Snowed in - PT 1
As I was writing a previous story about my friend, it brought back all sorts of memories about my yearly meetings with her. This story actually happened and she has taken great pleasure to tell and retell it to me over the years. She lives outside Detroit and I was had to go to a city nearby on business. So I made arrangements to stay two extra days.

The highlight of our visits was always a role-playing scenario. One of us would write the scenario out and we'd follow it. One of her fantasies is to be over-powered and seduced by a man where she temporarily loses power over what happens to her, but we had not acted out that fantasy yet. I was to meet her at this really nice hotel. We always get a room with a garden tub so we can play in it. On the way, she ran into a terrible ice and snow storm. She was too far away from home to turn back so she pressed on to the hotel.

When she arrived, the snow was already deep and thick. The parking lot was deserted. She checked in and called me. I was stuck on the interstate. I told her to relax then go to the restaurant, if they were serving, and I'd meet her there. "I want to be your sub tonight, baby." She said. "Would you like me to text you the scenario?" "Of course," I replied. "Where something slutty to dinner so we can get a head start." "Yes, sir." She got ready and went down stairs. The hotel was completely empty.

The front desk said she could get something to eat if she hurried. She sat down with her coat because she was wearing revealing clothing underneath. She had chosen a short black leather skirt and a red silk blouse. She had not buttoned it completely so there was a black lace push up bra to enhance her ample cleavage. A pair of crotch-less panties finished the ensemble.

After she ordered, she called again to see what my ETA was. I had to tell her it would be at least an hour, but to go ahead and eat and get me a burger to go. She finished her dinner and walked toward the elevator. A man was coming out of the restroom and he took an instant liking to her. He had had several drinks and was in a very gregarious mood. He wanted her to come to the bar and have a drink with him and fellow traveler who had also been stranded. She kept saying no, but he would not take no for an answer. Before she knew it, she was ushered into the bar. There was one other guy there and a bartender. She felt safe enough so she relented and sat down. They all introduced themselves and she mentioned she was waiting on her husband to join her.

The bartender came over with a bottle of champagne and three flutes and said it was on the house. He had to go help with an emergency and would be back shortly. He asked one of the men to lock the door behind him. She told me she became a bit nervous at that point, but had had a glass of wine with dinner and pushed the thought aside. One of the men handed her a $10 bill and asked her to go play something on jukebox, which she was willing to do. "Play slow songs," she heard called out from behind her. When she returned, they had poured the champagne and offered her a glass and they toasted. "To a really sexy woman," one said. They clinked their flutes. They talked for a while. She said she was getting hot with the coat on. One of the men kept asking her about her coat and insisted she take it off.

He walked behind her and reached around her to unbutton it then he pulled it off her shoulders. She became angry at that point. She stood and grabbed her coat and started to walk toward the door. "Wait, sexy woman," one said. She had left her phone on the table and she heard the text signal. One of them picked it up. "Oh, it's your husband, he's going to be another hour." Her heart started to pound. She was nervous at that point. She walked toward her phone but she became dizzy and sat on the arm of the sofa. He brought the phone to her. "Tell him to meet you in here." She texted me and said she was in the bar and she would meet me there. She added, "Please hurry." They talked and laughed and she began to relax but her head was spinning and she was dizzy.

They handed her another ten and asked for more juke box selections. She went slowly to the juke box. She sensed one of them behind her. She could feel his erection against her backside. He caressed her arms and kissed her neck. She wanted to pull away but she couldn't. "I have a bottle in my room, why don't we wait for your husband there?" He turned her around and tried to kiss her but she pulled away. Later she told me she was very nervous, scared even, but she was turned on immensely. She stumbled on the way and he caught her and lowered her into a large overstuffed chair. He sat on the arm facing her.

"How about a kiss?" He asked. The other man, sat on the other arm. "Me too!" He chimed in. She said it was like she was outside of her body. They must have put something in her champagne. One leaned forward and kissed her, then the other. "Come on, kiss us back, let's try it again," one suggested. She told me she could not help herself she kissed them hard and gave them her tongue. On leaned forward and ran his finger down her chest. "That's a really pretty bra you're wearing." Instinctively, she pulled her lapels together and began to button the buttons, but he took her hand away. He unbuttoned another button.

He kept unbuttoning until her full white breasts were framed in black lace bra. Her huge tits were pressed tightly together with the cups creating a deep cleavage. "Wow, amazing!" One said. "Oh my," said the other. They stared at her. They ran the back of their hands over them. She told me she shivered. She wasn't scared anymore and she did not want them to stop touching her. They must have sensed a change in her demeanor. "Look how turned on she is." One said. They took turns kissing her probing her mouth with their tongues. One man pulled her up. "Dance with me." She felt her blouse being pulled off her shoulders as she stood toward him. I took her hand and pulled her to the small dance floor. "You are one sexy bitch," he whispered in her ear. He pulled her toward him with his left arm. She could feel his erection pressing against her thigh.
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