Split Decision
I stood there between the two of them not sure what to do or say. They had caught me in my lie, the one that I had been telling the both of them. The air was filled with feelings of hurt, betrayal and love, the last was in serious jeopardy of leaving the room and letting the other two take over. I didn't know what to do when I saw them and want them both and I don't know what to do now that it looks like I will lose them both...

My name is Quinn I am a bi man,and had have relationships with both men and women for the last five years after coming out to myself at 25. I admitted to myself that there was something about a man sexually that turned me on and made me feel whole. I didn't give up women because with them sex was the sex thing to heaven for me; I just carefully danced between them both. Never once letting the other know what was going on using lies and omissions, until I joined Firehouse 21.

I met Scott two days after reporting to my job at the Fire house 21 where he was a 1Lt. in the squad. I was attracted to him as soon as I laid eyes on him. Scott was 6ft tall rugged trim muscular in build and looks, with dark blond hair that he worn in a military style... high and tight. His blue grey eyes were clear and focused and you always knew you had his attention by the way he would look at you with those eyes. When he looked at me I knew that I had to have him, whether he was bi, gay or straight. I knew it was presumption of me but ... I in my own defense had never felt like that about anyone and thought that I never would.

I approached him first in hopes of friendship at least which he seemed interested in. Being a part of a squad you all develop close relationships as you come to depend on each other to have your back and to get the job done. After a few months of fighting fires together and depending on each other, Scot and I started spending time together doing guy things. Go to the games, poker night and evening double dating. Up to this point I had never made a move on him or even gave him any inkling that I was interested in him other than a friend. The one night after we had a 4some with the two women who were nurses at the local hospital that we were dating at the time things got wild and boundaries were crossed.

We went from fucking the girls to sucking each other. The women were both bi and had no problem with what Scott and I were doing in fact they had gone into a 69 before I had even approached Scott. He laid on the king size bed in a daze state as he was going down from his latest orgasm. He had fucked his date doggy style while she licked my date's pussy as she sucked my cock.

We had tried many combinations over the weeks we had been dating and even had switch off and fucked the others date with and without the other being present. So it was just a matter of time before that line was crossed and it happened that night we had gotten together with the women after having horrible day. The Firehouse had been called into report to a fire and lives have been lost one was that of a little girl and her teenage brother. It is always hard when anyone dies but when it kids it really hard. So we were all taking it hard and sought out ways to deal and sex was our way.

Scott had the women meet us at his house and we spent the next hours fucking ourselves stupid. After breaks for food and showers not all in that order. It was in the wee hours of the morning that Scott and I found ourselves at the line and we crossed it together. As the women were deep into their oral feasting on each other pussy, Scott and I started touching one another. Our movements at first were slow and searching for acceptance, a touch of the face was greeted with a smile then a hand place on a muscular thigh not far from a stiff cock was not pushed away. We advanced on each other in the same slow manner that we had started, but it was the kiss that brought the last of the boundaries down.

At first the kiss was soft and gentle but it quickly turned passion as Scott grabbed put his hand behind my head and pulled me to him. I willingly returned the passion as I all put climb on to his body. The ladies had cum and were asleep wrapped up in each other arms lying on the rug near the bed. How they got down there I don't remember, but it was just fine as Scott and I took over the bed. We laid down facing each other, looking into each other eyes our hand randomly stroking touching each other still testing the waters. As I would find out later that this was the first time for Scott being with another man wasn't sure as what to do and not do. I realized that I needed to take over and guide... teaches him the ways to fuck man.

Taking my time as I wanted it to be memorable for him so much so that he would want a repeat performance, I started kissing him. Not with the searching kisses as before but now with a purpose, to seduce him... to make him feel and know that he was wanted. I listened to him moan and felt his body raise to me my touch as I started down his neck, kissing and sucking lightly on his skin. His cock sticking out from his body was my destination but I took my time getting there.

I continue with teeth and lips turning him into a withering mass of flesh underneath me. Sucking his tan nipples into my mouth one at a time teasing them with my teeth and tongue His eyes were all but rolling back in his head when I reached his cock. His skin was now covered with a thin sheen of sweat and his hair what there was of it laid plaster wet to his scalp. The scent of sex had been in the air all evening, but now seems stronger as we contribute or own to it.

Now positioning myself between his legs with his impressive cock sticking straight up in the air massage his thighs as I looked down with hungry eyes at the man laying before me at he was offering. We looked at each other, he laying there with his arms laying high above his head as his body was in motion underneath my hands. I was giving him last change out, a chance to stop things before they go beyond what we have done so far. He said nothing as I looked down at him, leaving me to feel that I needed to put into words what I was asking him.

"Scott, do you want to continue?," I asked as my hands worked their way up his thighs.

He said nothing just nodded his head yes as he looked at me with feverous eyes.

I slid the bulbous head of his cock which was now a deep purplish red between my lips and into my mouth followed by the rest of his length and girth. Having good control of my gag reflex I swallowed him up to the base of his cock resting my chin of his balls sack. I held him there allowing for his body as well as my own to adjust to the experience...then I started. With a contraction of my throat muscles I started a slowly warm wet pull back from the base to the head of his cock which I kept in my mouth and gave it a swirl with my tongue. Then I started rubbing the sensitive space between the base of his cock and balls. Scott started making sounds that sounded like he was trying to say my name and moan at the same time.

