Steamy Sauna ~Sexual Fantasy in a Sauna or Steam Room~
The humidity was high, making an already uncomfortable Tuesday feel like a scorcher. Robin sat at her desk, she was recently hired as a staff Nutritionist and Yoga director. She instructed 3 classes and on this day she felt even 1 was uncomfortable to finish. She looked up at the clock, her next class was in 2 hours, she stood up gathering herself. Pushing the door, she walked down the hall stopping at the fountain to take a quick drink. At that instant she heard words echo down the ways around the corner. She turned to see some rather good looking young men smiling and nodding to her as they walked by, undoubtedly heading to the weight room. The day had maybe made her a bit miserable, but she couldn't help but smile back... she came up and continued to the break room for her lunch.

As she entered she thought about them young men, they were cute... it was always nice to get the eyes of an attractive young stud running over her curves when she wore sexy spandex to yoga. She heard stories how it was all a rage to watch those workout videos, the muscles flexing as they extended their legs or tensed their groins. How their asses would look so hard and tight, or how they had such great working hips. It was funny to Robin at times that it made her laugh quietly, and then times when it just made her smile at the thought. She took out her lunch when she heard the door open, she turned; it was Mario. He smiled and came in, "Hey."
Robin smiled, "Hey Mario, what's up?"
"Just getting myself something before my shift is up, than heading home. This heat is killing me," he exclaimed as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.
Robin nodded, "I know me too."
Mario was a local Janitor, but worked on a rotation with 5 others on a weekly basis. He was a tall rather built man, hefty, in his late 50's. He was balding, wore a set of glasses, had a mustache, and had been working with Robin for only 18 months. It was a good to have him, Robin thought him as a good friend and always enjoyed lunch with him. He sat down at her table after getting a bottle of water. "You got your 1:30 class today don't you? Like in 2 hours," He said checking his watch. "Yeah, I'm hoping the studio won't be so hot," she said. Suddenly a loud static crackled over Mario's NEXTEL. "Mario, you there. It's Rodriguez," the voice said. Robin smiled at Mario; who rolled his eyes as he answered, "Watch this... Yeah I'm here, go Boss." Robin smirked and watched the look on Mario's face as she listened for Rodriquez' response.
"Yeah eh... we got a situation down here in the Sauna's. I know your off in a couple of minutes, but that new guy is here and doesn't know what he's doing," said Rodriguez. Mario removed his glasses and shook his head, looking over to Robin, "They have got to be kidding me... Rodriquez pass the buck to Maintenance, I'm too old and it's too hot, I'll boil like a chicken leg in there and you already had one old fart die in one, I'm not going to be #2. Sorry but..."
Robin suddenly spoke up, "I'll handle it."
"You? You don't do Maintenance," Mario said looking at her funny.
"I'll get them to come and look, go home Mario; tell Rodriquez," she said warmly.
Mario shrugged and spoke into the NEXTEL, "Rodriguez, Robin said she'll send somebody down from Maintenance, she's got it okay I'm heading out."
"Alright, thanks," Rodriquez replied and fell silent.
Mario put his phone away, "You sure?"
Robin finished her water, "Once in my studio the lights went out, the Maintenance boys came a running in record time to get them back on for class."
He chuckled and stood up, pushing his chair in, "Alright, you stay cool today dear. Good Luck with that," he walked past and opened the door. "See you Tomorrow Mario, bye," she smiled.

* * *

An Hour Later, Robin walked in the door to Maintenance. Alfred, the Manager of Maintenance greeted her, "Hey Robin, what can I do for you." She smiled sweetly, "Hey Al! Listen, they got something going on down in the Sauna and I need one of your guys."
"Eh, I don't think I got any guys to spare... they're either on leave, or on other jobs," said Alfred. Suddenly he pauses, "Wait, take... hey! Hey, Keller?" Alfred stepped back and looked far down the way, waving someone over to the front desk. An Robin was greeted by another, and he was a stud. "Robin this is a new guy I hired from out of Fort Worth, Texas. Logan Keller," Alfred introduced the two.
"Hey," she smiled trying not to eye him.
"How you doing," he smiled back.
Alfred spoke, "Logan Robin needs someone to go have a look at the Sauna, I think the damn gauge for the Steam level content is shorted out again, you remember what I told you about changing them, like changing fuses right?"
"Right boss, no worries. I'll go, get it done and be back to finish the vent seals up," he said nodding.
"Alright get your box and get to it, Robin will show the way," Robin waited as he left for a brief moment. Once he was gone, she exchanged looks with Alfred and flexed her eyebrows. "He's CUTE," she whispered. Alfred snickered to her just as Logan came back with his small tool belt, heading past the door and following Robin down the hall.

