Spicy Curry in a Dorm: Shower Day
We met and I gave him the biggest hug. We walked up to his dorm, and talked about our day and the past almost three weeks since we've seen each other. I kept looking at him as we walked and I couldn't wait to strip that very handsome suit off of him. We get in and continue our conversation. He tells me to make myself comfortable as he takes off and hangs his suit jacket up. He's down to his slacks and shoes and I say, "well actually, I was thinking we could...." I go into my bag and pull out my special pump soap that smells very seasonal and woody. He says, "oh, you want to shower with me? OK!" We both laugh and he goes to get us some vodka and glasses. We both enjoy being slightly tipsy when having sex to allow our inhibitions to lower and just feel the freedom of doing what we want.

We walk over to the window and watch the beautiful view over the university of the sun beginning to settle. He wraps his hands around my waist, pulls me in, and starts to kiss. He was gentle and I knew he was eager to get started. We both start undressing, then once naked we walk into the kitchen, he pours us both a glass, and we mull over the last school year, and what we both face in the next year. He tells me this may be his last week before leaving to (a state a few over) to finish hist tests and residency. I knew it was coming, but damn it I didn't want to face that the most perfect man I had met that kept me perfect company was going. We both were about to have our last hoorah, and needed to make it very special.

We stood there looking at each other's bodies, and he just comes over to me, takes my hand, and leads me to the shower. It is just a stall, bigger with a seat in it. We wait for the water to get to the right temperature and then he pulls me in. I grab the soap, put a few pumps into my hand, then begin rubbing it all over his firm chest and stomach. He is smirking the whole time as I work my way down and he pushes me to the back of the stall. He kisses me again and rubs his entire front against mine getting me all soapy. He puts more in his hands and massages my breasts. They are grabbed, squeezed, smooshed, and nipples pinched for a minute, then turns me around. He rubs his entire front against my back and I can feel his penis flopping against my cheeks. He rubs it up and down in my crack, then takes it and pushes in. He is holding my breasts now and goes at a slow rhythm, nice and deep. He starts leaning in more and lays his head on my shoulder. This is both our first time showering with someone, and it is going splendidly. I feel him pull out, and he turns me back around. He enters me again, and I put my foot up on the seat. I know he really wants to get on that seat, and so do I. Surprisingly enough, he pulls me out of the shower, and pulls me over to the window. He sits down and tells me to get in his lap. I kneel down, and center his head in my hole, then push on. He rubs my thighs and holds on as I slink up and down, then rotate forward and back, and then round and round. I reach back to play with his balls as I ride and he begins moaning a little. This was the first time I had confidence in my skills being on top. I stroked his arms and held onto them as I moved all round on him. After a few minutes, he leans me forward and sucks on my nipple. He goes back and forth, just sucking and nibbling, then he tells me to lay down. I get on my knees and he lays on top while pulling my ass up. He gets in my ass and just sits there stretching it. It hurts some, but I love his sack just resting there, his stomach resting on my back completely warm and firm. He gently goes in and out, then gets faster and more wreckless. After stretching me out, he alternates between my pussy making sure both are well worked.

We both keep our buzz going with a few more sips, then back to getting more wet and quite literally slipping and sliding over each other. He sits down and pulls me on top of him. The water is beating my chin and chest as I grab his knees and ride him. Up and down I can hear the water making our skin stick together and create a suction effect. I manage to get through 10 minutes before my thighs needed a rest. He holds me on top biting my shoulder and neck fully erect while I catch my breath. Of course he goes back to being insatiable and takes me by my hair, pushes my hand down, and slide down kissing him until I get a hold of his cock and push it in my mouth. I go in and out and gag on it. I squeeze his cute little brown cheeks as I suck and gag and massage. He sits back down and I squat continuing choking him down. He loves seeing me convulse and hearing me gag. I spent 20 minutes just bobbing my head back and forth. His playing with my hair and gripping it more is his signal he's getting harder and is gearing up for slamming me and releasing an incredibly large amount of cum built up over a few weeks. I follow him heading up to suck on his earlobe and kiss his neck. I rub him while biting him and his hands slide all over my breast, my ass, anything. I nibble my way back down on him and resume his whole cock down my throat. I love the sucking, the constant gagging, the grabbing his balls over and over. We have been going at each other for over an hour now. He brings me up, sits me down, and puts my tits together. He starts fucking them and we look at each other. I feel him wrap his hands around mine as I tighten up. I lean my head down and his head hits my tongue and lips. He takes over and gets ready to spray all over my chest. I lean back and we look at each other as he swells up, pinches one nipple, and releases. Ge sits down and takes one hand laying it on my ass, and the other rubs me. All over my lips, in them, then he finds my clit. He rubs and rubs as fast as he can and I grab on while my knees bend and I moan with those two fingers jiggling everything out. He knows I'm about to cum, and stops.

He washes me off, and then it's back to bending me over in the stall. He gets in my pussy and I bounce off the walls again and again. More soap, more pounding, then we towel off and head over to the bed. He bends me over, puts my legs together, then slips back in. He cups both tits, and now I get to to cum. He goes in deep, then gives his quick little pushes hitting just inside my cervix. I get tighter and tighter as he lifts me up and pounds harder until I feel it build up. He pulls out ans we both clean up and get dressed. We lay down and rest together cuddling. There was some sliding our hands down each others pants and I of course needed him in my mouth more, but it was slow and almost like a snack at that point.
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