Snuggles For Rent
Snuggles for Rent
by MissAnonna

I decided to start up a cuddle business and for the first time I realized just how lonely people get out in that mean ol' world. My first customer was an older man who was the sweetest guy and held me so tight as he proceeded to talk to me about his wife who passed away last year. I instantly knew he was going to be a regular customer.

My second customer was a woman in her thirties who swore up and down she was not a lesbian but I could tell she wanted love from a woman. I tried to tell her that a lesbian lifestyle was not anything to be ashamed of but didn't want to become her psychologist so I didn't push the issue. We ended up falling asleep and she got me for over an hour which almost ran me late for my next appointment.

My third customer was a man in his forties, divorced, attractive, well off and a work-a-holic. I had pulled into his driveway and admired his home for a moment before opening the door and stepping out of my car in my pink fuzzy slippers and buttoning up my overcoat that covered my silk nightie and nylon boxers. My job had the best dress code ever.

I knocked on his door and I heard the handle turn before I finished the last knock. I smiled at the handsome gentleman and held out my hand.

"Hi. I'm Anna," I said as a smile came across his face and he grabbed my hand with both of his.

"It's a pleasure," he said smiling. "I'm Paul. Please come in." He touched my shoulder and led me into his home with a smooth dance sweep and twirled me around to face him.

"Oh, my." I said placing my hand on my chest. "What are you, a dancer, Paul?" He smiled and nodded as if to say he was not. I giggled. "Your home is simply beautiful." I said as I looked around the living room and into the kitchen. He shut the door behind him and bowed.

"Thank you." he said. "You look amazingly adorable." He said with a twinge of disbelief. "I bet you have hundreds of customers." He held out his hand again. "May I take your coat?" I began to unbutton my coat.

"Oh, thank you but honestly you are just my third customer." I said nonchalantly looking him over. I swung my coat open and slid it off my shoulders as he grabbed the collar and urged me to turn around. I followed. He was very pleasant and delicate. I turned to face him and dropped my arms in front of me, holding my right wrist with my left hand. His eyes widened.

"You are all ready for bed?" He asked me but it sounded like a statement.

"Yes, Paul." I said. You have one hour of cuddling and you should get your money's worth. "I assure you I am soft and cuddly and I am here for you to hold. I also expect you to act like a complete gentleman." I smiled and raised my eyebrows expecting an affirmative answer to which he replied.

"Of course, Dear." He said sternly. "I understand the rules." He gasped slightly. "Is it OK to call you Dear?" he asked biting his lip. I smiled at him and put my hand on his cheek relieving his face of contortion.

"You may call me anything you like." I said. "Shall we go and cuddle?" I said smiling and tilting my head. He nodded and held out his hand toward the stairs. I looked up at him and smiled. "Upstairs?" I asked and he nodded. I began my ascent up the stairs and when I reached the top he asked me to go left. I faced left and waited for him to pass me in the hall. I followed him to what I presumed was his bedroom. He pointed to the bed.

"Is this ok?" He asked. I smiled and nodded. It was warm in the room and I waited for him to reach a side of the bed. "Do I have to stay clothed?" He asked as I walked to the opposite side of the bed and grabbed the comforter.

"As long as you have some boxers on or something I am fine with that." I said as I stood at the side of the bed not sure what to do but waiting for his queue. He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled at the sides until they fell out of the top of his pants and then he began to unbutton his pants while I watched him, causing him to pause.

"Are you ok?" He asked as his pants slid over his boxers, catching on his bulge. I smiled and nodded but continued to watch him. I remember wondering how big that thing was and had to suppress my thoughts and remember that I was only there to snuggle. I was providing a very clean service. "You can get under the covers if you like or I can get a blanket we can drape over us." He said as I was shaking out the thoughts. I grabbed the comforter and flipped the corner over.