They descended a stair case and walked past several sections, glass walls and studios featuring snack bars, tracks, courts, and wreck rooms.
"So When did you start," Robin said to break the ice. "Oh 4 days ago, I needed a 2nd job so I took this," he said.
"You're good with fixing," she asked.
Logan replied, "Yeah it's just a trait I do well with I guess."
"I bet," Robin thought to herself with a grin.
They came around the turn to see Rodriquez in wait by the broke down Sauna. Robin never liked Rodriquez, he was a pencil pushing prick who liked to make the co-workers do his work. All he did was complain and issue orders, god forbid he would ever think of getting "his" hand's dirty a little.
"What's the problem," asked Logan.
"Yeah this eh, steam got pretty thick, I'm guessing the compressor failed so may want to check that or the release valve, see if it's jammed," said Rodriquez.
Logan looked at Robin, "Wow, for someone who needed Maintenance you don't sound like you don't know what your talking about, why did you need us."
Robin smirked, seeing a sour look take over Rodriquez' face, "Well I don't do the tool thing, and fixing is your department. So... fix it." Rodriquez walked off, his shoes loudly clapping down the marble hall. Robin bit her lip to hold back a laugh and looked at a grinning Logan, "Wow, I must've ruffled his feathers with that one huh?"
She looked around the corner for him, "I wouldn't worry, not many like him. Your not the first to say something, and definitely won't be the last." Keller got down and opened the panel, checking the circuits for shorts, "Well what do you do, you some kind of Aerobics Instructor?"
"Close, Yoga," she smiled down at him. Now able to fully get a chance to look.

He looked in his mid 20's, 26 or maybe 25. He had a soft tan suggesting he went to the beach or tanned. He had a nice 5 o'clock shadow on his face, but also a little stubble goatee under his chin that was trimmed with a nice flow around his jaw to his sideburns that sharply narrowed from his ears. The back of his neck he had a tiny tribal tattoo with a rose in the center it looked. He wore a rather ragged dark t-shirt, cargo jeans, a chain hanging outside his pants suggesting a chained wallet. "Robin? That's your name," he spoke breaking the silence.
"Hmm? Oh sorry, yeah that's my name," she smiled looking around the corner to act as if looking for Rodriquez, but was hiding the heat in her face turning red. When she looked back she saw Logan holding out his hand to shake, he was smiling.
"Oh! Sorry," she took his hand and shook it feeling awkward for a second.
"Hmm, you got a firm grip. I like that," she teased holding his hand for a seconds before letting go. The comment made Logan grin and forced himself to look away as he felt his cheeks flame. He pulled out a meter and slipped a small cord underneath the door, a low beeping of keys were heard. Robin looked down to see him reading the meter, punching a key ever second or so.
"I can't get a reading out here, the air temp is too cool and it's confusing my instruments, I'll need to go inside," taking out the cord and reaching for the door.
"Okay, want any help," Robin asked.
Logan cracked the door slightly, "HOLY Shit that's hot... no, actually yeah could you stay out here and I'll run the cable to you? I want to see how many degrees cooler it is out here than inside the sauna, and than use the difference of the average temperature readouts to determine how many degrees this things up at."
Robin nodded and came to the side of the door, Logan stepped inside and closed the door, steamy vapor swallowing up. She suddenly heard him speak from inside, his voice muffled from the enclosure, "Okay, I'm running it out. It's got a tiny optic cam at the end with a thermometer, just hold it out there on the floor for me so I can get the readings for a minute."
"Okay," Robin had a wide grin on her face though, she'd changed out of her spandex yoga outfit and was now wearing short shorts and a halter top. She thought about having a little fun with this, it was so mischievous but she couldn't help it. She saw the cable poke out and immediately she took it in her fingers and scooted it slightly under her legs, if the optic cable was indeed working; inside Logan would get an eyeful of her lush thighs. Inside all was quiet, Logan than took notice of the angle of the cam and thought of speaking up but it would be rather awkward, he felt his member twitch against his cargo jeans and felt his throat run dry. The warm humid environment of the sauna didn't help either as he felt his forehead and pits beginning to sweat, he wiped his upper lip and focused his eyes on the reader. "O-okay got it," he pulled on the cord and got the image of Robin's legs out of his visual. He reached for the knob but before he could turn it, it turned itself and swung open. Robin's shape stepped in, "WOW! It IS hot in here."
"Yeah he said with a dry throat, we should get out of here I got what I need to get this done now," he spoke trying to get to the door.
"Why the rush, I like it, it's great for the body to sit and sweat it out for a little while," she walked to the nearby bench and sat down, crossing her legs and looking at Logan with a sly smile.
Logan could only smile back, his hair and forehead glistening with a sheen of sweat, "Yeah but, Rodriquez will be pissed if he comes back and finds us not out there," he said motioning to the door.
Robin waved him off, "Rodriguez isn't coming back any time yet, sit with me."
Logan felt his heart racing but he couldn't be sure if it was the fact this attractive woman was making passes at him or if it was the sauna's unbearable conditions. Either way he put his tool kit down and came over to Robin's seat. Stopping a bit away and leaning back against the white tile covered wall, he peeled and pulled at his t-shirt as it clung to his back. Robin doing the same, leaning back on her hands against the bench and extending her legs out, crossing them both at the ankle.

