Spanking In the Woods!
Spanking In the Woods!

A young woman's kinky and sexually adventurists thoughts?

When it comes to sexual fantasy's one of my favorites was to be spanked or whipped! Especially on the most sinful parts of my body breasts pubes and bottom! Having my bare bottom whipped was my favorite, and it did not take long for my boyfriend to figure this out! Him, later to be my husband loved to paddle me and I loved having him do this, as it always heighten the sex act that followed, either when he went down on me, or would give me a big dicked good hard sexual pounding! After we were married he started sending me over to his friends as a sex plaything, but mostly to be spanked or whipped!

I was a woman that not only enjoyed sex, but one that really loved being a submissive that was spanked and whipped, especially by strange men when naked and bound, even having other women do it to me! A good bare bottom whipping is what really gets me going, as my thoughts are so naughty I certainly deserve it! Apparently my husband is not the only one that likes to do this to a woman with kinky submissive thoughts like me!
Our erotic outings usually start out with him telling me he needs to take me somewhere so he can give me a good whipping. He also wants me to dress for the occasion, this time it is in a thin see through flowered sun dress that buttons up the back! Normally the dress requires a full slip bra and panties, but the only thing he wants me to wear under it this time are just flesh colored silk panties, so that others do not have to look very close in order to see my nipples and breasts through the thin material!

After I am dressed appropriately we get in the car and he takes me for a long ride in the country, it's a nice sunny summer day, the thought of a bare ass whipping for me is quite exciting and has left me with incredible anticipation? We have this red convertible that really stands out one that draws attention as we pass truckers on he highway they can easily look down into our car. I always look at them with an inviting smile, and shake my boobs! I know when they have seen my almost naked charms, as their air horn sounds with several blasts along with a wide knowing smile from the driver!
Finally my man turns off the highway onto an old dirt road, and after a while he drives into the woods, it is a place where civilization seems to disappear as we bump along the uneven ground. Then in the middle of nowhere he pulls over stops, and gets out.

From the trunk he grabs a back pack and opens my door. Then takes my hand and leads me deep into the woods picking up branches switches, bending & breaking them as we go. Some have thorns and others are flower like with dark green pretty leaves, I think they are just another thing to use in switching me? But boy am I wrong, they are nettles, and some of the best to use and torture a woman's naked genitals!. We come to a clearing with a large tree. He stops, opens his bag and pulls out a long piece of rope. My heart almost stops with, concerned anticipation,.. as he throws the rope over a high branch. Then turns to me holding one end of the rope, and orders me to him. I slowly walk over, and he has me turn around unbuttoning all of them on the back, and slips my dress down off my arms leaving me topless and totally bare from the waist up!
He is and expert with a rope and ties it tightly around, and between my wrists.

With the other end still over the branch pulls it tight easily stretching my arms straight up helplessly above my head, the results has pulled me out of my flats, that has left me bare footed, and on the very tips of my toes. I watch as he ties the rope tight to the tree, then with me helpless takes several of these rough sticks and switches of nature selecting and cutting several into the perfect ones for the task. My heart is almost pounding out of my chest at the sight of them as he approaches me! One is thick and long with tiny thorns and knots, and several of others are quite slick and nasty looking?

I can almost feel the stinging sensation I know they can produce. He undoes the dress from my waist and pulls the thin flowered material down, over and past my bottom, all the way to my ankles and has me step out of it! This has left me naked and wearing only these silk flesh colored panties, and with only a mild breeze it, caressing my vulnerable nakedness.....

My husband lover and tormentor has told me on numerous occasions to see me like this totally naked with my hands tied over my head is a most wonderfully erotic sight, and one that makes not only him but other men that would see me like this instantly hard! The thought of being watched, only adds to my perverted sexed up feelings, and unknown to me another man is watching?

The other thing he likes to do that I both love and hate is, he takes my clothes and hides them or locks them in the trunk of our red convertible, this usually takes him what seems like forever to do as he make his way to our car? For me it is both exciting and terrifying to be totally naked with my hands tied helplessly over my head in broad daylight and left like this having no idea when he will return or where my clothes are! It is a wonder we have not been caught out like this, it is a remote and secluded spot, but again my thoughts of a hiker hunter of some sort of perverted stranger stumbling across me and this perverted abusive scene of sex only heightens the incredible sexual experience for both of us, and one that is about to take place!

The thought, after I have been whipped leaves me little choice but to walk the long distance back to our car naked with my bottom burning having nothing at all to cover myself with! The thought again is so perverse and heightens my already over stimulated senses that some one might see or intervene and just take me by force as a naked and helpless well whipped woman! The fantasy of both leaves me wet and almost giddy with the thought?

