exactly if I was to be submissive or what.

"Sure, you can talk, tell me how this feels. I'll bet you never have taken three minutes to get your little dicky all the way in before."

"It feels funny. And my dicky usually isn't called little. Now can we get on with it?"

And she started to raise up, very slowly and very steadily, not the fraction of an inch and then a rest. Soon I was almost out of her, I could see my glans just starting to come out and I pushed up a little.

"No, don't move," she yelled.

And then she started going down again. One smooth motion that took forever. I thought about putting new universal joints on the half shafts of my car. I watched her gorgeous ass and my gorgeous dick sliding into her gorgeous pussy and felt the beginnings of an orgasm. I must have twitched .

"Did I ever tell you I think you should shave you balls?" Lingmei said.

I guess she felt me twitch and brought up this irritating subject. I didn't want her to shave her little fur patch and she wanted us both to be hairless. I didn't want to fuck someone that looked like a nine year old. She said it would make my dick look longer. It cooled me down and she went on about her uppy downy business.

It went on for over an hour with both of us having to talk silly to keep from letting loose. It felt wonderful but ever so maddening not letting the feelings just take over and reach a climax. I knew she was getting tired because every once in a while I could feel tremors in her thighs and see her butt muscles quiver.

"I'm going to come Pat, are you ready?" she said in a hoarse little voice.

My teeth had been gritted for the last millennium and I could only grunt.

Then it started, for both of us. I felt the heat and electricity start going through me and I knew she felt her own sparks from the way she whimpered, moaned and called out. But she never speeded up; she kept that slow up and down motion going as the tremors of orgasm racked both of us. It went on forever, she went on forever, and I went on forever. Forever was oh so good. Slowly she went down on my throbbing and squirting dick and then slowly back up. I could see my juices leaking out with hers and her kitten lips and rosebud quiver with release. She kept it going until she collapsed back onto me and I could reach around her and feel her hard little nipples in my hands. I tried to thrust deeper into her but I was spent. We lay there and she finally rolled off of me moaning with cramps in both legs from an hour of slow love. I massaged the pain away and we passed out from it all.

An hour or two later I awoke to find her straddling me once again. This time she was facing me. "Are you ready for number two?" she said.
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