Suddenly, Logan didn't know if he'd lost his cool or what, but he abruptly blurted out, "You got fantastic legs by the way," he said looking at them.
Robin smiled and ran her hands down her legs, "Well thank you, I find that quite flattering." She smiled and ran her fingertips over her creamy smooth skin, the tan skin of her smooth legs and the sense of Logan's eyes washing over her was very exciting, she closed her thighs together slightly feeling a tingle of a moist sensation growing between them. She looked up and grinned at Logan who peeked around the corner of the tile covered wall, he didn't see any sign or movement to suggest anyone was present or coming. He looked back and shook his head, Robin's smile grew wider, "Did you get a good view on the cam thing?" Logan than understood it was intentional, she had did it deliberately in the thought that he would look, and look he did. He watched her rake her finger nails up over her knee caps, her legs no longer crossed but parting slightly and opening up, her hands snaking down from her knees and up the flesh of her inner thighs, than back down. Her dark hair slightly damp as she too was beginning to sweat, but not nearly was her hair as wet as her panties; the thought of Logan's hand running up her thigh instead of her own. He only stood there, watching, mesmerized even as he felt his member straining and coming to life. Logan could only let out deep sigh, after another and at last gave into a wide grin as he watched Robin's hands roam her legs and thighs.
"Nice, aren't they," Robin said looking at him with a deepness to her eyes. "Logan shook his head and spoke with a low and simple, "Yeah, yeah they are..." She grinned and leaned back again, her legs parting even wider and showing a strong masculine groin muscle she had, she ran her hands up over her hips and sides, along the top of her chest. She felt them glide over her throat and across her sweat covered skin, back down and along her breasts. She cupped them and gave them a mildly firm squeeze, her mouth gaping as she took a shallow series of breaths through it rather than her nose. She looked up and saw Logan watching intently as she massaged and groped her breasts through the halter. She looked down and slowly, ever so slowly, pulled a breast free of the halter, her face a sexy one as she had a lustful passionate glimmer to her eyes, her hair slightly wet on her forehead, and her teeth clenched as she looked back at Logan's eyes. She rolled the nipple in between her thumb and forefinger, her palm softly running over the skin and cradling it. She looked up and gestured for him to come over with her finger. Logan took a breath and approached, stopping just in front of her. She continued to rub her exposed breast, while she reached out with her opposite hand and ran her touch up and down the outline of his rigid cock that had taken shape. She looked up at him and rubbed it, grasping it with her fingers and giving it several firm squeezes through his cargos. He grit his teeth and let out a breath, "We should be quick." Robin grinned and bit her lip, letting it go and licking her tongue around the upper lip seductively. Her hand continued to rub his crotch, but her other hand reached over now and pulled the opposite breast out. She sat and ran her hand around the opposite breast and looked up, "take it out, I want to see it."

Logan undid his belt and button, peeling down the zipper and pulling an erect large 8 inch cock out through the opening. It had no foreskin, the shaft a soft gentle pink with a fat vein along the top... the tip was dribbling a tiny droplet of pre-cum as it stood erect almost curving upward a tiny bit. Robin sucked in a breath through her teeth and let it out as she saw it, "Mmmm that's nice, that's a VERY nice cock..." She reached up and took it in her hand, rubbing the pre-cum and lubing it around the head, giving it a tiny squeeze and massage before beginning to stroke slowly. The sauna's steam was thick and made it barely viewable, but it was so hot. Hot not just by feeling, but by the moment. Here they were sweaty, wet, sticky, horny, excited, longing to have the moment and take it in every measure imaginable. Robin massaged her breasts. Logan stopped her, "Stand up for me." she did so and felt him forcefully spin her around, Robin let out a soft cry of surprise as she felt his strength over-power her own. He pushed her back over the bench, her head resting on the rise of tiled flooring behind her, she lifted her head and looked behind her. He crouched down and ran his hands up her legs from behind, gripping the short shorts with his hands. Logan squeezed Robin's ass firmly through the gruff cloth of her shorts and slapped her ass hard, so hard it made Robin let out a cry, "OOH!! Oh yeah!"
He grinned and reached underneath, undoing her shorts button and zipper. Robin's fingers slightly gripping into the flawless cut smooth tile in front of her, her head looking back at Logan as he peeled the shorts down, revealing her to be wearing a nice black pair of panties. Leaving her shorts at her ankles, incapable of taking them off with her sneakers, he ran his hands up her moist feeling ass cheeks, the sauna vapor's by now had made even their clothes wet. He gave her ass a soft bite and kiss, licking his way up the cheek. Robin closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, her fingers gripping into fists as she felt her pussy twitch. Logan ran his hand off her ass and slipped 2 fingers in between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her panties. Robin at first felt the chill ripple out from her stomach and thighs, but felt his fingers beginning to really get her clit even through her panties; and the chills soon felt like persistent tingling pulse. He pulled them to the side, the elastic band being peeled over her ass cheek and exposing a very moist swollen mound, dripping with lush juices. Logan ran his fingers up to her, over her ass, her back, and to her face. She took them between her lips and sucked them, tasting the warm fluid of her wet panties. At this point, neither cared whether asshole Rodriquez came back or not, and neither cared whether the heat of the sauna was fixed or not, they were lost in their own heat, their own frenzy. She sucked on Logan's fingers and felt them exit her mouth, across her cheek to her hair, he grasped her hair and pulled on the ponytail firmly with a gentle motion. She sighed and that sigh cracked to a moan. "Do it, eat me... suck me," she breathed. Logan went down letting go of her hair and spread her ass cheeks, burying his stud looking face inside her lapped, he probed, he sucked on her lips and swirled her clit in his mouth. Robin felt the intense momentum creep up in less than a minute, Logan's tongue and talented slurping of her lips was almost overwhelming, she shut her eyes and felt her body turn to jelly as she gripped onto the tile. Her head often tilted back to the air, and at times Robin would plant her face on the tile and bite her lip to keep from moaning too loud. She would turn her head to look back, and would barely be able to make out the hairline of Logan as he lapped away at her box. He came up, his tongue leaving her pussy, "Turn over, turn over."

