Smooth As Velvet
Your ringtone starts to play, a beautiful sound to my ears, and my heart skips a beat. "Flying In The Sky" is the name of the tune, I picked it not only because of it's pretty melody, but also because that's the way your love makes me feel; so I thought it was fitting when I chose it for you. I always drop whatever it is I'm doing when I hear your tune, ecstatic to be able to speak with you and hear your voice.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh your voice. The deep, smooth, sensual tone of it makes me think of black velvet, something I would love to rub my naked body against. My heart quickens, along with my body whenever I hear you. I could happily listen to you all day and night, never getting tired of the sound of your voice.

I even hear your voice when I fantasize about you alone in my room at night, saying the hottest, most tantalizing things as my fingers slam in and out of my pussy, wishing it was your cock. The dirty things that I imagine coming out of your mouth are always what pushes me over the edge. My fingers are squeezed like a vice, as my cum flows over them to escape out of my cunt and down the crack of my ass, to soak the sheet below me. No mental image or fantasy can do that to me babe, only the sound of your voice.

"You want to taste my cum, don't you my pet? I know you do. You want me to fill that pretty mouth of yours until it overflows. My creamy cum dripping off your chin, and landing on your tit, so you can lick it off later."

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM FUCK YEAH, is all that runs through my lust filled mind, as my fingers work in and out of my snatch faster and harder.

Sorry about that. My mind took a mental detour there for a minute. What can I say?

I answered the phone. Oh my, his voice! The deep, rich, sensual sound of it makes it hard for me to concentrate today, worse than usual even.

"Did you get...?"

"Get down on your knees and suck my cock. Come on! Show me what a good little cumslut you can be. You know you want to. You know you've been dying to have my dick buried deep in your mouth!"

You push me down to my knees. You're naked in front of me, cock almost purple, standing at attention, blood engorged cap just a breath away from my mouth. My lips slide tightly over your helmet, sucking hard, tongue teasing the slit. Grabbing a handful of hair on each side of my head, you push me farther onto your shaft.

"That's it slut. Take it all in baby, every single inch of it. Swallow my cock!"

I just can't help myself. In real life I unzip my jeans, slide my hand under my panties, and run my fingertips feather light over my bare pussy lips. Oh, that feels so good! You're still talking. I think about a story idea, although truthfully, I'm not totally sure. All I'm aware of is the sound of your voice right now, not the actual words. My mind drifts away again.

Your hands are fisted in my hair. Silky blonde strands held tight as you forcibly move my head back and forth on your rigid sex. Tears cloud my vision as you hit the back of my throat, and I gag a little.

"That's it baby. Choke on it! Choke on my big fucking cock, but take it all! I don't want even a tiny bit out of your mouth. Come on you little slut, you know you can do it! SUCK IT!!"

My fingers trace the shape of my lips, the silky moisture that has collected, aiding in this sensual journey.

"So, what do you think? Is that a good idea for a story?"


"You didn't hear a single word I said, did you?" Your voice held a trace of irritation.

"I'm really sorry babe, my mind took a little detour."

"Where did it detour to? Did it by any chance involve sex?"

Ahhhhhhhhhh there it is, your voice has taken on that "bedroom tone" as I call it. If you ever wanted to be a phone sex operator, I swear you would make a fortune! Your voice is like liquid sex, a sensual auditory feast laid out for my pleasure, and I always want to go back for seconds, thirds, fourths.... It never fails to get me wet! Of course I don't tell you this too often, because truthfully, I really don't want to share you.

"Are you touching yourself?"

"Y-yes," I manage to stammer out, my breathing uneven at this point. I don't know why this question takes me by surprise, but it does, and I blush at being caught. Apparently my good girl side is making an appearance.

"You're blushing right now aren't you my pet? I can hear it in your voice."

"I'm not sure how you can hear that, but yes, you're right, I'm blushing."

"You know I love that! I wish I could see you right now, your hand in your panties, fingers working feverishly in and out of your cunt, with a blush on your face. That's so fucking hot!!! You're making me hard!"

