Stalking by Night

She had been coming into the bar every night for about week,a vision of what I would call every man's wet dream. Shapely, tall at least 6ft in her 5 inch cum-fuck-me heels with a face that in itself a work of art. Large almond shaped ebony eyes set in an oval face with full luscious lips, topped off with a mane of waist length of thick wavy black hair. Tonight, she was wearing a short deep blue dress that she worn like a second skin showing off her long legs to their great advantage. I watched as her admires thoughts played across their faces, few licked their lips while others stroked lower places discreet and in discreetly. I smiled to myself and went back to serving drinks but not before giving her my own longing look. Surrounded in a cloud of a very expensive perfume she came and sat at the bar as I was serving up of the last drinks for the night. As I inhaled deeply of it, I asked if she would like me to freshen her drink. She just looked at me with those amazing blue eyes and all I could see was she. I am not into women as I find men a lot more appealing in so many ways, but never say never .... Mmmm

"Hello, my name is Erica" she said in a husky whisper that glided out from exquisite full sensual deep red lips.

I am sure I told her my name ...thinks, as I remembered telling myself to breath as I took in the vision of her.

She reached across the bar and took my hand never taking her eyes away from mine. I could feel the warmth of her as well as the strength in her fingers as she caressed my hand. Stroking the palms of my hand slowly with two of her fingers, Erica using her deep red lacquered nails to dig slightly into the skin of my palm, sending tingling sensation to parts of my body that have never known such reaction from the same sex. It frightens and excited me at the same time. Part of me wanted to pull my hand away and put distance between us, but the other part of me wondered and wanted more even though sex with women was not my taste. As I looked into her eyes, feeling dampness gathering between my thighs I tried to pull my hand away. Erica held it firmly in her grasp and slowly pulled me toward her as close as the bar between us would allow. I licked my lips in anticipation of what was to come as the rest of my body surged leaped to meet it. My nipples became stiff from rubbing against the material of my bra as my clit started to beg for attention. All at once, I was hot,wanting and Erica held the key to my release. She put her lips to the palm my hand lightly kissing her way down from my wrist to the palm of my hand there she lingered. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the "attention," sucking the pads of each finger between her lips and then nibbled at each. I moaned between closed lips, which almost turned into more as she sucked my pointer finger into her wet warm mouth. Erica treated my finger as if it was a cock as she sucked in and out of her mouth slowly. On my God! I felt like she was fucking me as my dampness increased from the surface of my skin to my pussy. Breathing hard and fast I pulled my hand from her attention and leaned back away from the bar as my body screamed in defiance of being denied its release. I opened my and closed my eyes as I fought to control my breathing. When I opened them,again, she was gone,only her glass half-full wine on the bar was evidence of her ever having been there, and then I looked around the bar and noticed that I was the only one there. Where had everyone gone? When did they leave? I took a deep breath as I fought to control my nerves and quickly closed down the bar and got myself out of there.

I was home before I realized it, shaking from what had happened well almost happened. Yes, I can admit that I wanted to be taken by her, by someone it had been so long since I have had that desire, the need, and level of wanting. Lord I am in trouble!

Later as I stood under the massaging water of the shower, remembering what had happened as well as what I had felt. I became hot all over again, nipples hardening and pussies feeling swollen tight with want of release. I slid my wet, soapy hands, down my body caressing my skin and very sensitive bits along the way. Pinching nipples with demanding fingers of one hand as the other slide between the lightly downy cover lips of my pussy in search of release fingers finding my swollen nub started to stroke it. The water beating on my body did little to cool it, as I stood there under the shower with fingers busy in seeking release. I went from stroking to almost digging between my legs as the sensation spread out from the core of my body and I became lost in the sensation. I came,sliding down on to the shower floor as I lost control of my body and my legs gave out. I came back to myself with cold water from the shower beating on my body, with residual tremors of the orgasm dancing through me. I tried to stand but my legs did not seem to want to response. I knew that I had to move the water from the shower was now cold. Turning over on to my right side I slowly climbed out of the shower to my bed. My body still tingling from the experience I let sleep claims me and my mind slipped into dreams.

It was in a dream that Erica came to me ........

She started at my feet slowly caressing my ankles,kissing and sucking on my toes. I moaned deep and stretched my arms and hands over my head giving myself up to the experience. Looking down my the length of my body into her Erica's eyes glowed amber in her creamy white face . Erica licked her full red lips in acknowledgement of me watching her then continued her oral worship of my body kissing and licking every inch in front of her. At my thighs, she stopped and took the time to suck mouthful of my flesh into her mouth as her fingers comb the dark wet downy that covered my pussy. Letting the skin slip between her teeth and lips Erica look joyful as I moaned with rolling eyes and parted lips at the pleasure she was giving me.

"Tell me ..."

I looked down my body at her letting her see the desire in my face.

