Spread Eagle I
I opened the door and there was my fantasy! She was standing in a spread eagle stance in the middle of the room, restrained, blindfolded and a bandana tied loosely through her mouth. The straps around her wrists brought her arms overhead. The rod between her legs had straps that kept her feet apart and her womanhood completely exposed. She was as beautiful and as sexy as I've ever seen, with dark hair and skin so smooth except for the goose bumps that began to appear. The room was warm, but the draft from me opening the door must have caused her skin to tighten and her nipples to harden. Or was it simply the sexual tension within the room?

I stepped forward for a closer look. She has lush lips with bright glossy red lipstick. I lightly ran my finger across the top of her lip. She quickly breathed in and reacted, but didn't retreat. I reached up and placed my hands on the soft underside of her arms and very lightly ran them down, just outside her breast. I caressed further, down her sides, over her hips, grasping her firm rounded glutes slightly before moving down the back of her legs. Now I'm eye level with her pussy lips which are glistening in the light. I wonder if I want to tease her more but I'm not sure I can resist tasting her. I lean in and smell the faint hint of patchouli along with her own muskiness. I begin to lick ever so slightly, only in an upward motion. Each flick brings a moan. I notice her head moving back in pleasure. When I place my finger firmly to the G-spot I begin to flick my tongue more rapidly. I have her now, she's moving to the point of being lost in the ecstasy. I stop.

I stand and remove her gag and kiss her - softly at first, but our passion moves us to deeply exploring each other's mouths with her taste still all over mine. Our breathing increases as if we are working much harder than we are - the excitement is still growing. I pull her to me and realize I'm still dressed. I quickly remove my clothing and pull her to me again. I begin nipping at her neck and move down to draw in her nipple. I squeeze one and suck the other, while my free hand finds her clitoris. I am now stimulating all three areas. She explodes in an orgasm. She desires to go limp, but realizes she is still restrained. I want to play some more before I have her. I move behind her tickling her front with my hands and kissing the back of her neck. She is extremely reactive to the tickling. Her ticklishness has intensified since her orgasm. She is moving to get away but can't. She is moaning. I remove her blindfold and we look each into each other - seeing only desire. "Do you want me?" I ask. She nods and whispers yes.

I move in front of her, so fully exposed and slide in. It becomes like athletics having her in a standing position, but so raw. Rough, but tender. I hold her tight as I ram in and out, in and out. I can hold out no longer; my legs begin to tremble as my mounting orgasm has just passed my point of no return. I feel her tighten her grip on me and I cum in loads. I hold her, now wishing she could return the favor. I kiss her again. Slowly I move away and admire her. I know this is where it ends. Breathless and spent, I put my clothes on, thank her and exit the room.
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