Robin turned over, swinging her short covered legs around. Logan grasped them and pushed them up and over the two of them. His hands pressed them back by the back of her thighs, Robin helped by gripping both at the back of the knees. She could now see herself below, and suddenly Logan too as he came in and began to slurp wildly on her lips and clit. The visual of seeing his sweaty slightly red face between her legs, licking, slurping, sucking, was so sexy. He backed off doing another sexy act, his tongue exited her cunt and along with it dribbled her juice, he then went back in and lapped it slowly upward with the flat side of his tongue, taking her clit into his mouth and sucking on it. He looked up at her sexy dark eyes, her cheeks slightly flushed, her sweat dripping down the sides of her face and temples. He swirled her clit and pulled on it with his lips before letting go, going down and sucking on her lips than, tugging them too softly with his teeth before letting them go. Robin tried to get her breath, but ever spike of chills that shot through her made it almost impossible. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Get up here, come here," Logan stopped eating her pussy and stood up, sitting on his knees next to her he felt her hands take his cock, anxious and impatient. She took him into her mouth, she was intent and longing. She couldn't wait anymore, and she quickly stroked and sucked. Her free hand heading south and rubbing her cunt. Her fingers dancing and teasing over her swollen wet lips as she swirled her tongue and flicked it over the head.
"Aww fuck! Yeah, Oh yeah," groaned Logan through his clenched teeth, his hand placed on his back as he motioned his hips forward to meet Robin's bobbing head. She slurped and sucked, her saliva and tongue bathing his cock in a warm moist bath of intense comfort. She took it from her mouth and ran her lips over the side of the shaft, she turned it up and ran her tongue from the base of his shaft all the way up the underside to the head, swirling the head really slow and than swallowing him again after looking up at him.
Her fingers quickened as she rubbed her clit in a rapid back and forth motion, her juices lathering her fingers and groin, she slipped them into her lips ever now and then to make her moan with his cock in her mouth. Logan reached down and took her hand away, replacing with his own. Robin brought her juice soaked fingers to her lips and sucked them, tasting herself. She continued to jerk off Logan's 8 inch cock with a rapid fist pumping action, fast and hard. She looked down and watched Logan insert 2 fingers into her cunt, curling them upward he began to frig her up and down. He was searching for her g-spot, "Oh god, Logan no... oh god your gonna' make me cum like that... ohh your gonna' make me cum!"
Her face tensed with a beautiful face, one of passionate agony as she approached her peak of climax. Her head fell back as she felt Logan's finger rapidly drill her pussy, his fingers piston and plunge in and out, up and down. His palm loudly clapping against her mound and clit, her juices soaking his fingers and palm, Logan himself could feel her strong vaginal muscles squeeze and contract down on his digits. But he rapidly continued his fierce and hard finger fucking. The loud wet sloshing and clapping impact of flesh was so hot a sound and feeling to Robin she stiffened, her body rigid and flexed as she came. Wave after wave washed through her body, her every muscle began to twitch and spasm to her orgasm. She felt her legs shake violently and her hips thrash and grind on Logan's hand, he finally gave one strong final thrust as he felt her legs squeeze his arm. Her hand letting go of his cock and grabbing hold of him, holding onto him, holding onto herself as if though the waves that rocked her would rip her away. She came down slowly, her body shivering and numb, all she felt was the warmth and pulse of her pussy as it continued to twitch. She opened her eyes and saw Logan still stroking off his cock, "Come here, let me help..."

He came to her and she managed her weak hands to grip to stroke, her mouth swallowed him again and she slurped, she sucked, she swirled her tongue and rapidly moved as fast as she could with what she had left. She looked up at him and saw his face tensing. His eyes clenched tightly, she sucked on his head loudly before letting it exit, still stroking she whispered to him with a sexy tone in her voice, "Cum Logan, give it to me... give me that cum baby. C'mon, give me that cum..."
Logan grit his teeth and shook his head left once than right, his body ready to release as he fought the sensation with every fiber of his being. Robin continued, her hand reaching up and running under his shirt, over his stomach; now all sweaty. Then he shot 1, 2, 3 jets of white cream into her waiting mouth, she licked and slurped at the head, squeezing and stroking it to it's LAST drop. Logan groaned and doubled over, but he watched for a good minute as Robin cleaned up his cock, licking off every drop and getting ever inch. She let him go and down he came to her, giving a deep tender kiss, swirling his tongue with hers, running his hand up in her hair and along her sweaty face. Breaking only to share a smile, and kiss again.

* * *

Robin and Logan stepped out of the Sauna. Locking the door, Login pulled a sign from the storage room near by and placed it in front of the door: "OUT OF ORDER"
They walked back and stopped at the hall joint between Maintenance and the Main Entry. Robin grinned, "Here... here's my number, call me?"
Logan took the number, "Yeah we'll go out tomorrow night, huh?"
Robin grinned again and winked, "Sure, you bet." She turned and walked down the hall, in need of a shower and something to wear for tomorrow night.

******* 24 Hours Later *******

Robin scented her neck with perfume, checking her hair in the mirror a final time when she heard the door bell. She smiled, checking her breasts before heading off to answer. She unlocked it, and turned the knob smiling as she saw Logan's new appeal. He dressed in a rather casual manner, far better than the overalls at the center that day. He smiled at her with a look as if stunned:

Logan: "Looking good there."

