So Sexy
She may not be a movie queen,
But she's the queen of my dreams,

She'll never do the expected thing,
But she knows how to turn on my love machine,

If you could see her picture,
You'd know what I mean,

Yeah, she's the one who makes me smile,
No matter what's coming down on that world scene...

Aching to be handled like a three wire bail of hay, Charlize is a true one of a kind. Sort'a like a rodeo cowgirl who'd rather ride bareback broncs than barrel race.

We meet at this years Halloween party. Costume or not her unmistakable body moves like hurricane waves pounding a rocky shoreline. Her hips twist opposite her upper frame, legs dip at the knees, shoulders sway to and fro, long, straight, sandy brown hair parted down the middle covers her breasts. Leaning up against the wall, her legs cross just below the knee, her pose captures my heart, my cock aches!

She's dressed like Pocahontas, her slender body accented with turquoise beads set in loose deer skin straps wrapped around her head, upper arms and calves. It's her deer skin loin cloth that has my eyes focused on what cowboys love about cowgirls.

I decided to be a Polynesian dancer complete with crimson colored, draped, orchid patterned loin cloth to one side accented with palm leaf, offset upper arm and leg bracelets. My cock and balls hang loose and free behind a cluster of orchids.

Both our outfits have our eyes scanning each other with smiles of anticipation beaming from ear to ear.

My wildest fantasy illusions portray mental images aching to devour every inch of her fascinating body. Distorted images of my cock plowing through her pussy, emerging out her mouth with her tongue fucking the opening of my crown, have me spellbound, drooling out both sides of my mouth.

"Penny for your thoughts."

She catches me in a moment of wild abandon. So caught up with the craving desire to explore the inner workings of her exotic body with my cock as a flashlight, I totally become lost in time, space, this is what the Twilight Zone looks like!!!

"Sorry, they'll cost a dollar."

We both crack up laughing...

"That good, huh?"

"Maybe, that bad!"

"Ah, come on, it's party time. Tell you what, you tell me what you were so caught up with and I'll second the motion."

"Alright! I'm so captured by your stunning magnetism my mind lost complete control of reality plunging my thoughts of devouring every inch of your body, inhaling your clit, burying my face in your pussy so deep my tongue can tickle your heart, then fucking you into an oblivious orgasmic stupor."

Without hesitation her hands reach up, wrap around my neck, she pulls my face into hers kissing with open mouth, tongue twisting madness, biting my lower lip, raising her knee gently up into my groin, feeling what she expects to be there, lets go of my neck, reaches down as if she already knows the angle my cock is hanging with balls dangling behind, she latches onto my shaft immediately stroking it's length while massaging my balls, pulling up and down stretching the scrotal sack almost the length of my cock.

Without hesitation I follow her lead wrapping my arms around her tiny waist, arching my back so she has complete easy access to my cock and balls.

We back off into a corner room decorated with hidden sparkling ceiling lights which appear like stars in the sky. Purple, bluish black light sets the stage for what my mind hallucinates as an intergalactic sex war between two consensual playmates.

We strip each other while attempting to suck each others tongue down our throat, kissing and chewing our lips in a frantic display of sex hunger gone astray.

"I don't only second the motion, I'm ready for you to turn me inside out, fuck my pussy raw, then fuck my ass until your cock dries up, suck my tits so hard the taste of milk slides down your throat while I suck your cock back to life with your balls slamming my pussy and my fingers slam dunking your ass."

We become a couple of crazed starved sex maniacs. I twist her petite slender body upside down, she immediately throws her legs up over my shoulders, I dive my face into her pussy, she inhales the head of my cock while long stroking my shaft, her heavy pussy lips bounce off my cheeks as I wriggle my head stabbing my tongue deep into her cervix. Her body jolts and bucks, we both begin humming, growling through our teeth sending waves of vibration through our vitals.

We hurl ourselves onto a floor mattress never slowing down as our first orgasmic eruption takes us to the brink of intensity. Our cum splattered bodies jerk and flinch as the heightened state of sexual excitement has us twisting and hugging in a bath of edible liquid
ambrosia. We pound each other furiously sucking, chewing, lapping each other like starved dogs.

We slow down feeling the blissful, forceful rush of our chaotic, climactic explosive orgasm flow like waves of electrical impulses igniting every neural pathway throughout our senses, leaving us in a state of exasperated wonder.

She sprawls out across my chest laying my cock in position so she can slide her pussy along its stretched out flaccid length. Her pussy lips hang down both sides of my shaft. Their massive weight hugs my foreskin tight, our hips spontaneously pick up a slow rhythm. I can't help but wonder if her pussy aches as much as my cock. I hope so because it's such a satisfying ache it's worth all the craziness expended to achieve such satisfaction.

"Now that you turned me inside out I want us to fuck each other slow and steady all night long. I've never met someone who can fuck for so long even when your cock becomes soft. I love the way you squeeze the base of your shaft with both hands causing the head and crown to swell so you could impale me time after time. No one ever had as massive a cock to still fuck me when you get soft. I learned your trick though. You leave half your cock inside me, rotate to a straight angle of penetration then fuck me with the back half of your shaft. What's amazing is that the head of your cock bulges with every thrust. That makes my orgasm so intense, I still feel it."

I really get off on when a girl describes her joy. It's one of the biggest turn ons I've ever experienced. My biggest turn on came when she said...

"Hey Rod, can we be fuck buddies for life?"

I just rolled her over and fucked her so deep her belly popped up with every thrust. She holds my hips steady for a moment so we can both feast our eyes on the convex shape of my cock imprinted all the way up to her belly button. She rubs her stomach, I feel the sensation, she holds my hips steady then works her pussy muscles so exacting it feels as if she's jacking me off. Then she digs her hand into her belly around my shaft and continues to stroke. I cum in minutes saturating her entire womb. My cock is so deep in her pussy, so warm, so stimulated, so hard...

She rolls me over and commences to fuck me into submission. I tuck my hands under the small of my back, she rotates her body fucking me from every angle possible, even rotating completely around in both directions.

After several orgasmic gushers she collapses over my chest, then says...

"My turn."

At first I didn't get what she meant but it soon became clear. My cock was becoming rapidly flaccid but her hips rock forward and back just enough to keep fucking the lower half of my shaft. She learned my secret very well. I surely felt those pulsing, throbbing swollen expansions with every abrupt hip movement.

"Hey Charlize, wanna be fuck buddies for life?"

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