Now it's my turn to moan, and get even more excited than I already am. I can just picture your cock hardening in your jeans, the shape of it becoming obvious as your erection pushes against the fabric, begging to be set free. Then I hear your zipper being lowered. You must have put the phone right up to it, the sound of the serrated teeth separating slowly teases me, and my pussy contracts. I hear a rustling, I'm not totally sure what it is, although I have a pretty good idea.

"I just pulled my pants and underwear down. Listening to you playing with yourself is getting me so hard. Let me hear you, don't hold back."

Oh fuck, I think! The mental image of you sitting on your couch, cock like a missile ready to blast off, makes me whimper.

"Oh yeah baby, let me hear you!"

For just a minute I put the phone down by my pussy, the squelching, sucking, wet sounds unmistakable as my fingers thrust in and out of my cunt. I return the phone back up to my ear, so you can hear my whimpers and moans again. They're getting more frequent and urgent sounding as I get closer to my climax.

"You need me to fuck you, don't you baby? Yeah, you need to feel my hard cock slamming in and out of that pretty little pussy of yours. I want and need that too... so badly."

Hearing your voice thick with desire makes me whimper, and pushes me closer to my impending eruption.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh your pussy is so wet tight. Ohhhhhhhhh it feels so good wrapped around my dick!"

I whimper again, and my body jerks as your voice flows like warm honey over my senses.

I can picture you on your couch, leaning back, legs spread widely, one hand stroking your straining cock, the other playing with your heavy, cum filled balls. The phone is braced on your shoulder, as your body races to catch up to mine.

"Oh baby, you love feeling my hard dick hammering in and out of that hot little cunt of yours, don't you?"

I'm almost there, panting breath heavy in your ear, my moans constant. Whimpering noises escape, telling you how close I am to my orgasm. My pleasure keeps building, like a car on a roller coaster climbing to the peak, the last few feet slower and slower, as the anticipation builds. The tension in my body is almost unbearable, and I swear if this sweet torture doesn't end soon, I'm going to lose my mind.

"Cum for me, my pet! I'm so close, but I want you to cum first. Come on baby. Let yourself go. Let me hear you. Make me blow my load!"

The combination of those words, uttered in your darkly seductive voice, and the mental image of your hand furiously stroking your purple, straining cock, all the muscles in your body tense, poised to plunge over the top of the roller coaster hill, send me over my peak.

"Oh babe...OH FUCK...I'm c-c-cuuuuummmmmmiiiinnnnngggg!"

My moans are loud and long in your ear, as I hurtle down that hill of pleasure, like a rocket slamming to the earth.

I wish you could see my hips rocking up and down, cunt raising, ramming onto my fingers, trying to bury them as deeply as possible, just like I would be doing with your cock if you were here. My blinding orgasm is shocking in it's intensity, and has me squirting. My fingers and hand are wet, dripping with my juices. You have no idea how much I wish they were dripping off your cock and balls instead of my my own hand.

Finally my orgasm subsides, and the contractions of my pussy calm, like the sea after a hurricane. I am still lightly and slowly stroking my sopping lips in anticipation of what I know is to come. I hear your voice, so precious to me.


Your deeply erotic moans and groans as you cum are a master symphony to my ears, and rocket me quickly toward another orgasm of my own. Picturing your hard, purple, straining cock powerfully spewing cum all up your stomach and chest like a volcano shoots out lava, pushes me over the edge again. My fingers are tightly and rhythmically squeezed, as my body and voice joins yours in ecstasy. Our combined voices create beautiful music, just like I know our bodies will.

Finally our breathing calms, and satisfied moans rumble from us both. I long so badly to be cradled against your strong, barrel chest, fingers gently and tenderly stroking through your chest hair, the pair of us basking in the afterglow. But, for now I have your precious voice to sooth and comfort me, make my heart swell with emotions I have never felt before, and bring me to the most earth shattering orgasms I have ever had. I am quite a lucky woman!!

"I love you."

Your tone is soft and tender, the emotion in it plainly heard. Your voice, smooth as velvet, a caress against my senses.
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