"Do you have a preference?" I asked and he quickly shook his head. I proceeded to kick off my slippers and slide into the sheets. I lay my head back on the pillows and flipped his side of the cover over giving him an invite into the bed. I watched him slide under the sheet. His legs were very nice and well defined as well as his tummy and chest. He had very little hair on his body but it was kind of sexy. I rested my hand on his tummy. "Do you like to spoon or ...," I hesitated but his face lit up.

"Yes!" He said abruptly. "I do." He smiled. I grabbed his arm and turned to the side as I pulled his arm over me and rested my ear on the pillow facing away from him. He followed easily and I could feel him forcing his arm under my head as his chest pressed against my back. His arm draped over me and I scooted my butt towards him until we were squished together. I heard him sigh and felt his breath against my neck.

"Mmmm," He moaned. "This is really nice. You ARE really comfy." He said as he gave me a big squeeze. I giggled and adjusted again even closer to him. I sighed.

"See." I said. "I told you." I thought I could feel his package against me and I again adjusted myself just to see if I was right. I was and as much as I thought how inappropriate it was, I was normal and natural and it actually felt nice so I let it go. I felt him squeeze me again and take in a deep breath through his nose.

"My God you smell so good." He said. "I'm not trying to be pervy, just making an observation." I giggled slightly and thanked him. We lay there momentarily and I swore that I could feel his package swelling against the back of my thigh but wasn't entirely sure because I could tell there was no material between my thigh and whatever was touching me. I put it out of my mind and lay still.

His breath against my neck was warm and was turning me on. After a minute or two I felt a warm sensation in my vagina and I knew I was getting wet. Again I tried to dismiss any sexual thoughts sneaking around in my cerebellum but my body seemed to involuntarily push against him harder until I felt a warm mound of flesh distinctly against the inside of my upper thigh. I swallowed hard and closed my eyes.

His breathing pattern changed to slow and steady and I wondered if he had fallen asleep. I couldn't help but wonder if that was his cock against my inner thigh. Could his tool have fallen out of his boxers and landed there? I didn't know and didn't want to find out. My body moved again even closer but I knew I couldn't get any closer to him than I already was.

I could feel it getting heavier against me and was sure it was definitely his dick as I could also feel a cool spot near the tip. "No way." I thought. "Is this guy leaving a sperm trail on me?" I thought again and as soon as I became angered my vaginal fluids rushed over my lips like a layer of body oil. "Oh my God," I thought. "This cannot be happening."

I felt him take in a quick breath and then his body twitched sending his semi flaccid cock into my soaking wet undercarriage. I heard the slap and felt the bump against the lower part of my lips. My mouth flew open and my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head as the pleasure center in my brain jumped into overdrive. I took a deep breath.

I lay there completely still until I feel his cock begin to throb. My breath quickened as I felt his head touch my lips and slide slowly along my self inflicted lubricant. His cock kept growing, slowly and I could feel it getting heavier on my inner thigh. I thought for sure it would try and enter me or he would wake up and accidentally twitch his way into my love nest but instead I could feel it slide along my lips, up to my hood and rest there against my abdomen. So much for silk boxers for protection.

"My God." I thought. "How big is this guy?" My curiosity was very well peaked but try as I might I could not look down under the covers without being blatantly obvious. I lay still for a moment and then attempt to raise the comforter so I could see down my front but his breathing changed and he shifted, scooting himself up and leaving the shaft of his monstrosity resting between my labia. I had to hold back from jumping directly out that bed. Well, I didn't HAVE to hold back, I just wanted to hold back. I could feel the girth of this man against my whole vagina.

Every breath he took I could feel his cock slide along my lips and I could feel the lip of his head slide over my hardening clitoris. Each movement made me wetter and I could feel him getting harder. After a minute I could hear the popping of sex juices together and my butt began to sway slowly, making his small movements even longer. I could feel my own juices dripping down the back of my thigh.

