Someone Knows What This Is :)
I pull your pussy lips apart and flick my tongue on your clit. With one hand I feed you your juices as I drive into you with my other hand and tongue. Your ass is lifting off the ground and I push my face into you harder as you grind your pussy into my face. I stop fingering you and slowly pull my fingers out. Licking them one by one while unbuttoning your blouse with my other hand. Your small skirt is still around your ankles and I rip them off with a firm pull. You gasp. No one has ever treated you this way before.

I pick you up and kiss your neck as you lean our head back. I start to grab your asscheeks and pull them apart as I lick and bite the top of your breasts. Your moaning is bothering me. I push you down on the bed and tell you to be quiet as I turn on the stereo. It is Bush's "Machine-head." I smile and turn to face you as you see my shadow on the wall behind me. You are a little scared of my deviant smile. The way I pushed you on the bed has you on edge also. I unbutton my jeans and let my cock fall out.

You reach to grab it but I push your hand away and lean down to grab your hair. You follow my pull observantly and your face is at my crotch. You are breathing hard and through your nose as my manhood waifs up your nostrils. I lightly slap my cock on the side of your cheek aa I pull your head back by your long hair. You stare at me with a snarled upper lip as I slap your face again with my cock. This time a bit firmer. You let your tongue fall out, waiting for the next slap.

It never comes and I turn you onto your all fours and tie your hands apart with silk ties around the wrought iron bedposts. You, on your stomach with your ass in the air, are panting as I finger fuck your sopping wet pussy and nibble on your neck and ear lobes. My erect cock is aching to fill you and I am deliberately witholding myself from you till we both can take no more.

I pull my fingers from you and feed you your hot juices as I stroke my cock with my other hand. I spread your asscheeks apart and let the tip of my cock touch your pussy lips and I push in a small bit as you lightly bite down on my fingers. You try to push your pussy into me and I pull away. The teasing is relentless and the sweat beads are pouring off of our bodies on this hot, humid summer night in Rio.

Passion is just a word. Fucking is my world. Are you ready girl?

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