I was casually walking through a meadow. The sun was shining and the breezes
were playfully bending the plants. The air was fresh and birds were singing
cheerfully as they swooped from tree branch to branch. As I walked along I saw
across the meadow a body lying prone. The green grass was long and cane up and to feather against the milky white skin.. The body didn't seem to be moving. I hastened my steps across the silent meadow toward the body worried about what I may find. As I approached I could see the shadows from the swaying trees dancing across her body. My eyes scanned over her, looking for signs of life. Her blond hair was spread out in a fan in the lush green grass around her head. Her eyes were closed; her lush red lips are plump and healthy looking. I breathed a sigh of relief and stopped walking. I did not want to interrupt the vision that was displayed before me. My eyes strayed from her face and lower. Her breasts rose from her body as two luscious mounds. The long grass wisped up around her body kissing her hardened nipples as it trembled in the slight breeze. Her stomach was concave and quivered under the bright sunlight. I finally tore my eyes away from her breasts. The sight was delightful, but I wanted to explore the rest of her body. My gaze fell upon her hips, and that is when I noticed that they were slightly undulating against the hard ground. Her left arm was resting on her hip. I followed the long line of her arm to her fingers. I couldn't see her fingertips as they were buried within her dewy body. Her fingers were coated with her body juices that dripped copiously from her pussy. My breathing quickened and I could feel my body move within my clothing as I took in her wanton figure. Her clit was so enlarged that I could see it protruding from between the folds of her body. I could see her breath catch as her finger slipped out of her wet pussy and over that clit. I licked my lips. I wanted to taste so badly.

I was afraid to move, I was afraid that if she would notice my presence that she would stop, yet I was imbued with a burning need to move closer. I wanted to smell and taste her warmth. That second desire won out and I moved forward in the grass. I shouldn't have worried; she was so lost in the sensations pouring through her body that she didn't even notice my presence. I could hear her small whimpers as she pleasured herself with her fingers. My mind didn't even register the hard ground as my knees hit the ground as I knelt beside her. I could smell the unique scent of her womanhood waft up on the slight breeze. My breath left my body in a whoosh as I lost control. I leaned forward. I could feel the heat radiating off of her body. My tongue darted out and I could feel her hot burning juices against my tongue. It was tangy and sweet all at the same time. I was in heaven. I waited for her to push me away. The sound of her moans rippling through the meadow emboldened me. I dipped my tongue into her tight warmth more forcefully. My fingers reached up and flicked across her clit. She was pure sunlight and heaven in my hands. I didn't want to stop. I didn't have to stop. She lay there. Her body quivered under my ministrations. Her body exploded against my lips. Her body arched against mine. My body ached. It was a delicious ache. My body hummed with need. I could feel my cock twitching against the fabric of my pants. I delighted in the sexual thirst that roared within me. I continued to lose myself in her body.

I was truly not expecting what came next. I felt her hand reach out and grasp my cock. The fabric between her hand and my body brushed against my skin giving just enough friction to cause me to gasp. I wanted more. I didn't raise my head. I decided to let her set the pace. My tongue continued to lathe over her body, worshiping her. I wasn't disappointed. Within seconds her hands had worked their way past the constraints of my loose shorts. The dual sensation of feeling of hot sun beating down upon my hard cock and feeling her cool hands upon my skin was something I will never forget. I breathed deeply, trying to force myself to calm down and enjoy the moment. Her hands rippled over my body, alternately teasing and stroking. Could I get any harder? But yet, it kept happening. I was harder than I had ever been in my life. I throbbed and ached with need. Beads of sweat broke out on my forehead as I tried to maintain my composure, even as her hands pulled me closer and closer to the edge. I wanted more though. I wanted it all.

I'm sure she could feel the need for more vibrating through my body. After all, my body was heavy and throbbing in her hand. Suddenly her hand was gone. For that split second I was filled with the most utter despair at not being able to fulfill my most basic want. I shouldn't have worried. She was quick to move, grasping my arms she quickly pushed me back onto the ground. The scent of the warm ground and green grass wafted up around as she rapidly covered my body with her own. I looked up into her gorgeous face as she lowered her body onto mine. I wanted to groan and close my eyes as her body engulfed me. Oh my word, she was incredibly tight as she slowly pressed her body down upon me. Her wetness coated me. I maintained eye contact even as my body shuddered at the sensations that were ricocheting through my body. Her sensuous grin lit up her face as she began to rock her hips gently against me. I reached up and grasped her hips pulling her tighter against me with each rock. Our movements became more fevered as our bodies demanded release. My cock ached to cum. I needed to cum so bad but was determined to wait for her. I reached between our bodies and pressed my finger against her clit. That was all it took. The walls of her pussy tightened around me with a vice like grip that had me gasping. Then she started to spasm and convulse against my body. I couldn't hold off long once her body was squeezing me so tightly. I could feel the cum as it erupted from my body. The feeling of her pussy filling up with my hot cum made me cum even harder. I came like I have never cum before; her body still poised over me riding and rocking against me.

When I woke up, the meadow was filled with the golden hues of sunset. The grass waved and shimmered at my eye level as I lay there. I immediately remembered where I was. How could I forget the incredible session of passion that had occurred here in this meadow? I turned to reach for her body. And that's when I realized that I was alone.

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