Soul Sex
I was searching for a new yoga instructor who could provide me with the mind, body, soul connection I so clearly needed and desired. I entered the room and laid my mat front and center to see and be seen. My yoga pants tightly bound around every sinewy inch of my dancers body. A tiny yoga bra that was clearly exposing a taut little body, navel piercing, tattoos and sexy abs. My new instructor, Leah watched as I stretched and knew I'd be able to do all that she asked of me and more. I could and would respond to her every command.
Then I noticed him as I moved my mat directly in front of him. He possessed an athletic, lean but strong build and a confidence I knew matched what was bound beneath his gym shorts. He felt my eyes on him in search of what could quench my insatiable and unmet hunger. He was testing me, reading me to see how far I was willing to go. His eyes thirsted for more as I was in my forward bend. I could almost feel his impressive throbbing hardness against my ass. I imagined him slipping his fingers inside me increasingly harder and faster feeling my sweet nectar building.
Then Leah found me nose to knees still in my forward bend. Pressing me down further to deepen my already hyper flexible stretch. She then sensed that I wouldn't mind when she separated my ass cheeks and forced me to go to limits she knew I would. She worked me to the nth degree and then even further.
All the while I felt his presence, his thoughts taking me places I never ever thought I could reach. His cock throbbed and needed me to be aware of its existence and longing to be exploring inside my yoga pants that were wet and outlined my little mound.
On our backs at the end of class sweaty and spent although I clearly wanted and needed more. She now stood over me rubbing some healing oils between her palms. She was pressing my shoulders back flat to the mat so I couldn't move. Manipulating and releasing the building tension hiding in the depths of my core. My eyes were closed but I sensed her body towering over me. She had her hands on my chest and I could feel him watching and anticipating our imminent passion and our ever growing wetness. He couldn't take it anymore and had to show us what he was really capable of. He was a master of his pulsating, rock hard, weapon. Knowing he could control us with it, tease us, make us scream, moan and beg for more again and again. All three of us felt a burning intensity together that would play out beyond our wildest dreams.
What would we do with our new found playmate who would heal us both as we explored each others deep secrets, desires and fantasies yet to be discovered.
Until next class.........
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