It was hot. I gathered my towel, sun blocker and a bottle of drink. The ride to Tom's place was exhausting because he lived at the top of the hill. It was good to think of how easy it would be to get home. When I arrived I was surprised to see that the drive way was empty. I knocked at the door and hoped he was home. I waited for a while. No one came to the door. Disappointed I got on my bike and was about to leave when I heard a voice.

"Hello?" I turned on my bike and looked. In the open doorway a woman stood.

"Hello," I replied.

"Are you here to see Tom? I'm his mother's friend." She was fat.

"I'm Robert, I was hoping Tom would be home."

"I'm sorry, Robert, Tom has gone with his Mum and Dad to visit his grandparents. They won't be back until tomorrow. She came out of the house.

"Ok, I said, I guess I'd better go home then." I began to leave.

"Do you know anything about swimming pools?" she asked. I stopped. She was very fat.

"A little," I said.

"I am supposed to be looking after it while they're away and I think I've made a mistake."

"OK," I replied.

"Could you come and have a look with me please?" She was grossly obese.

"OK." I got off my bike and we went round the side of the house to look. I followed her and listened to her legs rubbing together. There was a strong smell of chlorine as I rounded the house.

"I chlorinated the pool, but I think I've used too much," she said. I followed her to the shed and she showed me. "I put this much in," she said, holding out a bucket to me, squashing her breasts together so that they looked in danger of flowing over her upper arms and falling. I knew it was far too much. When I'd seen Tom do it he only used a scoop. We looked at the pool and it looked toxic.

"I was hoping to have a swim today," she said.

"Me too," I agreed.

"I know. We could come out thoroughly bleached and blond if we got in there. Would you like a drink?" she asked. Together we went inside and drank cordial at the kitchen table while talking about the weather. She fanned herself with a sheet of paper and wobbled as we talked.

"The air conditioner isn't working either," she complained.

"Not good," I agreed.

"I'm too old to be running around under a garden sprinkler," she laughed.

"You're never too old," I said to her.

"You think so?" she asked.

"Of course." I tried to be convincing.

"I wouldn't want to be on my own," she said, looking at me.

"Don't worry, I'll join you," I said, wondering whether I'd lost my marbles.

"Okay, I'll go and change." I didn't think she would be interested. I was speechless with surprise.

"Perhaps you could find a sprinkler while you're waiting," she suggested. I went to the garden shed and looked, wondering what I was doing. It had been eighteen years since I was two. I found a sprinkler and set it up in the middle of the lawn. I turned on the hose and saw the water thrown up around the sprinkler, it looked delightful. I started to strip off and suddenly realized, I'd forgotten to put my bathers on.

"Whoo hoo," she shouted as she ran into the sprinkler. Her breasts heaved around and other unidentified pieces of flesh jostled inside her black, one piece bathing suit. She pranced, her arms flailed around and she laughed.

"Aren't you going to join me?" she shouted.

"I can't," I replied. She stopped.

"Why not?"

"I've forgotten my bathers."

"Who cares? You've got under duds on, haven't you?"


"Well, they'll do. It's not a fashion parade and you did promise."

"Okay." I stripped to my underpants and ran in under the sprinkler spray. I felt very silly but she held her hand out to me and hand in hand we ran a few laps around the sprinkler. My underpants were very loose and threatened to fall down. My dick jumped around more than was respectable. She ran and jumped over the sprinkler. I followed and she watched as I did. She did it again and I followed. My cock flopped around as I did and I was very self conscious. We ran through the sprinkler a few more times and I thought she watched my cock with increasing interest as I did. I went and sat on the sprinkler - it felt funny as the water massaged my recesses.

"Hey, I want to do that," she said, and as she laughed she pushed me off the sprinkler. I got up off the lawn and approached, she was monopolizing all the water. From behind I tried to push her, but she was slippery and too heavy to move. She was like a mountain. It was fun, we were laughing, and I wasn't trying that much. Fighting a lady wasn't my idea of fun but a gentle wrestle was okay. I went round in front of her and tried to grab her hands. She stood, I stepped back, slipped, and suddenly I was on my back while she sat on my chest. I looked up and her face was framed by her breasts. I bucked my hips and she slid down my body to weigh me down. My under duds were sliding down too. She couldn't see and for the moment it was okay. She leaned forward and tickled me. I laughed and tried to buck her off.

"Ticklish are we?" she asked with a beaming smile. I tried to buck her off again, her breasts wobbled and she moved down to sit over my hips. She wriggled to be more comfortable and my cock was trapped in her furrow. She tickled again and I wriggled around. My cock moved up and down in her covered furrow and as I bucked to get her off I could feel her heat through the fabric of her one piece bathing suit. As I worked to escape, breathless, I realized that my cock wasn't covered, my under duds were down to my knees and there was a problem with growth.

"Please stop," I asked, still rolling, bucking and laughing. She thought it was funny and tickled me more. My cock went up and down in her furrow, erect and probing. I was both embarrassed and thrilled. I didn't know what to do as I laughed uncontrollably, trying to escape but enjoying her contact. I bucked again and could feel my cock being caught by the gusset of her one piece. I looked down and fortunately it was hidden under her. She tickled me again.