With me waiting he tells me not to look, and to keep my eyes straight ahead? Then gives me a quick stinging swat using one of the nasty little switches on my bare unprotected bottom, this is insure that I will do exactly as he says! It seems like forever as I hear his footsteps disappear in the distance. Then I hear voices? OMG? Another man, I am really terrified now, at the thought of others watching, ...and then I finally, hear steps of more than one return! OMG! I never know for sure if it is him or someone else?..But this time I know for sure there is another,.. as I dare not look?..

Once he is back my thoughts are only of him as he grabs my panties, pulling them up tight into my crotch, and ass cheeks telling me I can scream cry or yell as loud as I want! He takes his time and slowly rubs the nasty stalk up & down my bottom, I can feel natures texture that of the rough rod like staff through the thin silk panties. This is followed by another nasty switch stinging the insteps of my bare feet several times, and words encouraging me to spread my legs,... even wider,.. that has left me up on the very tips of my toes! Then the slow rubbing of a thicker rougher shaft again that is now working its way up the inside of my naked thighs! OMG! I wonder?.....

I am trembling, as the stick with its tiny thorns touches scratches and catches on the wet silk material, that is the only thing between my soft super sensitive clitoris, labia folds, and this rough abusive rod of nature!

I am trying to spread even wider for what I know is coming, and after what seems like forever, and with no warning? I hear the whistle of the firm rod as it zings through the air, followed by the contact of it with my almost bare bottom. Even knowing it was coming I shriek and gasp! After about five good whacks, the welting strokes gets harder. My breasts bottom and upper thighs begin to jerk jiggle and shudder with each whack! He then, pulls my panties up even tighter between my ass cheeks using them as a handle to hold me still as this thing of nature strikes me again harder yet.

Stinging burning sensations shoot through my body with each nasty whack. It really starts to hurt, and I beg him, not so hard? For for me this is only my perverted signal to him,.. that I want more!

He continues to whack me, as uncontrollable tears run from my eyes. I begin to whimper sob, and cry out for him to stop. He does for a moment, but only to pull my panties down that are now almost soaking wet as I continue to beg,...and plead,.. please no more!.....

I can feel the wet material as it is pulled from my crotch down my thighs and to my ankles where he tugs them free from my toes! Then for me in almost unbelievable shock,.. he does the most nasty humiliating thing one could possibly do much less imagine, and has placed the wet undergarment over my head and pulls the sopping wet part of the padded inverted Vee, the place that has been next to my almost dripping underlips, tightly over my nose and mouth! I am now unable to see along with each breath I take, sucks the nasty sweet taste and sickening smell of the wet fabric up tight against my lips and nostrils ! I cannot help myself, and react just like the slut I am, by sticking my tongue out between my lips to actually taste what I know is the putrid stuff?

It is of my own over stimulated sexual femaleness, this along with the welting coarse staff has left me on the edge of incredible sexual release! OMG! I am a no better than a cheap well used whore, a nasty pain slut for whipping, and abuse! One that needs sexual humiliation and punishment, an one that certainly deserves it!

The rough staff stings and burns my bare bottom as he does me ever harder. I cry out again loud in painful sobs as the punishment continues, and with him ignoring my cries and pleas. The pain and sting become a sinful itch like that of one who craves an overpowering sought after drug, as I become exhausted. My legs and toes feel weak and the rope gets tighter around my wrists. I begin to submit as my body accepts the hard welting blows!. A wave of ecstasy runs and shudders through my nakedness as each harsh whack now feels more like the start of an orgasm?

My cries of pain become cries and moans of erotic abusive pleasure as each harsh swat serves my body with more, and more sexual ecstasy. My cries echo through the woods and off into the distance as I approach orgasm. Chilling sparks of helpless submissive lust run through my being and up my spine as I helplessly release this long awaited orgasm! I scream out, and collapse all at the same time that leaves me hanging by my wrists,.. with the rope being the only thing holding me up!

I am in a sexual orgasmic stupor not realizing how long I have been hanging there? But with the waning afterglow of incredible sexual release and abuse, my senses are brought to attention with the mark of a true sadist? What, OMG what the fuck?....

Nettles, the fresh dark green leaves those with pretty flowers my husband has picked are not to be used as switches at all? They are being sinfully brought to bare on my naked well abused body, and apparently it is not my husband who is doing this? But, It is the other man, the one I had forgotten about,.. at least during my bottom whipping! Now with my full attention, my husband says to him,.. do it, and do it to her good?