"Tell me ... tell me what do you want," Erica said as she stopped kissing my thighs to rest her head on my tummy looking at me with her feverous eyes.

I felt my pussy swell even more under her touch and juice leaking out to glisten my inter thighs and adding fragrant to the air.

"Eat me...," I said breathlessly as brought my own hands to caress my breasts.

She ignored me as she crawled up my body kissing and licking all the way to my lips. It was as if by her very actions me she was going to drink my very soul. While her fingers were busy exploring the moist folds of my most intimate spot, caressing stroking my body into surrender. Upon reaching my quivering, slightly parted lips,she hovered just a breath between us... her lips and mine. Breathing softly against them in measured breaths as I was fighting breathe.

I moved my head up to fill in the space between us only to have her move out of reach. I moaned my frustration and tried once again to close the space between us only to again meet with frustration. Then I tried to move the rest of my body and realized that I was unable. Erica who was now lying on top of me had pinned me to my bed with her hands and body. Part of my brain was screaming help as the other part started wondering what was next on the menu of intimacy. My was pussy throbbing with want,my large dark nipples hard begging for attention, overall my skin was too hot,too tight for comfort... I needed release ... I needed to cumm and cumm.

Looking down at me with her now dark blue eyes in shadow I could feel her recognizing my need and yet... not too sure what to do? Maybe I had read that wrong because her next actions showed me she knew exactly want to do and what I needed. With one slow wet heated lick across my lips,Erica plunged two fingers past my tight wet opening into me. At the same time I caught and sucked her pink tongue between my lips into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue as her fingers slid in and out of me as her thumb teased my clit.

My first orgasm came to me from deep inside my body and radiated out in waves of spasms and release. I came it a warm liquid rush over the fingers and down the hand that Erica was pounding into me. Her mouth was tight and demanding over the nipple of my right breast teasingit with teeth and tongue. I flung my head back as I came writhing off the bed screaming my release into the air. The fingers disappear and Erica's mouth replace her thumb over my swollen clit in a pussy that was so wet it made a slogging noise as she lapped at my juice. Now my skin was tingling drifting between the line of pain and pleasure. My legs pulled up high against the sides of my sweat-covered body as another orgasm hit me full on.

In response cushion Erica's head with my thighs,grabbed the bed sheets,and moved her fingers from my pussy to my asshole. Oh, My God was all could think, as my body seemed to go blind from the sensual over load. I came this time screaming and crying as my orgasm ripped through my body curly my toes. I remembered hearing the sound of tearing as Erica fed on me... fed on the results of my release. I heard someone voice moan over and over "Oh God, Oh God... save me!" At that point, my mind exploded as the third orgasm sent me into pleasure beyond release and claimed me....

I woke up,to the sun pouring into my room and the soft swirl of the ceiling fan over my bed singing in my ears. I slowly came back to myself and when I was sure that I could handle it, I tried to move. My body moaned in protest as I tried to move around just a little bit, but I did not let that stop me. I needed to see, to see what had been done to me. Scared and in pain I stood up and made it to the full-length mirror that hung on the bathroom door. On first sight, I noticed how my skin glowed from some internal light but then there were the bruises and love bites. With my skin as the canvas, were they displayed like a work of art? I touched each one as thoughts of how they came into existence came to mind turning my pussy into a weeping, throbbing wanting thing. I decided to leave reminiscing alone and headed for the shower as my brain told me that I now needed to think before reacting.

Sometime later, I emerged from the shower to a combination of exhaustion and fear. As I sat wrapped in my thickest bathrobe, drinking my third cup of coffee, shaking so hard that that the coffee in the cup was endanger of spilling over the edge. I thought about the dream as it slowly came back to me in bit in pieces at first, then in full blow scene. I found myself getting hot and wet all over again, as I remembered it all. From the first kiss to the curling of my toes when the third and last orgasm hit me, I felt myself fall back into desire and the want of release. I got up out of the chair on wobble legs and walked back into my bedroom to see what I knew to be there. The bed on a glance looked like as it would if two people were in it and sex was the main top. Even the scent of sex was still in the air. A mingling of scents and favors all the top notes of sexual desire and release and its perfume was heady as I continued to inspect the damage. Bedding on the floor, pillows laying everywhere and the bottom sheet shredded in spots to show the fabric underneath. It was obvious to the most disconcerting eye, that passion had been in full swing ... but it was a dream! It had to be a dream as I had come home and went to bed alone last night! I continued to look around the room for more evident and in the process, I started to strip the bed of its covering. It was then that I found the note. It was from Erica, she explained what had happened last night, and she ended it by saying thank you and good-bye. I finished the note sitting on the bed with the swirling of the ceiling fan singing in my ears.

To be continued...

Music I listened to while writing this story.

Tama Braxton" All the Way Home":

Jon B. "Everybody Here Wants You":

Teena Marie" Wild Horse Can't Keep Me Away":

Raheem DeVaughn "Ridiculous ":

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