"Tickle, tickle," she said, her face covered in a smile as I rolled and tried to get out from under her.

"Tickle, tickle," she repeated. I was having trouble breathing. She was holding my arms out above me. She adjusted her posture, my cock safely nestled in the warmth of her furrow. I was rolling around, couldn't control it.

"Tickle tickle," her breasts wobbled and shook as I tried to escape, bucking my hips as my cock slid up and down. I managed to coordinate enough to arch my back and lift her up. She slid down my body to sit on my thighs as she tickled me more. I couldn't see but I knew that if she looked she's see my cock. I was worried. I stopped moving, hoping she'd adjust to sit where she had been before. Instead she moved further down and sat on my knees.

"Oh! Look! More to tickle, she said as she looked down and her fingers teased my testicles. I couldn't stop laughing.

"You know, magpies come and hunt for worms here every morning. They'd fight over this one. It's so big and juicy. I don't want them to get it. I bet this one does tricks!" I lay, propped on my elbows so that I could see. My cock was twitching. She was massaging my balls. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, I couldn't see well. Her weight on my knees kept me in place.

"I bet he can lift weights," she said with a giggle. She plucked a blade of grass from the lawn and placed it on my cock. It twitched in response.

"See, it lifted a whole blade of grass at least an inch!" She plucked another blade of grass and placed it alongside the first. Again my cock twitched and raised the grass. She giggled and gave me a tickle.

"I bet it can lift ten times that," she said and started plucking more blades of grass. She carefully placed them on my cock and watched as it responded. When it had lifted twenty blades of grass she clapped her hands together.

"See! A power lifting super worm! He definitely deserves to be protected from the magpies," and she closed a hand around him. "I wonder if there is an event for him in the Olympics? There should be. He would win for sure. He's a very handsome worm." She fondled him, moved him around and examined him. Her weight on my knees was becoming painful. The spray from the sprinkler kept getting in my eyes.

"I've heard that worms can spit. Is that true?" She looked at me earnestly, and gave me more tickles. "Perhaps we can see him clean and jerk." She took the grass off. "There we are. He's clean. Now for the jerk." She gave me another tickle and moved down off my knees, which was a lot more comfortable but her weight on my shins still kept me in place. I was worried. I wondered what she was planning but also knew. I simply couldn't believe it. One hand closed around my testicles and the other around my cock. "I know clean and jerk is an Olympic event but is there a spitting worm event?" she asked innocently. Her hands were busy. I tried to grab her hands but she put her hand out, pushed me back and gave my testicles a painful squeeze.

"Perhaps you're getting a little ahead of the program, dear. The snatch is the next event." She tickled me again. "At the moment we're concentrating on the jerk." She held my balls and lifted herself to sit on my knees again. She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it. "Stay still and I won't tickle you, okay?" she asked. She pressed herself down more firmly on my knees.

"Okay," I agreed.

"We're trying to find out about spitting worms, okay?"

"Okay," I agreed again. Anything to give my knees a rest and keep my testicles". The sprinkler continued to throw water over us.

She started to stroke again. My cock was twitching and hot in spite of the water and the pain in my knees. She had her hand firmly around it and stroked quickly. Her fat body bounced in discordant parts as she worked. Obviously, she was interested in getting to the next event, I thought, and wondered what the snatch entailed. I lay there with an anxious anticipation that it would be interesting and certainly different.

I could feel her stimulation working its little miracles which were building into a release. I hoped that, though it wasn't my doing, it was what she was expecting. I didn't want to shock or offend. It was an odd feeling, the rain of the sprinkler fell on us to cool while she was generating heat. The heat was getting hotter and the feeling of irretrievability arrived. My cock was hard and throbbing when it suddenly shot a rope up my chest.

"Oh! It's true. Worms do spit!" she said. "I wonder if there's more." And her hand continued to stroke while the one holding my balls squeezed. More ropes shot out.

"Wonderful," she said. "I thought there would be more." She continued to stroke until there was no more. "Definitely a candidate for the spitting worm competition, now we have to find out whether there is such an event." I couldn't think of anything to say, I was embarrassed and the pain in my knees was more pressing. She got off me and towered over me as she stood.

"Aren't you going to get up? She asked.

"My knees are too sore," I admitted.

"Okay, when you do, can you turn the sprinkler off please?" She then turned, and left me. It took ages for my legs to work. Eventually I turned off the sprinkler, dried myself and got dressed. I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't really want to see her again. I sneaked around the side of the house, got on my bike and left.

Next day at work, I saw Tom. I asked how he was.

"Not so good," he said. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that over the weekend they had gone to be with his grandparents as his grandfather was ill. While away someone had robbed the house and taken so much stuff. The strange thing was, he said, they used the shower and even watered the lawn. I didn't know what to say and said nothing apart from expressing my surprise.

Surprise was an understatement. I had been in a state of shock ever since my encounter with the fat woman and what Tom said added to my unmentionable embarrassment.

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