This he tells the man, as he uses the nasty little switch again on my inner thighs, and says open wide dear,.... referring to my naked legs! I wonder what is next? As first the tingling is just on my nipples, the nettles are green and ripe, ones that produce a mild tingling at first! But the mild sensation lasts for only moments as this unseen man has pinched my nipples and one of the nettles tight, squeezing the dark green plant into the pointed sensitive area of my firm perked up aureola's!

OMFG! The mild sensual feeling has quickly turned from this,... to a thousand tiny needles they have warmed them almost instantly to the fever pitch of tingling burning goose bumps! Dark green moist stains appear on my nipples and continue their nasty quest of sensual erotic torture at the very tip of my naked breasts! Then as if this was not enough, and with me holding my breath has taken a bouquet of the nasty nettle things and uses it to flog my burning jiggling breasts that have now turned an over stimulated dark pink, with bumps and thousands more of the unrelenting microscopic needles! My helpless shrieks of torment have become loud long and vocal!......

Still unable to see and almost incoherent, I jump around from one tip toe to the other trying to twist alter and dodge, as the nettle bouquet brushes my breasts and the nasty switch continues to bite into my bottom and upper thighs! OMG! I think that I can take no more, but I am wrong, as the worst, or best is yet to come? I have no idea that "This", will be child's play compared to what is in store next? Just when I think this is it, and with floods of tears now making the soiled silk panties even wetter! I feel the same nettles lovingly brush across my bare bottom? And the same mild sensual feeling, that is at first, as my husband continues with the nasty switching that keep my legs wide apart, and me dancing and jerking around! But this sensual flogging bouquet has quickly changed with a harsh vicious uppercut from behind, and has found the most sensitive stimulated part of my most intimate place, that which is up and in between my legs! ......

Each time this upper cut is a bit more harsher, as the bouquet lingers this man, this sexual sadist pulls them back slowly that allows the most abuse and torture of my bare shaven clit lips and pussy folds! I am beside myself and no longer in control of anything still screaming and begging at the top of my tortured lungs! I hear some one scream OMG! Pleeeease don't,.. stop? Only to realize that person is me? The sensation of painful stimulation has made my body and my mind, now in this perverted state unable to comprehend the difference between, torture sexual abuse and pleasure? I continue to beg, but not for them to stop!......
Just when I think I am able to actually withstand this incredible mind boggling experience of stinging nettle torture?

A fresh bunch of dark green leafy nettles is placed up tight and in between my upper thighs next to my so abused place? At first I feel my ankles being tied tightly together, followed by my knees and then my upper thighs as the rope winds around just under my welted buttocks and just below the bouquet of nettles! The results has trapped this most nasty of natures sinful stimulants helplessly in my naked well shaved abused crotch! Ones that have been placed in this most sensitive and strategic place, and a place I can do nothing at all to alter!

Goose bumps hundreds, followed by thousand spring out all over the abused area's of my naked helpless body! Still naked and hung up by my wrists the tortuous stinging burning sensation is now directed to this most bare unprotected place, as I wither and twist around helplessly! I start to perspire profusely the only relief if one would call it that is a slight breeze that wisps occasionally . I am moaning crying and begging as I twist and turn, but have no idea for what? The two of them take turns with the nasty little switches one on my bare bottom and the other on my bare breasts! Swish, whack, and sting!....

There are little goose bumps everywhere the dark green nettles have come it contact with my unprotected skin, as I drift in and out of conscious sexual awareness? They produce incredible feelings directly to the most sensitive of my sexual nerve endings! Again holding my breath, I resign myself to this helpless torture only to have this thought abruptly stop as I feel several of the numerous leafy slender stalks, those of the nasty green leafy nettles pulled out one at a time? It is like my inner thighs are on fire with a hot poker or hundreds of bees have stung me all over my genitals! Finally the last of the half dozen or so have slowly been pulled free, I gasp for breath helplessly moaning groaning and twisting in the cool wistful breeze, that does afford me, at least some sadistic relief!

I can feel my heart that has been rapidly beating start to slow, just as I am barely able to withstand the last of this most harsh abused? I feel someone playing with my over swollen labia lips and clit the burning prickly sensation is slowly replaced by sadistic stimulation as fingers manipulate my clit and pussy folds, OMG! I cannot believe that I have gone from painful abusive torture one minute to that of incredible nettle enhanced erotic stimulation the next, as more and more,.. the unrelenting fingers find the place that needs the most attention!

This is making my blood pump and my heart pound, as the muscles in my swollen pubic mound tighten an contract uncontrollably, and the sexual nerve endings in my clit act as though they are connected to a continuous shower of electrical shocks! This has left me totally helpless as one of them holds my bottom firm and tight?

