Some Eyes - Gay as Hell -
With Brandon in me and Scott plunging my mouth with his huge cock I was literally stuffed. Brandon was frantically trying to get all of himself into me and it was tough going at first.

I slowed down gyrating my hips and he concentrated on more full thrust than short quick ones. This did the trick as his huge member slid much more easily in me, almost the whole length as he pulled down on my hips.

In the ultimate throes of ecstasy I heard Jen mention DP and I thought she was joking. She told us to stop and we did with Brandon deep in me and Scott slowly mouth-fucking me as the three of us looked at her.

She just laughed and mentioned how she should take a picture, in which Rachel beat her to it with her cell phone. Taking several before she switched to video.

I let go off Scott's cock in my mouth which kind of fell out and slapped the side of my face accidentally. I licked it and smiled at Jen.

"DP?...I don't know Jen, that's kinda steep...they're huge." I said as I stroked Scott and pushed down on Brandon's cock some more.

"Would you try it? least let them try to...get those in you?" She asked, staring at me with her wondrous blue eyes, her dirty blond hair being moved from her eyes by the light shaking of her head.

"I guess I could but that is going to require ALOT of lube...and patience." I said, not believing I just said that I would try it.

Brandon laughed and pulled on my hips hard, forcing his huge cock into me even deeper, I moaned, and whimpered a little bit and fell back onto his chest as he picked up the pace and continued to fuck me with long deep thrusts. I was jerking Scott's cock as I did not dare suck him off lest I bite him.

"How do you like this bitch?...huh princess?...this fucking cock is going deeeeep!!!" He laughed as he pushed me by my lower back off his chest and continued to impale me. My eyes rolled back in my head and I started to cum all over my stomach and balls and Brandon's cock as it slid in and out of me. My on cum was lubricating me and Brandon was at his limit with all ten inches of him in me.

Brandon fucked me hard and fast, as the whole length of him went in and out of me. I had forgotten about Scott, but him not me as he stepped in front of me and stuffed his gorgeous cock in my open mouth. I kept my mouth open and let him mouth-fuck me. In no time Scott's member was going down my throat as I had both of their whole lengths in my mouth and ass at the same time.

Rachel was thoroughly enjoying this through her cellphone camera as she was playing with her swollen clit as she watched us. Jen and Jessica were still sitting down and intently looking at Brandon's huge member go in and out of my ass. They both looked at each other and shook their heads while smiling in disbelief.

"Whenever your ready boys...we would love to see it!!!" Rachel shouted at us, referring to the double penetration.

Jen and Jessica had yelled a resounding 'yes' when Rachel asked if they wanted me to be double penetrated by these huge cocks. I looked at Scott who had now pulled from my throat and was putting his engorged head in and out of my mouth, onto my hungry waiting tongue.

"You heard them bitch...let's do this." Scott said as he stepped in front of me. I was still riding Brandon reverse cowboy as Scott looked at my ass and grinned ear to ear while putting on his magnum.

For a small moment I thought of yelling 'no' but Brandon kept hitting my spot and I was speechless as I stared at Scott who was crouching down in front of me.

"Open up princess...its time to see what you got bitch." Brandon growled from behind me as he pushed his cock in me. I let my arms fall to Brandon's huge biceps and grabbed on tightly as Scott's huge member was just inches away from joining Brandon's cock already in me.

I lifted my left leg up and put it over Scott's shoulder as he grabbed my right leg and held it in the air over his shoulder. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I felt his huge member touch my already stuffed asshole.

"Think the bitch can take it?" Rachel asked Scott as she filmed down from his point of view over his huge shoulders.

"Bitch is gonna' take it and take it again some more." Brandon laughed from underneath me with Scott and Rachel also laughing, enjoying their view. Scott held his cock straight out, pushed against my ass and tried to get it in too quickly and my ass would just not accept him then.

"Looks like your going to need some more lube sugar...?" Rachel purred into Scott's ear as he grabbed the tube and liberally applied it to his cock with Rachel's help. Then Rachel, with extra lube on her fingers began to lube me and Brandon a bit as he went in and out of me.

"You going to be a good bitch and let Scott play?..." Rachel asked me as Brandon slowly fucked me. Scott smiled, pushing his cock against my asshole again as I grimaced in anticipation of what was to come.

With one eye barely open and the other shut, I squinted to see if Scott could get in me. Looking down I thought there was no way when all of the sudden he slid it in me like a hot knife through butter.

Both of my heels came down on Scott's back hard, causing him to push more into me as I gripped Brandon's forearms while he held my hips. I was moaning and almost drooling as I watched these two massive black dicks go in me, together as one. I shuddered and felt electricity run up my spine as everything slowed down.

Rachel with her camera, was filming close up from the side with one hand while her other hand had slipped into her pants, obviously fingering herself as she watched her employees fuck and being fucked. Her moans were audible as she brought herself to an orgasm. Pulling her fingers from her pants, she licked them as she continued filming. Her brown eyes glossed over and her normally stylized hair messed up, she seemed content.

My eyes were rolling in the back of my head as Scott pushed even harder and farther in me as Brandon kept his pace. Jen and Jessica had gotten up from their table and had come for a closer look alongside Rachel. All three ladies were "oohing and ah-hing" with me as the two huge cocks were sending me into a state of bliss. I looked at Scott in the eyes and told him to go deeper.

"Bitch I will go as deep as I please, now be a good white princess and shut up and swallow."

With that he pushed, getting his length in me as Brandon did the same. My legs were numb on Scott's shoulders and my ass was electrified. I gripped Brandon's arms and pushed myself onto the two huge cocks in me as I kissed Rachel who was wiping the sweat from my face. She did not flinch as she met my mouth and bit my lip and held it there, stretched, as I was being stretched to the limit by Scott and Brandon. Jen and Jessica were taking turns sucking my cock and kissing each other. I never want this feeling to stop I thought.

With one long pull, Scott pulled out and so did Brandon. I fell onto Brandon's torso and turned around to get on my knees to suck the two huge cocks. With both their condoms off their black cocks were inches from my lips and I tried to suck them both at once but they were much too big.

Instead i alternated back and forth sucking and licking as they jerked off and called me their "lil princess cum bucket." Brandon told me to bend over, since he wanted to deposit his load on my ass cheeks. I did so and caught the surprise of my life as he plunged his huge cock in me unexpectedly and pumped a few times before blowing his load deep inside me. I felt the cum jet from his cock in me and held my ass there as he kept cumming and cumming.

Before it was over, Brandon's cum was dripping down the back of my legs onto the stage where Jen and Jessica were licking it up while they sucked my cock together.

Rachel who was filming this called to me to get Scott too.

"Hey bitch princess or princess bitch, get Scott so I can have the money shot here on film bitch." Rachel more or less asked me as I turned to Scott, on my knees and sucked him as hard as I could.

Scott pulled his cock from my hungry mouth and shot his load all over my face and chest. he was smiling as he kept stroking his member, trying to get the last drop out onto my waiting tongue.

"You did good bitch, you did good." He winked as I spooned his cum into my mouth from my shoulders and chest while stroking him and smiling up at him.

Jessica and Jen had sucked me dry and seemed happy as they sat back down. Rachel walked up to them.

"So girls...should we have this as an act or maybe just between us?" Rachel asked Jen and Jessica as I sat on the stage, still disbelieving I had done what I had done.

"Lets make it an act a couple times a month. For the gay crowd first and then we will see how it catches on." Jen said to Rachel and Jessica's agreeing.

A couple times a month? I thought. I could get used to that I smiled.
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