Spicy Curry in a Dorm
This is a 100% real encounter I have had. My first one and am excited to be able to have one worth sharing.

It has been, more than 2 years since my last sexual encounter. I have been very pre-occupied by school and work. No man made it worth my while to actually meet up with, and really get dirty with. I have sufficed my appetite by reading stories, taking pictures in lingerie and suggestive clothing, then of course immediately following would be intense rubbing and shaking as I manage to cum.

I managed to get back on one site I'd nearly given up on some 3 months back because of the lack of quality men. As I sat there denying chat and message requests after requests, there was an Indian who caught my interests. He wore a wrap, and had a very innocent and pleasant smile. His messages were forward; and normally I would not respond to clumsy flirting, but he drew me in. He mentioned trying to meet new people, and considering we attend the same university, it was not inconvenient at all. We continue talking for all of one week, exchange pictures, and set a time and place to meet. The next couple of days were spent chatting more, losing our minds over rigorous exams, and charming each other with cooking and bartending abilities. He reassures I am attractive and tells me about his wishes to cuddle. I have found a man that likes to cuddle, can cook, is intelligent, quite handsome with his slightly round cheeks, amber eyes, and long hair tucked into a bandana, then there is his appreciation for fine humor and sarcasm. I failed to see where we could go wrong.

As uptight as I am with dating and men, the day comes about a week and a half after he first started messaging me, when I get to meet this mysterious person from a mysterious place. I finish my tests, lunch, he finishes his, then we are off to the campus square. I have found a bench in the sun to sit and wait for him to walk down the boulevard that would be obvious enough where I was, yet just tucked away. He finally walks up and we give each other a long familiar hug. He is warm, smells wonderful with a subtle cologne and just a smidge of sweat. I get to look into those goldish brown eyes that are so incredible, anyone would have the temptation to ask him to take his contacts out; for the exception he didn't wear any. His body was average sized, not too skinny and with a light muscular overtone. We talked a little bit more on our way to the gym where I was going to swim. I had waited so long for a day when I could just relax and paddle around without having to watch the clock. I go to the locker room while he waits outside. He wasn't much of a swimmer.

I come out a few minutes later with my one piece purple vintage style suit and my fluffy towel. He looks at me and gives that cute cheeky smile and we go to the pool. I get in and he just watches me while playing on his phone. After a day in his clinicals, he claims he is too tired to swim. After 45 minutes of swimming up and joking here and there, I get out and change. I get back into my regular clothes, nothing exciting. We walk around just talking about our lives, school, and general topics. After grabbing a drink and walking to his dorm building, we go in and cool down. His 2 roommates are in the living room talking on the phone and minding themselves getting ready to go out. He sets me up with his computer to play on while he showers and changes. He's a good host making sure I am comfortable laying on his bed and that the temperature is comfortable. I hear the other two laughing and carrying on. He gets some cups and a bottle of sweet whiskey, and sits next to me. We listen to some music and have a few sips here and there while listening. He finally gets everything situated and lays down next to me, putting his arm around my back and throwing his leg on my butt. Slowly we cuddle up to each other, and he says something intelligible in that adorable punjabi accent of his. I turn to ask him to repeat what he said, and he grabs my face and starts kissing me. His tongue pushes my mouth open and he gently guides my head down. I lay down and he kisses me more. He then gets up to move his computer and lays on top of me rubbing one hand up mt thigh, and shoving the other under my back. I had no intention of getting with him on our first get together, but he was so convincing and I just couldn't bring myself to say no. I tried, but his confidence and strength shut that voice up.

We get some more to drink and between the warmth of the drink, the sweet smell of it and his shower gel, it was impossible. He looked even sexier in his Harley Davidson bandana that he wore in place of his wrap when out, and his lounge t-shirt and shorts. We lay back down and he kisses his way down to the top of my jeans. I feel him unbutton them, then just rip them off with my panties. So quick and forceful. Not much foreplay at all which normally I love the romance. This was going to be hot karmic memorable sex. He takes his shirt off and I see that yummy carved chest and a hint of abs. His eyes change into this intense, focused animalistic color I have never seen before. It was as if hungry were a color. He takes my shirt off, gets his hands under my bra, then goes back and forth sucking each nipple. It was very delightful feeling his short beard all over my chest. He makes his way down to my legs and nuzzles into my pussy. His hands squeeze and part my lips. He sucks and kisses randomly then makes his way back up. He lays on his knees looking into my eyes and tells me to take my shirt and bra off. I lean up and do it, then he scoots up between my legs, puts his hand under my knees, and pushes in. It stung just a bit, but he was so smooth and I have just enough alcohol to make me focus only on how good it felt getting such a skillful lover. He went at a steady pace and I laid back and enjoyed his steady rhythm. He then keeps pushing and leans in to kiss me. I wrap my arm around his neck to hold on, the other rubs his cheek and goes down his back. He is speeding up and I cling harder to him. He's breathing into my ear and starting to sweat. It feels oddly sexy mixed with that long braid. He gets up and walks around the bed. He jerks my legs up and puts them on his shoulders. Pushing and pushing, he gets one hand down and starts rubbing my clit while he holds his head halfway in. I'm twisting and panting trying not to be too loud. I know his roommates already heard the bed shaking like crazy and my moaning. With one quick movement, he pulls out and tells me to come here. So I get up, and he turns me over across the bed. I'm getting pumped from behind and it's just bliss. He holds my hips together hard and just smacks my ass repeatedly with his whole pelvis. He stays in, then we slink up the mattress together and he puts my arms around his pillow, moves his down to my chest, then gets one boob in each hand as he resumes his endless humping. I felt the bed shifting so much I nearly suggested we move to the floor.

I was getting so light headed at this point I could barely see straight from the exhilaration of going at it for a solid hour. He just doesn't stop and once again, I am not complaining. He flips over, and then pulls me on top of him. He picks up his penis in one hand, then gently sets my hip down on it with the other hand. His hands grab at my thighs as I ride back and forth trying to give him anywhere near the pleasure he has given me. It wasn't long before he gets me on my back again and kisses me while pulling my legs completely apart to go in for the finish. He's in hard kissing me and biting my neck. He finally collapses and grunts. I see the condom fill up and I know he's done. We both sit there lightheaded and look at each other before I realize it's late and time for me to go home. After finishing getting dressed, he gets up, hugs and kisses me one last time, throws some clothes on too, then escorts me out front. The chlorine, his cologne, and sweat mixed together to make the smell of the best experience I will ever have.
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