Then out of the blue my husband said my name asking me a question? You love this don't you? His words were all it took as he held me, so the other could stimulate and abuse. Then the orgasm that swept through me came as a complete surprise!.. I felt the surge of pleasure tension and incredible energy as my inner thighs and pubic muscles as they tightened, tightened, and tightened !

My naked body squirmed and twisted, as a hot rush from this orgasm squeezed out and racked my tortured being. I gurgled and gasped!. The pain and sexual pleasure was awful by then, but it didn't seem to matter much at all now! As the orgasm screamed along my nervous system and shook me like a blast of warm leaves fluttering around in a summer storm leaving me limp like a warm wet dish rag!......

I was lifeless, drifting, dazed my bare bottom and green stained whipped breasts vulgarly sagged! This strange man called me a dirty little whore, whipping me again and again as if he were trying to wake up my tortured senses or beat them out of me! Only so they could continue to use me and wanted me awake to feel everything! OMG this orgasm was sooo incredibly gooood , the best of the best in humiliating torture and abuse!.

As I hung there helplessly thinking once more nothing could be more pleasurable or abusive, but I am wrong again, as the ropes around my legs are loosened and pulled free? Followed by more of natures fresh green stinging nettles that are rubbed and squeezed around up and through my inner thighs ass cheeks, and against my hanging swollen meaty labia lips that leave me in ever more stimulated agony! But it is what is done next that has gotten my full attention, as one of the green leaves are pinched and wrapped tightly around my clitoris? My clit is so sensitive swollen now, to an incredible grape sized orb! Then with help of the mans fingers a nasty clamp has searched around and found the perfect place clamping and securing the sinister green leaf tight over this most intimate part of my sexual anatomy?

So far all of this nasty nettle torture accompanied with natures staff and whipping has all been on my naked body, but I am in for sexual intercourse beyond belief? This pervert this man that my husband has brought to help whip me must be some sort of incredible superman? Apparently he has rubbed the green leafy nettles all over the head of his big hard dick and with me now in total helpless agony gasping twisting and begging for the clamped leaf to be removed, has with my husbands help pulled me back and up off my toes, and allowed this man to place the head of his cock into my pussy folds, up against my pelvic opening and holding it tight this pervert, with me dilated and dripping has jammed this green stained rod of his all the way up into me! If I cold have seen it and its size I would have fainted dead away!

I screamed in surprise as his "Thing" penetrates almost ripping me apart, my eyes water uncontrollably and run down my cheeks mixing with my stained wet panties that are still clinging to my face! Leaving me and most all of my weight entirely suspended and impaled on his hard nasty sadistically stained cock! This is followed by a fucking and humping of unbelievable force! A fucking, that do to the incredible itching and burning in my loins, is the only thing that seems to give me any pleasurable relief, that is by this hard sadistic fucking!

I am screaming for all I am worth, but loving it, the hard hammering is so satisfying and lasts and lasts as I my welted goose bumped breasts and buttocks jiggle around obscenely on this unrelenting rod of his that is still so hard! Then it is he, that has exploded as my insides are flooded with an enormous amount of warm cum, followed my another of my helplessly abused climax that leaves me hanging and impaled!

The warm satisfying feeling and after glow is what I want, and everything I want? It is so wonderful and something I crave and do not wish to end! As he this sadist finally eases out and pulls free the sloppy sucking sound of hard meat and soft female flesh parting is heard, I react with the pleading word Nooooo! Please, "No"! But my pleas are purposely ignored leaving me naked used whipped fucked, and hanging helplessly! Nothing lasts forever, and I did not want this fucking and the relief it had brought me to end, but it does?

The rope I am hanging from is released and the man that has hard fucked and whipped me has grabbed my breasts firmly holding me up on my unsteady rubbery legs!

My arms are stiff and sore I can hardly lift them as the rope around my wrists is loosened and pulled free? It is all I can do to stand after the whipping fucking, and green leafy nettle torture, all have left me horribly used, abused and spent! I am allowed to stand for some time until my unsteady legs are able to hold my weight, and with my thighs pubic area still trembling and the warm glow of pleasurable abuse and sexual relief slowly waning! But the hot prickly sensation of wanting has started to return in the deep depths of my well used vaginal sex tunnel, and with the green leaf still clamped tight to my clitoris,...this and the goose bumps has, as time passes returned with sadistic vengeance!......

