Slow Burning
He knows how to kiss me, slow and tender. His pace enhances my mood. His tongue plays with mine, two lazy lovers.

My hand rubs him slow, stroking him, learning his shape. My mouth takes him, tongue sliding around the thick ridge of its head. He's content with my approach, tasting, sucking savoring him. He moans quiet and long, telling me he likes. He doesn't push down on my head, he lets me take my time. A real turn on.

My mouth adjusts to his size as I take him in. My lips press tight along his shaft, tongue licking its skin. I have him all the way in, he's moaning longer and louder. I smile.

I'm too much for him, he cums, I swallow his salty seed.

Surprise for me, I thought he was done for the night. Considering how much cum I swallowed. He started getting hard again as I was taking down his last few drops.

He gives me what I need, crave, sweet attention. My skin burns, from my flame inside, outward, from his lips. I feel my juice, tickling my lips as he sucks my nipples. His tongue sending jolts through my body from softly flicking them.

I smile when he tongues my navel, a combination of heat and tickling. My moans are quick and sharp as he tastes me. My body spasms, his tongue licks my lips, goes inside, tasting. He eats me slow, but my body quickens, jolts going through me. My clit is licked, I grab his head and cum into his mouth.

I take him in me, slow and deep, that thick ridge of his head rubbing my walls. My body is enveloped with his. His lips and tongue consume my breasts. My flame, white hot, he's a hot iron in me. My walls clench around him, it's a domino effect, my body locks. He's going to tumble over the edge with me, falling together as my flame burns hotter. I cry out from the blissful release, he holds me as I shake, crying my joy.

His body on mine, kissing me, loving me, filling me with his hot iron. His skin is hot, muscles a tight ban ready to snap. He's so hard in me, moving at my pace. He's feeling me with his hardness, learning my shape. My legs lock around his, my burning has reached the edge. I cry out and don't stop, waves of pleasure take me.

His moan is deep, his hot semen fills me, coating my walls with intense liquid heat. His thrusts are still slow, but long and hard, splashing in his own release. He shakes in my arms till he's spent inside me. I think I can get him hard again in a few hours, smiling.

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