Snowed in PT 2
The second man came in the middle of song and he took her hands and began dancing with her. She felt his tongue on her ear. "You're really proud of those beautiful tits aren't you?" She was silent. He pulled her head backward and looked her in the eyes. "Aren't you?" "Yes," she whispered. "Tell my friend over there." She froze. He squeezed her hand. "Tell him." She wondered if she could speak, but she looked over at him and said, "I'm really proud of my big titties."

She couldn't believe she said so loudly. He moved behind her and she felt the pressure of the bra loosen. He pulled her bra off and tossed it to the other man. Who caught it with great glee. She was under a spotlight and she could almost feel the heat of the light on her bare breasts. The other man came toward her and they pressed against her. The one in front squeezing and pinching her tits, the other kissing her neck and shoulders. She felt the zipper on the skirt being pulled and then it fell to her feet. They went wild. Hands were all over her--squeezing, pinching, kissing, licking. They pulled her to a table and pushed her back, one began licking her thighs while the other kissed her and fondled her tits. She said she was angry with herself because she was enjoying it so much. She was embarrassed because she was squirming and moving so much.

"Let's fuck her," one said. They took her to a padded ottoman used for a coffee table and one laid back. She swung her leg over him and slid down on his cock. He screamed. The other one pushed her forward and she felt him puller her cheeks apart and he slid up inside of her. All she could hear was moaning and yelling then everything went silent. She felt both of them go limp and slide out of her. They adjusted their clothes and left her. In the deserted bar. Stunned and exhausted, she told me she dressed and made it up to her room. She checked her phone and had missed several calls and texts from me. She fell back on to the bed on to the pillows.

Shortly, I came in the bedroom and I saw her spread out on the bed. She was wearing the leather skirt and nothing else and the bed was a mess. I knelt on the bed and touched her face. She was sweating. I kissed her forehead. Her eyes flickered open. She grabbed me and kissed me so hard it took my breath away. She started tearing my clothes off and mounted me and I have never seen a woman so turned on. I was amazed. I was astounded. I had never been fucked that hard before or since. She fell on top of me limp as a dishrag. She snuggled up beside me, then she told me her dream. She had ordered two meals to go and had picked them but had not seen another soul. Let me tell you it was a great two days. Even to this day, she enjoys tell me the story as if it really happened and each time she embellishes it with more delicious details.
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