Robin: "Thank You, come in; I'm just about ready."

Logan stepped through and Robin shut the door behind him, her eyes vexed over his firm back and broad shoulders. He wore a dark clad t-shirt with skulls, roses, and a guitar of sorts. His aroma of aftershave wavered in the air as he passed by her. Those same familiar tattoo's were visible, the tribal design on the neck with a rose, and a new one she could see on the underside of his left forearm. He shaved the sideburns from what she could tell, but still maintained a neatly trimmed goatee along the underside of his chin. A large silver earring hung from his left ear. The tight denim of his dark worn jeans fitted him nicely as she could make out his buttocks and down to the back of his strong thighs. The cuffs worn and old with shredded fabric and he wore boots. She came back to reality when she looked up and saw he had caught her staring, she grinned and looked down as she felt her face burning having been caught:

Robin: "I'll be right back."

Logan: "Take your time..." *Grinning as she walked to the stairs and ascended to the 2nd floor.*

Logan walked around and waited patiently. The sound of her movement upstairs was quick, but not quiet. She did look lavish tonight. Her hair was washed and very well conditioned, the scent of her perfume and the shampoo made being close to her very yummy. Logan always found an attraction to women who drove him nuts by scent and taste. And what a taste she had, as he thought back the corresponding day in the sauna. After that he wasn't entirely sure if it was a fluke or something else, but he surely didn't expect it... best to take things as they come he thought. And now tonight, who knows what would happen. Surprises were always fun. Suddenly he heard approaching footsteps, he looked to the stairs to see her descending in a thigh length denim skirt, a nice 1 piece brown top woven around her neck, her hair up in a ponytail, but most notable features were her wide smile and the eyes. Her eyes twinkled with a wide smile as she approached and turned to show herself in full, they gazed at his with a soft hint of dark eye shadow and eye liner. He came forward and took her into his arms, giving her a small kiss. But as he attempted to pull back, Robin pulled him in close again and kissed more, for the following 3 minutes the two were slowly and deeply kissing, swirling tongues and lightly sucking on each others. When they finally broke the kiss, Robin grinned and bit her lip. Logan himself had to take a breath:

Robin: "Ahahahaha! You okay?"

Logan: "Oh I'm good, but damn you take a man's oxygen... let's get going before it gets too far out of control."

Robin laughed again, reaching over for her cell phone, purse, and keys. Shutting off the lights to her sitting room, She and Logan stepped outside. Locking the Front Door they stepped down and separated suddenly:

Logan: "Where you going, I brought my car."

Robin: "Oh c'mon we'll take my truck, it'll be fine."

Logan nodded and followed her to a massive truck, it was a 4x4 Pick Up, a dark green color, he couldn't make out the maker but it was a Dodge. The High Suspension of the truck's frame made it very mobile over rocky terrain and maybe even off road worthy for trails and mountains. The two climbed up and inside, the cool night outside was greeted by a half moon and star filled sky. As Robin turned the key she started it with a loud rev of the engine, and putting it into reverse; they were off.


1 Hour later the two pulled out of the bar, not having had too many drinks. Robin walked alongside Logan, he grinned and turned:

Logan: "So now what, no place to eat, it's late..."

Robin: "Your right, let's go for a drive."

Logan agreed and climbed in, unsure where they'd go. Checking his watch it was almost 2 A.M. They drove, passing by the center of town, they traveled along the main junction to the exit of the out skirts and into the countryside which was nothing but mild forest and desert. The quiet hum of the truck only was fixed with the soft music on the radio, Logan looked out the window at the dark night as it spliced with the outside of the window. Robin spoke up:

Robin: "Hey reach under there, below your feet."

Logan looked blindly, his hands searching into the darkness below him under the seat as he felt his hand hit a glass material, a bottle. He pulled it up and found it was liquor.

Logan: "Where did you get this?"

Robin grinned: "A friend of a friend."

Logan: "Well who's going to drive back?"

Robin: "Who said anything of going back tonight?"

Before Logan could respond, he felt her hand reach across and rub his shoulder, down over his chest and stomach. Rubbing and scratching through his shirt. He sat there and looked down, not completely clear.

Logan: "You got something in mind?"

Robin: "One or Two things..." *as she ran her hand down and slipped it under his shirt, feeling the hint of abs*

He looked over at her to see her grinning ear to ear, her head turning to glance once or twice. She slowed her speed down somewhat, Logan turned his head around to look out and see no one was behind them or coming for that matter. She ran her hand down and began to rub the crotch of his jeans, feeling the outline of his manhood through the tough cloth; she took it in hand and gave it a squeeze, rubbing it's length a few more times. Logan looked out back again and than his eye caught something, in the back seat of the truck were some pillows. And a large sleeping bag, rolled snuggly up. Than it hit him. This was a truck, built to go to anyplace with tough terrain, places people would need to get to on foot so it would be a remote and isolated place. It was a truck, with a great sense of not only work effort, but who was to say the flatbed would JUST be for work... could be for REST too. It all made sense, the liquor, the sleeping bag, the pillows, and the middle of no where. Nice clean air, middle of the night, alone, nobody around.

