Slow Burn
I ask you to lie back on the bed. Close your eyes and let me be whoever you want me to be in your head...

I kneel up on the bed next to you and bring my lips so close to yours. Just barely kissing you before I move down to softly trace your jawline with the tip of my tongue and a few soft kisses in between. Nibbling down the side of your neck to the soft spot nestled at the base of your neck that's reserved for lovers or vampires. I playfully suck on that spot as I feel your hand in my hair, intentionally encouraging me to continue providing you pleasure.

I trace down your collarbone to just over your heart with soft swirls of the rigid tip of my tongue. I kiss my way down your chest where I pause and watch your reactions to my temptations. I slide my hands up your sides, then lean up to kiss you again. You feel me slip off the bed but moving my hands back down to your hips then to your thighs, knees, shins then ankles as you spread your legs to a comfortable width. I see your dick jump at the prospect of being the subject of my touch.... Oh, not yet, Sir....

I press my thumb carefully but firmly up the arch of your foot a few times. You melt back into the pillows and relax into my into the pressure and release. I scrape the pad of your big toe with my teeth.... you know that makes me melt, and I hope it does the same for you. As you're reacting to that surprise, I move my hands up your leg slowly. I lean up and trail kisses from the inside of your knee allllllll the way up to the pressure point at the inside of your hip. I press my tongue right into that pressure point and I feel your balls against my cheek. Sucking softly then letting go completely, I find the other side and dive into a passionate, tonguing kiss there too. Your dick is nuzzled on my cheek and you feel my hands trail down your other leg. Can't have it feeling left out!

You feel my palms caressing the outside of your thighs, then your knees, the back of your calves then to your other foot. Teasing but not tickling the ball of your foot then tugging gently at each toe before you feel my tongue wrap around your big toe and my teeth glide up its soft pad. I see your stiff cock jump as I set your foot down and with little licks make my way back up to your knee then the inside of your thigh. I see you watching me and I keep as much eye contact as possible while I slowly lick your balls. With a soft, flat tongue, then a little more rigidly...then I quickly suck you into my mouth and I watch you sink back into the pillows in ecstasy. My mouth being the only part touching you. I suck tight then release you and sit back on my heels while I watch your response. Leaning forward again, I use the flat of my tongue to guide you into my mouth. Your eyes flash with heat and your hands press my head onto you. I feel your fingers twisting into my hair and I suck you in tighter. Teasing you with my tongue, then circling your balls with my finger and thumb. Lightly tugging, then sucking you tighter. In, out, in...out.... Your fingers release in my hair and you pull me up to kiss you. I crawl up to you, straddling your cock and letting my wetness soak your hardness as we kiss.

Your arms wrap around me and you roll me onto my back. Pressing me into the mattress, you kiss me hard and I feel you guide yourself into me as you hum your approval into our kiss. You push my knees up toward my shoulders and you thrust hard into me. Oh god, there....Wow.... You grind into me, rubbing into my clit and spinning me up to an explosive orgasm. I feel you swelling and stretching me inside and you tell me you're going to cum. Oh! Yes.... There! Your arms wrap around me and I feel your hand twist up into my hair so you can pull my head back to expose my tender neck. Cumming hard inside me, you exhale and reposition to catch your breath and snuggle with me. Wrapped up in a tangle of limbs, I feel you brush my hair off my cheek then wrap me up into your arms.
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