St. Augustine Pier
What a wonderful time of the year

To fuck under the St. Augustine pier

Holding hands walking to the water's edge

Our love for each other we solemnly pledge

Crowds of people have flocked to this site

It should feel wrong but it feels so right

We are under the pier looking for a nice spot

I have a blanket ready 'cause the sand is hot

The perfect spot gave the crowd a birds eye view

A show of how lovers become one and screw

Our movements looked like a well rehearsed dance

The breaking of the waves a companion for romance

With him on his back and me on top humping

My cervix with his hard cock he was bumping

We were making all the sounds of our pleasure

The thrill and excitement was beyond measure

He flipped me over and deeply kissed my lips

While pulling me down towards him by my hips

Over his shoulders my legs he placed

While he dove into my pussy full faced

He licked my wet pussy up and down

I squirted so much I thought he would drown

He then kissed my lips to let me taste my sweet cum

While he was rubbing my clit with his thumb

I was moaning and screaming oh my God Sam

When he shoved 2 fingers in I gushed like a dam

I had a screaming orgasm that took my breath away

The crowds gather around to see if I was in dismay

Now it was time for me to pleasure my loving man

The crowd wouldn't deter me and the floor show began

I stroked his hard cock with my right hand

I wanted to take him to the promised land

I straddled him with my ass to his face

I lowered my mouth and sucked at a steady pace

I felt his tongue exploring my crack and hole

His love I felt deep down into my soul

His pre cum was dripping from the tip of his cock

So I sucked him harder & deeper like we were on the clock

Caressing and squeezing his balls did the trick

The cum shot down my throat from his pulsating dick

It came out with such force it dripped down my chin

I rubbed it on my breasts because it's good for the skin

He laughed and we ran to the water to clean up our mess

The water was cold and my nipples got hard I must confess

We cleaned off each other of the sand and the muck

And before you know it we were beginning to fuck

My arms were around his neck and my legs around his waist

His cock was going in and out at a most relaxing pace

We noticed others were fucking to the same beat

When Sam and I make love, life is so very sweet

Where we became one and it shall not be forgot

He carved our initials and date on the spot.
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