Logan suddenly felt her turn on a road, her hand darting back to the steering wheel as she used both hands to turn it... the truck shuddering as it started to climb UP, no longer appearing to be on a form of a paved road anymore, but a dirt road inclined upward at an angle. The truck shook slightly as she kept a steady track of climbing. Logan took this as an opportunity, his hand ran over and felt across her right leg, rubbing the smooth skin up and down. His fingers squeezing up her skin and rubbing it out as he massaged his way easily and steadily up and down her thigh. Robin herself grinned and felt leg shiver as they attempted to close. Her hands squeezed the steering wheel as she tried to keep focused, she gave a quick glance over to him as he sat back with his hand extended out to her leg. The truck shook again as she made another turn up this trail, outside nothing but a tree line was visible, they were climbing a hill of some sorts as the dirt road gradually turned to a desert mixture. Outside them the dark swallowed them, the light from the headlights was all they could make.

Robin: "Okay your distracting me with that, I think this is far enough. Best get that drink ready..."

Logan grinned; stopping his massaging of her thigh, and taking up the bottle of booze. The truck stopped and Robin put it in park, turning off the engine and killing the headlights. The rustle of her shifting around in her seat and facing Logan, he popped the cork and offered her the bottle.

Logan: "Tequila?"

Robin: "White Wine." *She took the bottle and took a light swig from it, handing it back*
Logan nodded: "Not bad... not bad."

He took the bottle and took a swig as well, as he let the bottle exit his lips, he felt Robin climb over-top of his lap. She attempted to straddle him but her skirt prevented her from dividing her legs to sit down. She reached behind her, pulling the denim cloth of her skirt up an over her ass. She gripped his face with both hands, running them down his neck and up to his temples, he leaned back so much his head hit the window of the passenger door. Robin laughed quietly as she kissed him, tasting the wine that he had swallowed seconds before. Her hands massaged and ran up and down his features of his face, Logan himself blindly set the bottle down in a holder just below, his one hand running up along her neck and down her back. His other hand traveling up her leg and around, feeling her ass. Robin kissed Logan, her breathing slightly heavy, her hands ran up to the scalp of his head and grasped what hair she could grip. Squeezing it as she broke the kiss and pulled on his lips, letting it go:

Logan: "You planned this didn't you..." *He whispered*

Robin: "Mhmm..." *she grinned biting her lip as she felt his hands travel up both her ass cheeks*

He gripped them with a firm squeeze, the palms cupping them while his fingers outstretched and gave a firm grip to her flesh as he massaged, squeezed, and ran them around on her ass. His fingertips at times brushed against the silky lace material of her panties, finding the band on her hips he hooked them with his thumbs and pulled them up tighter. Her hips began to steadily grind and rotate on his lap, Robin leaned back some and reached behind her with a hand to search for his cock through his jeans. Logan let go of her ass and reached up, pulling the top to the side, exposing her breasts. The nipples hard and protruding out like the heads of erasers on pencils, the areolas were pop corning as they felt the cool air settling over the truck. Robin stopped and reached in the back for a pillow:

Robin: "Here sit up for a sec."

Logan did as asked, allowing her to slip the small pillow behind his head on the door he relaxed his head in comfort again. Robin grinned and leaned back, finding his crotch and rubbing it up and down with her hand, raking her long finger nails over the surface through his jeans to tease him. Logan looked up and could now make her out in the dark a bit better having his eyes adjusted to the dark now. He could see her wide grin as she watched his hands grope her tits, he could make out the defining features of her nipples and even below he could see the outline of the dark cloth of her panties as they snuggly fit up against her mound with the skirt bunched up just above them with it hiked up. He groped and massaged her tits, feeling them over and rolling the erect nipples in between his thumb and index finger. He felt her fingers fumble and undo the button an zipper to his jeans, her hand slipping inside his boxer briefs and searching, feeling his semi-erect cock, but something else. She felt no hair, she looked down with a curious grin:

Robin: "Oh! You shaved?"

Logan: "Yep... thought I'd do something different."
Robin: "Niiiice." *she hissed as she pulled his member out* "Stay there for a sec.."

Robin thought for a moment and slung her body around, turning around she brought her left leg up and set it on Logan's seat just to his left side, she rested her right leg on his right side and eased back to his face. Logan licked his lip as he had her pussy inches from his face, he felt her below him as well. It was perhaps quite the adjustment for a 69 position. He ran his hands up her ass and raked his finger nails down the cheeks, gripping them tightly and even gave her one right cheek a hard sharp slap. The impact made Robin squeak loudly as she looked over her shoulder to see his hands roaming across her ass and over her panties, he ran his index finger up and down the crease of her lips through her panties. Robin gathered her self-control taking up his erect cock in hand, it's size was almost bigger than she remembered in the Sauna. Her thoughts drifted back in her mind as she felt her pussy growing more and more moist. The steam, humid and moist air in that sauna. How she sucked him off and played with her pussy, it was so hot, she wanted to feel his tongue... she longed to be filled up by this big cock. She stroked and spat on the head, lathering it in her saliva as she did a nice circle-jerk motion with her wrist, than went very fast up and down, slowing down at the last second to go nice and slow, giving it a hard firm squeeze till the head was a soft pink. Behind her she could hear Logan's sighs, his growls in response to her hand working it's wonderful magic on his member.

