Snowy Night
Snowy Night
By Miss Anonna

It was snowing fairly hard now and I knew from the way the storm was going that I was going to be stuck in my house for quite sometime and I had nothing exciting to read. Lucky for me just down the block is a little strip mall with my favorite book store in it and it would be closed in a matter of hours, possibly early so I had to move quickly. I had just been thinking about dinner but this was way more important. I needed some fantasy for my cold, snowy night by the fire so I grabbed a pair of jeans, my furry coat and my boots and went trudging through the snow like an Eskimo girl on the hunt. It was a cold, wet snow but my coat kept me warm and my thoughts on a fire kept me smiling.

I arrived at the back of the strip mall and turned the corner, walking up the slight ramp and grabbing the door handle to the little book store. There was a young man standing right at the door when I opened it and I held it open for him to get through it but he just remained there and smiled. "Hi!" He said with his hand in the air. "I was just getting ready to close up early but I will wait for you." I brushed past him, stopped and then turned to him. He was quite a cutie but hardly dressed for someone working in a store. He had a sweat shirt on with the arms cut out of it and a pair of sweat pants that hugged his legs, showing his dedication to his body. He looked well groomed and no more than in his mid to late twenties and he certainly was not the old man I expected to see when I arrived.

"I'm so sorry, I can come back tomorrow," I said apologetically while resting my hand on my chest in a gesture that I am sure looked over dramatic but I was indeed trying to catch my breath as I scanned his well toned body.

"Absolutely not," He demanded while swinging his arm forward and out in front of me. "Come right in and take your time. My Grandfather has asked me to restock the shelves while he went home early. I was going to close up and unpack this shipment but there is no reason why you can't come in and get what you need,, unless, of course, my attire is making you uncomfortable. I, uh, own the gym two stores up and everyone's closing early due to the storm."

"Well, it's going to be a very long couple of days and I have no books to read," I pleaded to him. "If you don't mind, I will only be a few minutes." I smiled at him and squinted in my best set of bedroom eyes I could muster without looking to manipulative. "You run the gym", I questioned "so that would explain your suit and tie." I smiled bigger and patted him on the chest, turned around and headed for the section in the very back. "I will just be a minute. I promise."

"Take your time, Ma'am." He said quite frankly and began to raise his voice as I was walking away from him. "I'm here all night," He paused "I mean," He quickly corrected himself. "I don't have to close up for another hour." His was shouting his last couple of words to mefrom across the room.

"I shouted back at him from around the corner. "Close it up if you like! It doesn't matter to me." I could hear the echo of my own voice through the shop. The air was still and the silence came quickly as I found the romance section and began to thumb through it, finding that I had already completed too many of the same ones and then came across a row that seemed to be fairly new. I started from the right side and was working my way to the left, picking up each book and reading the back to see if it would peak my interest. One after another I picked up, questioned my desire for it and put it back. In the background I could hear the young man pass by me every couple of minutes, head into the storeroom and emerge with a boxful of books. I would glance around the shelf to watch his sexy ass pass me then he wouldclimb up on a little sliding ladder on a rack and slap the books in the empty spaces. I don't know if it was the smut I was reading, the quiet snowy night or just the atmosphere but the more I watched him, the hungrier I became like a cougar on the prowl. I consistently caught him reaching up onto the shelves, exposing the muscles on his lower back and I watched the way his sweat pants curved beautifully to his near perfect ass.

I had to take a deep breath when he waltzed out of the storeroom with yet another box and like clockwork I turned to check him out but he was headed my way with a huge smile on his face. He was not the most handsome young man but he was certainly cordial and seemed very friendly.

"Can't find anything?" He asked as he set the box on the floor and grabbed the ladder next to me, pulling it to the corner. "I would ask you if you need help but I know nothing about that section of the store so I'm afraid you're on your own." He chuckled a little. "But that's ok, take all night if you like. Gramps has plenty for me to put away." I watched him intently as he bent down and grabbed a handful of books and then climbed the ladder to reach the top shelf which was really not much higher then my head.

"It's quite a difficult decision." I explained. "They're all the same but each one gives me different imagery." I walked over to the ladder and looked up at him while I catching an eyeful up his muscle shirt. He was looking delicious, too. "Have you ever read one?"

"No." He quickly stated and began turning red. "I can't say that ever have." I opened the book that was in my hand and ran my finger down through the chapter to find a steamy section.

"It's like porn for a girl." I said as I smiled and watched his face turn a darker shade of red. I could see him trying desperately to recover while placing the last book he had slowly onto the shelf and then he slowly made his way down the ladder while watching my every move. He almost looked afraid of me. I stopped midway along the shelf as he grabbed another armful of books and attempted back up the ladder, slipping on the first rung. I began to walk towards him as he was climbing the ladder. "They throw some words together to make the mind of a woman imagine some fantastic meeting ofa man and then throw around images of love and security and strength and all that nonsense to get us all worked up." I looked up at him and smiled and leaned against the bookcase, glancing back at the book and flipping the pages slowly as if I were skimming them. I looked straight ahead of me and I could just see under his shirt and the strings to the elastic band that held on his sweat pants were dangling down right in front of my face, so close that they almost reached the book in my hand. I heard him slowly putting books onto the shelf above me.