I cannot help myself as the desire and wanting quickly becomes over powering, I start again to beg with renewed interest in relief! Please OMFG! Pleeeeeeeeeeeze stick something up me, whip me, whip my pussy, my clit, anything help me! My pubic mound still swollen is itching wanting and my clit is on fire, as I helplessly and shamelessly beg and plead for some sort of sexual abuse to re leave this incredible insatiable wanting! Now barely able to stand several more things are taken from the back pack and my hands are cuffed tight behind my back. I hop and prance around in distress like a young girl that desperately needs to go "Pee"!

Then my slave collar is fastened tightly around my neck and a leash is attached,.... still unsteady and barely able to stand, the wet nasty cum and tear stained panties are pulled from my head allowing me for the first time to see this other male tormentor, one I have wondered fleetingly between the whipping nettles and hard fucking who he is?........OMG!....?......

Now I know why my husband has picked him, he is a big black and very dark skinned negro! A nasty evil looking man, standing entirely naked in front of me bald head gold teeth with a body that is musclebound beyond belief! A most sinister looking African god of a man! The kind many white women fantasize about in their most darkest and deepest sinful dreams? But after his overall appearance, my attention is focused directly at his well endowed appendage, the thing is still hard and sticking almost straight up,... well over 12"! But this is not the only thing apparently the nettles have swollen his shaft like thing a foot long bratwurst that is just starting to swell over hot coals, and a head the size of a hard ball that is wagging about and still dripping and oozing cum from the gun barrel size opening at its penis head end!

A knowing and most sadistic smile is on this mans face and one of the nasty switches is in his hand!

I am stunned and mesmerized by the sight, in "Awe" ? How I was ever able to take such a cock of incredible power and beauty? Still in wonder my husband has handed him the leash so he, this black stranger every bit as naked as me can lead me back through the woods to our car! I am totally nude wearing nothing, bare footed as he starts to pull me along,.. my attention is back on my wanting abused slit clit and itching love tunnel that I now realize is dripping and stretched in all of its gaping wide open glory. I start to beg again for sexual abuse, the abusive kind of of torture that will allow me some wanted relief?

Every so often he pulls me to a stop as I dutifully follow along, has me open my legs so he can use the nasty little switch with several stinging upper cuts to this place that needs the most attention, and attention, that I welcome!
I am on the edge as a pain slut, and almost ready to orgasm again! The stinging attention as we walk a ways, and then stop again for more sadistic abuse and relief,.. now back almost to our car I think the ride home will leave me wanting? But OMG?.... I am being led past our car,... the red convertible, and off down the path into the woods? My husband is following but says nothing or makes no attempt to stop this big black dominating brute of a man?

Back hidden in the bushes is a white van, this sadistic pervert has opened the rear double doors, as I stand there in disbelief the nasty itching wanting starts again to over shadow everything else that is happening, and again I shamelessly start to plead loud and long for attention and relief! I hear my husband say, she is yours for the evening, or you can keep her for a week if you want? Just give me a call when you are done and you can bring her home then! OMG! My husband is giving me, to him for the rest of the week? Then I hear him say as my wet nasty panties from earlier are forced into my mouth,... this ought to shut her up for a while as some duct tape is taped over it!

My attention is attracted to a shiny object bolted to the floor of the van as I stand there it is a chrome heavy duty trailer hitch ball about 2 ¼ " in diameter that is spaced up about a foot and bolted firmly to the metal floor! Still naked helpless and unable to speak I am lifted up over this thing as my sadistic abuser now in the van holds me up by my naked whipped and goose bumped breasts as my husband reaches under me and spreads my swollen puffed up under lips around and places them over the chrome ball!

Then helping this sadist, says okay! This is followed by him releasing my breasts and pushing me down firmly against the cold metal floor as my husband spreads my ankles that allow my pubic mound to be impaled firmly against the cold metal floor!
With this sadist still holding me down by my shoulders and his big swollen cock wagging about only inches from my face my husband has first attached my wrists to an eye bolt in the floor behind me with several short chains and snaps. Then has taken leather cuffs placing them around my ankles and pulling them wide apart has left me naked and helplessly impaled firmly against the chrome cold steel! OMG!

It is both sadistic but also the cold gives me incredible relief from my weight and the cuffs and chains that hold me tightly to the floor! I could not have been placed in a more perverted helpless position as a hood is placed over my head! I hear the van start and then drive off, it is over the uneven ground as I realize the chrome ball is mounted directly over the rear axle that hammers me sadistically with each bump! Apparently the the driver this sadist is trying to find each bump?
The cold steel is a godsend as it is wonderfully satisfying for the moment! I think, OMG? I have nothing no clothes no money no cell phone and am only a sex slave, a pain slut to be whipped and abused for this sadists sexual pleasure, Oh My what ever will he, or his friends do to me?.......

continued in Chapter three Given to strangers for whipping!
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