He reached up and pulled her panties to the side over her cheek, her lush pussy glistening with wetness in the soft glow of the starlight, even in the dark of the truck he could see she was wet, very wet. He ran his hands up her ass, his thumbs brushing along the outer folds as he spread her cheeks and looked hungrily at her moist lips, inhaling their sweet scent. Extending his tongue he flicked the tip lightly over the outer folds, Robin felt a soft chill run up over her tail bone and along under her, across her stomach. She pushed back further, and felt his tongue lightly flicking over her lips, the sweet warmth of chills rippling out over her flesh as his tongue lightly danced over her inner lips. She grit her teeth:

Robin: "Oh, ohh yeah baby..." *she hissed quietly through clenched teeth*

Her wrist still worked without rest, slow and fast, she proceeded to stroke and circle-jerk his cock to a towering stiff erection. Veins protruded around the sides and along the shaft, the head was slick with saliva and pre-cum that leaked, she lowered her head. Throwing her head of hair to the side out of her face, she ran her tongue up the side of his shaft slowly, starting from the base of it and working her way up. As she reached the underside of his crown, she swirled her tongue around the head, flicking the very tip lightly and rapidly. Below Logan felt her mouth working him, her hand still squeezing his shaft, but he could feel her warm wet tongue all over his shaft and head. He squeezed his eyes tightly as he lapped her one last time before sucking her lips into his mouth, his tongue probing at times to lap her inner folds as he slurped her lips. Robin took his head into her mouth and slurped on the head, her hand stroking his shaft as she bobbed up and down with her lips wrapped around the head, sucking on the tip of his hard cock light and at times hard as well. She finally let go of his shaft and took more of him into her mouth, slowly... ever so slowly she began a slow rhythm, his cock went in and out, her tongue swirled around the shaft, her lips tightly squeezed around as she slurped an sucked. The warmth and wet fluids of her saliva was like a creamy lather around his cock to Logan. He gripped her ass firmer now and slurped harder, his tongue flicking up and down on Robin's lips, he groaned to her sucking him. And as he managed to reach her clit he flicked it to force a muffled moan from Robin's throat, her mouth filled with his meat. He wrapped his arms around her lower back and his hands held her ass in place as he felt her moving her hips on his face, he lapped her juices and wet lips frequently with the flat side of his tongue. Sinking down in his seat he felt Robin's leg on his right relax on his shoulder. She finally came up for air:

Robin *breathless* : "Fuck... Ha... oh yeah... Yeah baby!"

She caught her breath, wiping saliva that dribbled on her chin and reached down to stroke his cock faster. Her other hand reaching for the bottle of wine... she took a long swig as she leaned back on his face. He grinned and ran his finger up and down on her lips, wiggling it back and forth as he eased it into her hungry cunt. The muscles contracting softly, squeezing his digit as he teased her. Robin groaned with a mouthful of wine and swallowed it, letting out a breath:

Robin *whispers*: "Oooooooooh yeeeeah baby... oh dammit... Mmm!"

She put the bottle down quickly before she lost her grip and dropped it, slapping her hand hard on the leather seat to regain a mental state of control. She looked over her shoulder, he struggled to get his bearings:

Logan: "Let's go outside, I'll grab the sleeping bag..."

Robin grinned and pulled away, he turned and the two exited the truck at almost the same time. Opening the passenger back door, Logan snatched the Sleeping bag and tossed it into the flatbed as he came half way down the back of the truck. As he came around Robin and him Connected with an intense kiss as they grabbed each other's faces, Robin's hair slightly loose from the ponytail. She reached down blindly still kissing Logan and stroked his exposed rigid cock still erect and pointing to the star filled night sky above. She didn't wait for the back, she dropped below at the tailgate and from a crouched position began to suck him off again. He groaned and grit his teeth as he grabbed the tailgate for support, looking down and watching. Watching the awesome site of this lavish attractive woman polishing his knob. She looked up with those intently dark eyes, her fingers lightly careening along the edge of his head slowly, her tongue swirling around as she was grinning. The attention she was giving the head of his cock was driving him nuts, nearly forcing him to double over:

Logan: "Fuck! Your driving me nuts with that on my head..."

He reached down and stopped her, she backed off and looked at it lustfully, wrapping her hand around the shaft. Stroking slowly down and back up again to the head. Moving in and giving the head another lick with the flat side of her tongue, she looked up at him again and took him into her mouth with an aggressive and fast slurp... bobbing her head with rhythm as she took almost all of him in for a deep throat. He groaned and tensed as she held him down for a moment, as she released him she coughed somewhat and took a breath with saliva dripping down her chin. Her fingers rubbing and stroking him still, she slurped on the head again. Her tongue coming around to run up the shaft and down again. Logan couldn't take much more of this. He reached and grasped Robin's hair with a hand guiding her to her feet. She stood and he kissed her, their tongues swirling and the fluids on her chin somewhat passing onto his, he pulled the tailgate down and reached for the sleeping bag. Unzipping it he flipped it open and threw the end out making a nice comfortable laying spot, he turned her and picked her up sitting her in the middle. While he stripped off his shirt he watched her peel off her shoes and socks, her top she pulled down but didn't remove, same as her skirt. She pulled the sleeping bag back farther as he was climbing up into the back of the truck with her, she laid back on her elbows and gestured for him to come to her with her finger. Logan crawled between her legs and grasped them both, with force he pulled her closer. Making her laugh a bit as she felt his grip was strong and his assertion was aggressive, she liked it.