"Is that good?" He asked with a slight quiver in his voice. "Is.. is that why they sell so well, I mean?" He said with a slight stutter. "I've noticed they go quickly and I'm always having to restock them." I could hear him swallowing hard and I knew I was teasing him but I couldn't help myself. Here he was up on his little ladder and I'm right below him with my face at his crotch. I could definitely see the changes that were taking place in the sweatpants right in front of me. I remained looking into the book and slowly turning the pages..

"I guess so," I said confidently. "I guess that's what gets the women thirsty but I like to find the ones that focus more on the lust and less on the flowery stuff, I mean, sure women want to hear fantasies of strength and love and security we also like the hot, sloppy sex, you know?" I said frankly. I knew I had said too much and that things would just get out of hand from there so I closed the book and huffed. "Hmm," I thought out loud and leaned back against the bookcase again this time making it obvious I was looking straight ahead at his crotch and then looked directly up at him, noticing he was leaning a little further than he needed to. I smiled. "Listen to me, I'm going on an on, forcing you to listen to the ramblings of a middle aged woman and you're just trying to get your work done and get out of here. I am so sorry, I will find a book." I turned back to the shelf and pulled another book out.

"Honestly, I don't mind listening to you. You're not keeping me from anything and you are more than welcome to take as long as you need." He quickly jumped in and after a brief moment of silence, he finished. "Oh and you can't possibly be over 30." I looked straight up at him in complete disbelief and gasped.

"Nice try, Mister but you are NOT getting my number." I laughed, turned back around, leaned against the shelf and dropped my head down to study the book. I started reading the page in front of me and something caught my eye. It was one of the strings dangling from his sweat pants and I then realized just how close I was to him. I could smell his body wash and he smelled so clean and fresh that I couldn't help but to get closer and take in a deep breath. I could tell he was trying to lean further and further over towards me and I loved that. I also noticed that his sweats were pointing straight out at me and there could be only one thing driving that fashion statement and lust was at the top of the list.

"Seriously," he said. "You do NOT look like any middle aged woman I know." He continued as I looked back up at him and noticed he had a direct line of sight down into my coat where I had only a little spaghetti strap top on. I went back to pretending to be reading the book when I saw him looking towards the empty shelf next to him and as I heard him placing books into the shelf, I began to unbutton my coat inconspicuously.

"Well, thank you." I said softly. "Thank you very much. You are very kind." I noticed my nipples were harder than I had seen them in a long while and pushed my chest out slightly hoping he would get a glimpse of them and it didn't take long at all for I noticed a significant increase in the size of the bulge in his sweats pointing right at my face. I wanted whatever was behind those sweats but did not know how I was going to get it. He began to lean a little further over and I got a much bigger view up his shirt and his six pack was very impressive. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster and a warmth came over me like a rush of heat through my body that started at my very core. I could feel my panties getting a wave a warm liquid in them that I had no way of controlling. He stretched even further and I looked up at him but his head was buried in the shelf. I turned my attention back to his abdomen that was now close enough I could lick it and peeking out from the tip of his sweats was the head of his hard cock. It was glistening with a flicker of light from the moist tip of his hole nearly ready to poke me in the eye.

I slammed my book shut clasping thehanging strings and lowered the book to my side pulling his sweatsover his stiff shaft and exposing it's full beauty right in front of my eyes and before he could even react I giggled and moved my face in close. His cock slid right into my mouth as if it were made to go there and there was a slight shake of the ladder which I steadied with my hands, one on the ladder and one on the back of his leg and forced his thick erection towards the back of my throat.

"Oh my!" He cried. "Whoa! Holy....." He cried again and then settled into his new position quite nicely as he muttered a questionable "Wow!" I reached up to the elastic on his sweats and pulled them down off his taught ass and spanked him, then rested my hand on his check and drew him deeper into my mouth. I slowly worked my lips back to the tip of his cock and drew my hand up under my lower lip, pulled my mouth off and took a deep breath.

"God you taste so good!" I stated. "Like candy to a little girl!" I exclaimed and engulfed his throbbing member again with my lips. I wrapped my hand around the tip of his cock and pulled his ass in closer to me thenran my tongue down his shaft to his taught testicles as my hand twisted around and around on the tip. Quickly I slid my hand up and down over the tip and pointed his cock into my mouth where my lips again slid right over the tip, down the shaft and stopped briefly at the back of my throat. I pushed him in further and down his cock went deep into my throat. I stopped momentarily and held my position until I heard him moan.

"Oh Jees!" He cried. "Oh God, I'm gonna bust!" I felt the liquid surge through his cock and pass my fingers. "Oooooooooh, Shit!. He jerked back and I pulled my mouth off of him. He jerked forward and sprayed my front teeth with his creamy blast. I reached under my jacket and freed my right breast from its resting place. Holding onto the tip of his still throbbing member, I pointed it at my taught nipple and he exploded again ricocheting his thick semen off my breast and onto my cheek and yet leaving a sweet coating on my chest.. He began to quake and took his cock into his own hand jerking it frantically and pelted my lower lip with his juice and then shook his cock at me, tossing the rest of his salad dressing onto the breast I was holding. I brought my breast up to my face and licked the cream off my nipple. I looked at him and smiled.

"See what these books do to women? I said inquisitively. "I think I found the one I wanted, too so now I can let you get back to work. Thanks for ALL your help!" I said seductively.

He took a deep breath. "Uh," He swallowed. "Anytime, Ma'am. Anytime."

I paid for my book and he offered me a ride home but I refused and told him I would be back because the best books are here at this store.
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