So Much More
Read Oh My first, please.

I woke with one thing on my mind, more, so much more.

A soft knock at my door, mom poked her head in. Thankfully, I was bundled under my blanket. She said I would be late for school, if I didn't get up. I asked if I could stay home, not feeling well. After assuring mom I would be okay, she and dad left for work.

I showered after my wild discovery last night, then slept naked. Something I never did before, very glad mom didn't see.

I wasn't cold, smiling, I was very turned on. My nipples were stiff, very hard, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, such a feeling. My index finger, a small touch of my nipples, wild stirrings in my body.

Warmth, from such small breasts, mixing with chills. Squeezing, my body was humming, I was teasing myself.

Never realized how soft my skin is, fingers on my body, feeling incredible warmth.

Amazing, my body moving on the bed, I never moved in such a way before.

Hairs, barely out of my skin, my hand goes further.

WOW, feels so good. It feels bigger. Very wet, smiling, can I? Should I?

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, one drop on my tongue was not enough. Smiling. A thought at that moment, share that one later.

It is bigger, barely a touch, my flame ignites. I melt from my own touch, gasping, breathing very hard, I cry out, pleasure flooding my body.

More, my finger rubs, very slow, building again. I turn over, legs spread, wow, rubbing faster. A finger inside, I'm on my knees. My body moving, never thought it could this way. Pressing, grinding, my hand, fingers.

Faster, harder, stronger, my other hand cups my breast. Muscles straining, crying out, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, wicked, did I pee?

No, my orgasm was so hard, my body collapsed onto the bed. I squirted, my body shaking, twitching.

One more, that second one had me gasping. My fingers still barely touching my clit. My body spasm, every few seconds.

One finger in, smiling, hand cupping my breast. Body moving again, in, out, in, out, building. My flame felt like a torch, I was fingering myself. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, fingering, rubbing, pressing, grinding, coming apart. Gasping, crying out, extremely wet. Harder, faster, moving, biting my lip.

"OH SHIT," I gasped, contractions, hard. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Blissful release, squirting, crying out, contentment.

My thought? I wondered if my friend, Susie, knew about this. My young mind had no idea if people talked about this. Did she know? Would she like to? Could we together?

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