I took a deep breath and slowly reached down between my legs until my fingers rounded his huge head. I tried to be very delicate as to not wake him but I felt him stir and pushed the head of his cock into my clitoris. I was going to explode.

He stretched and forced his hips towards me pushing his hard cock harder into my hand and I pushed it harder into my clitoris. My jaw dropped and my eyes shut in pure pleasure. I could tell he was realizing his position and he began to back off.

"Oh Jeez," he said as he began to pull away from me. "I am so sorry." He apologized as my fingers enveloped the head of his cock and my body followed his. I squeezed his arm with other hand.

"Wait!" I cried and then hesitated searching for something to say as I pushed his head into my clitoris again and began to rotate my hips. I was going to orgasm and a wave of warm energy ran through my torso. "You....still....have ..." I said continuing to attempt to speak. "time!" I said shivering. "Oh, fuck!" I hollered as I pushed him hard into my hood. I could feel the flow of my own juices into my fingers and I rubbed his head across my hood frantically with the palm of my hand. "Oh, GOD! Don't move." I pleaded. "Please." My body shuddered for a moment and then I went limp.

I felt his hard cock slide through my hand as he pulled away and rolled onto his back. His hand hit his forehead and he let out a sigh when I quickly rolled toward him and rested my hand on his chest.

"I really am so sorry." He said apologetically looking up at the ceiling. My leg rested across his hip and the comforter had slid down exposing his thick, hard tool. I laid my head on his chest and looked down at his cock peering out from under the blanket.

"Oh my GOD." I said with a sigh. "Don't be. I think we both fell asleep and oh, look. I got you all messy." I reached for his cock and wrapped my fingers around it just under his plump, leaking head. I squeezed it and it leaked out an almost steady stream of clear excitement and dribbled over my thumb. He moaned.

"Oh, wow." He said holding perfectly still and taking in a deep breath. I pointed his cock toward the ceiling and slowly twisted my hand upwards, letting his head slide delicately through my fingers. "What are you doing to me?" He asked while drawing his hips upwards.

"I should clean you up, here." I said staring at his huge tube in my hand. "I got a little carried away." I said chuckling. "And apparently your friend here had a lot to do with it." He twitched in my hand as I slowly explored his cock with my fingers, twisting and squeezing and getting his juices all over my fingers. "This guy here," I said. "was a very naughty boy."

A smile came across my face as I felt him twitch again and then his cock began to throb. Another steady stream of liquid slowly cascaded down from the tip of his head and pooled between my thumb and his shaft. He moaned and put his hand on my butt, pulling me in toward him. I twisted my hand around his head again, getting every bit of his own lubricant all over my fingers, then drew my hand up to the tip again as I felt him hold his breath.

"Fuck!" He cried as he let out his breath and a small puddle of pearly cream began to trickle from his hole, then he squeezed my ass and a thick stream of cream bolted from his cock and rested along his treasure trail. I smiled.

"Ha ha!" I said happily and twisted my fingers along his thick shaft again just under his head. I could feel the surge of semen through his cock but was caught off guard as he shot his wad so hard and fast my throat was attacked and as I naturally reacted by pointing his cock away from me I could feel the thick stream strafe my upper lip, up the side of my nose and finish at my forehead. I coughed as I held his cock straight up in the air and cleared my airway. "Oops." I said giggling and slowly stroking him while his semen cascaded over my fingers. He bucked again and then his body went limp and his head fell back into the pillow.

"Looks like I just made a bigger mess." I said giggling again and licking his mess off my upper lip. He exhaled and mentioned getting a towel before shifting his body off from his side of the bed. I rested there momentarily wondering what had just happened but ultimately knew this was the risk I was taking with my new business endeavor.

It was worth this risk, I thought at that moment as he handed me a towel and we cleaned ourselves up. We laughed at what had happened and I told him that it wouldn't stop me from being his snuggle partner in the future.

I left his home and returned to mine just in time to start dinner and get a small glass of wine.
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