He sunk his hands in my hair grabbing my head as I fuck him with my mouth. Tightly gripping his ass cheeks I let my desire for him take over as massage him with my throat and mouth over and over again. Pushing him toward releasing his essence into my mouth and hands as alternated between sucking his cock and his balls. It was when I was getting ready to alternate that he held my head in place and started to fuck my mouth. Shoving his rod iron cock down my throat in quick aggressive moves I could feel him swelling in sizes.

I could hear him saying over and over again among other sound fuck fuck fuck fuck. I relaxed and let him have his way and then he started to cum ... Ramming his cock into my mouth he came shooting cumm down my throat as I held on to his ass cheeks. I drunk from him until his cock started to go soft and he had collapsed back on to the bed moaning softly. I released his cock from my mouth and lay on my side next to him on the bed. Still not sure how I would be received by him I held my breath and waited and the wait was not long. Scott turn toward me and kissed me tasting him on my lips and in my mouth as he pulled me to him. The kiss was passionate and the embraces were acceptance, we laid in each other arms talking softly until we both drifted off to sleep.

We never saw the nurses again; it seems that they are a couple now. Scot and I have moved in together and there have been many nights of passion since that time each time cross another boundary. In one passionate night after sucking me off, Scott said that he wanted me to fuck him in the ass. This was the last physical barrier between us with few mental ones left. I wanted him relax for what was to come so I suggested a shower and then a sit in the sauna. Scott agreed to it all and as I bath him in the large shower that was part of the bathroom suite I could feel the last of the tension leave with the soap as I rinsed him off.

Using the detachable shower head I had Scott bend over and spread his legs as I set the shower head to a tight fast burst of water and directed at his pink puckered asshole. Then I moved it down to his balls and had him almost climbing the tile walls as the water pressure and heat from the shower head beat against him. I alternated between balls and asshole until he came held on to the wall to keep standing as his orgasm road him. I then got down behind him and pushed his ass cheeks apart and rimmed his asshole repeatedly with my tongue.. Scott was now panting like he was running all out as prepared him what was to come next.

Using the tube of lube that I had brought into the shower with me, I squirted a nice size glob onto his asshole and started working it in with my fingers. Slowly I slid one finger than two with my goal being 3 of my fingers into his asshole at the same time until I had him relaxed and stretched enough to receive me. I slid the head of my cock up against the entrance first then pushed in slowly stopping to give Scott a chance to adjust to new feeling and the pain that I am sure he was feeling as he was being stretched. I wanted to give him time to learn that the pain would pass into a pleasure that he had never known before.

As I slide deeper into him the warmth and tightness of him surrounding me causing me to fight to keep my control, which I needed to keep him safe and enjoying the experience. Once I was in him as far as I could go I held him close with his back to my front as we slowly began one. Then I started to move in and out of Scott body slowly as the shower continued to pound on us. Soon I found a rhythm that was good for both of us as I moved in and out of Scott's tight ass. He used his arms to keep himself up off the wall and at an angle that as I increased the speed that I was sliding in an out of his body.

The feeling of him wrapped around my cock was quickly building to a point that I was losing control. My ability to not fall into my desire and fuck him like I wanted to slipped but Scott caught me as he started pushing back into me as I pushed into him. All that could be heard in the shower was the beating of the water against our skin punctuated without heavy breathing, moaning and our bodies, skin to skin slamming together. I found myself biting Scott shoulder as I felt my orgasm coming at me on waves of unbridled passion.

Scott would most definitely be sore later as we both gave into our orgasm as it tried to make us into one with each joining. Scott came first screaming and moaning as he shot a long stream of thick cum against the tile shower wall so hard that it bounced back on to him. I came seconds later biting into his shoulder as I felt the tremendous push for release in my balls ... all over my body in fact. As my hips shot forward shooting cumm into Scott's ass I screamed my release into the air as I was hit after wave and wave of spine shaking release.

Somehow we finished the shower and found our way to my bed and fell into it together but separately. Once there we found our space and fell into sleep, sometime later we woke and we talked. Scott and I talked about ourselves and what we had done. There was no shame there between us and with a kiss we agreed to continue.

So during work hours we did the job that was set before fighting fires and serving the public,but during days off and evenings we sought the pleasure of each other. Then one day I was hurt at a home fire and was sent to the hospital with a second degree burn on my right hand. I was placed in a room to wait for a doctor, in meantime the nurse came in and started to prep me. I was in pain and had barely noticed the nurse until she started taking care of my hand.

With my eyes closed to focus on controlling the pain I listen to her voice, her sweet voice that calmed my nerves. I opened my eyes as the doctor came in and look the nurse in the face. I forgot my pain and where I was I just saw her. Her name is Allisie,with eyes the color of warm amber set in a face of smooth silky deep tan, lips full and invited as she looked up at me and smiled with dimples. Her dark brown hair was thick and curly help back by a large hair clip. As the doctor treated my hand, I talked to Allisie and I fell into her as she fell into me..... Damn, I am fucked!!!

To be continued.........

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