He watched as she slowly undressed with her back toward him sliding the skirt down her body to join the shoes that she had stepped out, followed by the green silk blouse that she had been wearing. Now standing is the cream lace boy shorts and a barely there bra holding in her bounty.

Moving forward to losing the tightness that formed in his jeans as well as to get a better look at her and he found himself moaning in the process. Body heating raising as the need to see more of her made him move closer ignore that he might be seen by the focus of his desire.

She danced around the room to music that came to him in whispers. Seductively swaying her cream color lace covered hips with the music as the rest of her body following. It was stirring but not so much as when she started to take off what was left, the bra and the boy shorts. Walking to where her music system she turned up the music and how he could hear a song from the 80's "Don't Disturb This Groove." Picking up the beat to the music her "strip tease" became even more teasing. Bra straps glided down creamy shoulders, leaving the bounty in the cups to hold it all up, barely.

He watched in rapture and the bras expose more of her breasts as she moved the music, dark rosy nipples large areoles with firm and prominent buds just barely peeking out from over the top of the lace from the bra. He imagined that he could smell the scent of her waffling in the air as she moved to the music. A mixture of sweat and arousal, intoxicating and he wanted more of it, he had to taste her, just a taste.

Her back was again to him, and his eyes were transfixed on the pendulum of her laced covered hips, moving back and forth to the music. Her arms high above her head, drawing attention to the curves of her hourglass figure. It was then that he noticed the smooth expansion of her toned back now unfettered by the divination of the bra. Light muscle rippling under the skin with each movement being caressed by the dark brown silky tendrils of her long hair done up in a Jennie style ponytail. Standing now totally exposed to her sight if she would just turn around he watched with his cock in hand as she removed the last boundary from her being naked still dancing to the music. Bend from the waist he watched as she pushed the boy short with each beat of the music slowly over her round firm ass. Ohh how he wanted to get into that, he thought to himself as his gripped his cock so tight that it was just a breath from this side of painful.

Reaching for a tub of lube, that he kept close at hand, he quickly squeezed out a glob of the stuff onto the head of his cock. He shivered in reaction to the cold temp of the lube and his anticipation. He did all of this without taking his eyes off the vision in front of him. Totally naked now, with hips swaying and breasts dancing in kind, he almost shot his load with just that sight. Gripping his cock now slick with precum and lube he started to prime his meat. The world around him disappeared into the background as she became his entire focus, as she had been since the day walked into his world. Pumping faster in time with the sound of blood growing in his ears and his body tight and primed to exploded, he couldn't have stopped as if he had wanted to.

She turned in a fast blurring move of hips, breasts and arms as the music ended and he came hard, fast and loud. Shooting hot ribbons of cum into the air to land and decorate the glass of window that separated them grunting and groaning loudly he continued lost in his release. Spent, breathing hard, skin covered in sweat and his cock limp under the mixture of sweat, lube, and cum; he opened his eyes to find her standing there on the side of the window looking at him with questioning and yet lust filled eyes. She smiled softly at him and then she started to do what he had imagined so many times in wild dreams that haunted him. Hands caressed the full large-nippled breasts, offering them to him, and then rubbing them against the glass of the window.

Releasing a deep breath that he hadn't realized he was holding got up and stood to let her see his cock which had started to come back to life. Looking down her smile broaden, leaving her breasts pressed up against the glass of the window she parted the lips of her pussy started to finger herself with considerable sensual gymnastics. This just sent him off again, and it was on, a mutual masturbation with only one outcome.

They came loud, hard, and squirting and spraying themselves and their surroundings. Hot sweaty with coated hands they fell to the ground or the floor depending on where they had been standing.
When she could stand, she looked the window and found that he had gone leaving only his cum spray on the window pane, drying foaming ribbons as the only evidence of what had taken place. She smiled stroking the drying cum patterns on the window pane deciding how she would continue to stalk him.

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