St. Paul
She'd never been farther west then the Mississippi but here she was boarding a plane for St. Paul. She had little idea what was supposed to happen once she landed. She knew that a car would be waiting to take her to the meeting place, and she was supposed to ask for the key at the front desk of whatever hotel she arrived at. She didn't know who she was meeting, and she couldn't have been more ready for this. It was if her entire life she'd waited for this trip.

If they had met any other way she would have turned him down in an instant. She was lonely and was caught off guard and he was waiting for someone adventures enough to except his proposition. So it happened and she was flying half across the country for a steamy one night affair with a man she had only briefly talked to online. She never once doubted his authenticity nor did she wonder what would happen. She trusted him. Blindly trusted without thought. It was a primal urge that drove her to get on that plane and fly the thousand miles and meet him. It was that same urge that made her get into the waiting car. And a raging lust that made her walk into that hotel, get the key, and open the door that held so many secrets.

He was there, sitting in a chair by the window watching her a glass of brandy sweating in his hand. She let the door close behind her as she watched his every move. He set down the brandy, and he stood. He was taller then she had imagined, broader too. But his age was spot on, she expected the graying hair at this temples and the crows feet around his eyes. She didn't expect how incredibly handsome he was standing in a white button down and a pair of black slacks.

It was as if they we're frozen in time, each staring at each other's bodies comparing what they had thought. She never told him she was so young or beautiful. Her dark hair hung at her shoulders curling slightly from the humidity. Her large dark eyes were doe like in appearance and her lips were full. Her skin seemed to glow in the light falling on her from the overcast light coming through the window. As they stared the strap from her dress slid off her shoulder as if to tell her that this is what she was waiting for and that it was time.

She dropped her bag and slowly took a step toward him. Her entire body was trembling with anticipation, she wanted his touch, she wanted his lips on hers. She wanted him inside her. And he was more then happy to give her everything she wanted. He walked toward her, he couldn't wait any longer. His lips met her's before his touch did. They stood lip to lip eyes closed in wonder and passion for only a moment before her hands found their way to the buttons at his neck and his fingers unzipped her dress from the back. She dropped her hands a moment to let the straps fall off her arms then raised them and unbuttoned the last button on his shirt. She pushed the fabric from his shoulders neither one of them ever pulling away from the kiss that held them together. Her dress fell at the same time his shirt did leaving them both slightly more exposed. He pulled away for a moment to examine her body. She only had on black lacy bra and matching thong. As he watched her she sank to her knees and unbuckled his belt her fingers grazing his package. He was already hot and hard, ready to go. It sprung from his pants the moment she pulled them down. She loved the sight of it. She guessed it was around 9 inches bigger then she'd had before, and thicker. She licked her lips and put them to the tip. Her hot breath made him tremble for a moment but he regained composer just in time for her to draw his penis into her mouth. His breath quickened as she licked and sucked the entire length. His eyes rolled back and he thought to himself 'no gag reflex'. A smile formed at his lips as he turned to lay on the bed. Her lips never left his dick as he moved to the bed. She placed one hand at the base of his dick and another on his balls. She massaged his balls gently at first pushing him farther and farther into bliss.

He couldn't take it anymore, he needed to know what it felt like inside her. He needed to feel her tight pussy wrapped around his dick, he needed it now. He didn't have time to lick her pussy like he had planned, he never knew she would be so good that she would unknowingly have taken control. He gently pushed her mouth away from his dick. He pulled her mouth to his as he got on top of her. She started to pull off her thong but he couldn't wait. He grabbed the soft material and pushed it aside to enter her.

This was everything she had dreamed for and more. It wasn't the man, or the power she had over him it was the sex. He pushed his dick inside her almost forcing her legs apart. His dick filled her, she'd never felt anything like it before. Her breath quickened as he fucked her harder and harder. Their bodies were so close together. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he trusted even deeper inside her. She moaned loudly as he kissed her neck and breathed into her ear. His hand reached behind her back and finally unhooked her bra exposing her breasts. They ached for his touch and he didn't disappoint. His thumb skillfully rolled over her nipple causing her yet another rush of blood to everywhere simulated. She scratched at his back and bit his neck to keep from exploding right then. She wanted to delay her pleasure so she could orgasm when he did. She didn't have long to wait.

He fucked her faster, thrusting with everything he had. He couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. Her nails in his back and her breath and teeth against his neck. His orgasm had been building and he didn't have the strength to hold on much longer. He knew she could feel his dick throbbing inside her because he could feel the release of her muscles as she prepared to cum. He thrust inside her only a few more times before he exploded filling her pussy with his cum. She screamed out as she came with him, holding on to him so tightly.

Their bodies shook together for a few moments before he pulled out of her rolling to the side. They laid there gasping for breath. She pulled the waiting blanket over her and she turned toward him not knowing what to do next. He gathered her in his arms and pulled her close to him as they both drifted off to sleep.

When she woke she was alone but not all of his things we're gone. Under this brandy glass there was a note and another plane ticket. "We'll meet again." The ticket wasn't for her to go home, it was for her to fly to Hawaii.
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