Steaming Hot Shower
As I walk into your house I can hear the shower running. I peak in and discover you under the water rolling over you gloriously toned body and see you softly stoking you erect cock.

I undress quietly and slip in behind you where I soap up my hands and lather your body in soft soapy bubbles. You are somewhat shocked by my hands on your body and my hard nipples pushing into your back but you decide to let me have my way with you.

I let my hands wonder all over your sexy firm body, then you turn around and pin me to the shower wall. Lifting up my legs you slip into me as the warm water stream continuously over our connected bodies. I wrap my legs around your slim waist and you support my weight by cupping my bum in your hands and pressing my back against the wall as you thrust deep into me. I hook my feet into each other and pull you closer with each stroke while I beg you to fuck me harder.

I thrust back until just my shoulders touch the shower wall as I pull you deeper into me with my legs. You feel my whole body starting to tense as the orgasm begins to build deep inside of me. I throw my wet hair back as I try and get you in even deeper as I begin to climax around you, breathing heavily and trying to suppress my scream. I tighten around you as I begin to unravel and you force every inch of your twitching cock into the tightness of my climaxing pussy. You make me cry out your name as I find my release with my pussy clenching around your cock as I milk the cum from your body into mine. You shoot into me with such force that I can feel your cum hitting my inner walls.

You gently put me down on my somewhat shaky legs and wrap a soft fluffy towel around my body as you pick me up and carry me into your bedroom where you tenderly dry my body. You then place me on the bed and kneel in front of me and open my legs and softly start licking the swollen folds of my pussy tasting the intoxicating blend of our sexual fluids as it oozes out of me.

You fill your mouth and you crawl up my body and kiss me so I can share it with you. We taste define together. And as you kiss me I roll you over on your back as I start kissing and licking a trail down you neck, your chest, you taught abdomen until I reach you facid cock which I slip into my mouth and I gently start sucking on you. I can feel the blood slowly filling you and you become erect in my mouth once again. I take you deep into my mouth and sink your member all the way in to your base. I lick you up and down your shaft with my tongue. I suck you balls into my mouth and gently play with them. Your body is ready and wanting again.

I go lie on my back as you get to your knees and move in between my wide spread thighs. You take my feet and secure them to your shoulders as you penetrate me one more. I look down at where our bodies meet and see the wondrous site as you sink into me and pull out again. My pussy's pink inner lips stoking you cock on each re-entry and pulling out. My mound wide open for you and my clit clearly visible to us both. I slide my hands over my breasts and it comes to the rest on my throbbing clit. I begin to play with the hard nub that makes what you are doing to me so much more intense.

You roll me over and I stand on my knees with my hips in the air you re-enter me from behind. Your hands cup hips as you pull me back into you. Your one hand slides around and replaces mine as you drive deep into me your fingers lightly brush my throbbing button. My breast lightly brushing over the soft silken bedding as the sway with the motion. The room fills with the juicy slapping sounds where our bodies connect, the scent of sex heavy in the air. I beg and plead you to fuck me but you purposely slow down and tease me until I can no longer stand it.

I forcefully push you down on your back so I can take control and use your body to satisfy the burning need inside me. I climb onto of you and shove your cock deep inside my wanting pussy with a moan, my knees against your hips, my hands entangled into the soft short hairs of your chest. I ride you hard locking eyes with you so you can see the need within me. And once again I feel the very familiar tightening deep in my core. You reach up and softly cup my swaying breast. I cover your hands with mine and guide you to use more force. You take over and squeeze my full heavy breasts and pinch my nipples hard. This is my undoing. I fuck you hard, your cock deep in my wetness and you pubic bone simulating my throbbing clit. Hold my breath as I feel my whole body heat up and tense, I dig my nails into your chest and I orgasm as I arch my back and bite into my lip. I close my hands and feel my nails cutting into your skin. And as I collapse on your now bleeding chest I feel you shooting into me again as you cry out my name.

Your cover my back with your arms and hold me while we wait for our minds to start registering again. I slide off you can lay on your chest our glistening bodies sated...
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