He gripped her ankles and pulled her legs apart in a nice "V-like" shape with her legs. Robin gripped them with her hands at the back of knees, with Logan's own hands holding them in place at the thighs just below the buttocks. He looked up and pulled the panties to the side, he leaned in and gave her lips another slow lap with his tongue, he looked up at her face as she watched below. She could see his tongue, the flat side of it travel over her lips. As it left she could see the sweet fluids careening down his chin and dribble. He pushed her legs down and sucked her clit into his mouth, Robin moaned loudly to the night sky... her head falling back as she couldn't keep it up, she looked to the star skies overhead as her eyes fluttered an finally closed all together. Logan slurped and sucked, swirling and rolling her swollen bean in his between his lips an teeth. Sucking and flicking it with the tip of his tongue, before letting it go he gave a soft nibble, clenching it between his teeth and tugging it. He then rubbed her clit with his one index finger, while he probed her cunt with his tongue, lapping and swirling it up and down the inner walls, feeling the vaginal muscles twitch and the groin muscle flex. Her thighs shivered as she felt his mouth suck in her lips, slurping them and tugging on them like he did with her clit. She looked down and watched, the intense feeling was as hot as watching below. She felt her fingernails clawing the wool of the sleeping bag, she felt her stomach and thighs quivering in a warm ripple effect of chills from small to large cascaded out over her body. She ran her hands down and squeezed her tits, her thumbs pinching the nipple of her left breast before bringing it up to flick her tongue over it. Her free hand ran up and pulled the tie from her dark hair, letting it fall loose. She gathered most of it and squeezed it painfully atop her scalp to hopefully drown out the chills she felt washing over her, but it only helped slightly.

Robin whispers: "Oh my god... Oh my god... Oh suck it... suck it... suck it..."

Logan looked up at a flushed face of Robin, her face filled with a lush look of passionate lust and need for relief, her forehead slightly beaded in a sheen of sweat as she watched with her teeth clenched. Only letting out soft moans, and deep groans that escaped from her throat as quietly as she could let them. He slurped and sucked, pulling on her lips one last time before letting them go. He ran a hand up and squeezed one of her breasts, tugging the nipple hard enough to make her groan out in a pleasurable cry of agony. He ran his hand south then... over the stomach, along the pubic bone and down her mound. He rubbed her pussy for a second in a nice slow counter-clockwise motion, but gave it a sharp, light slap. The slap made Robin sharply gasp, her hips arching up as the slap sent a sharp tingle up her body like a massive bolt of lightening in a storm. He slapped again; this time harder than the last time, and this time Robin almost cried out:

Robin: "OHH! OH GOD!! Oh god... don... don't do that... I can't take it..."

Logan: "No?" *He slaps it again*

Robin's legs shuddered violently an attempt to close as she lets go of them but Logan keeps them apart, and runs 2 fingers up and down her lips. Seeing her pussy twitch slightly. His palm is soaked from the slapping, he licks the wet fluids from his palm, offering it to Robin to lick some up off. She grasps his wrist with both hands as she tries to lap and get as much as she can with her tongue. Once she has he brings his hand back down, teasing her lips with his 2 fingers, his other hand holding her down by the pubic bone with the thumb lightly rotating on her clit. Robin tenses and rubs her chest, massaging and squeezing her tits. Logan scoots over though, moving to her side so he can see better from above and next to her, Robin runs her right hand up along his back, across his tattoo on his neck along his shoulder column. In that instant, she tenses as she feels his 2 fingers penetrate her pussy. Robin gasped, feeling Logan's fingers penetrate her. Leaning down lower, and moving his thumb away; but still holding her pubic bone down with his hand. Robin's head shifted as she grinned and bit her lip. Her left hand clawed and squeezed at the wool fabric of the sleeping bag interior; while her right hand ran up and down along his bare back. Opening her eyes to a star filled sky, she lifted her head up and looked down to see. But only saw his head of hair, she ran her hand up from his back over his head of hair. Logan swirled his tongue around on her clit, sucking it into his mouth and slurping it dry. She sighed and breathed heavily, sometimes with her teeth clenched tightly to keep from crying out too loud. She ran her hand over her breasts and pinched the nipples softly, than increasing the pressure with time. Logan's fingers quickened, the distinct sticky sound of her juices stirring as she could feel his 2 fingers piston in and out, her vaginal walls beginning to jerk and spasm. Her stomach getting tingly with contractions as she felt it coming over her, building like a storm on the horizon:

Robin: "Oh my... Oh my god, oh! Mmmmmmm Logan, your going to make me cum, oh god your going to make me cum."

His speed increased, his tongue grew rigid and stiff as he flicked her clit wildly. With his tongue still flicking, he grinned as he felt her Muscles contract on his fingers. He twisted them in a screw fashion twice, and then curled them upward; feeling for her G-Spot. She felt a sudden bolt shoot through her, her body shot up off the sleeping bag, and she let out a sharp throttling gasp of air in her throat. She felt her every limb grow shaky, her loins pulsed, her blood felt like liquid fire as she wanted to crawl out of her skin, she cried out in that instant with her body being forced back to the sleeping bag. Below Logan slurped and fingered rapidly, her juices flooded his face in the instant he hit her G-spot, her walls squeezed his fingers, he lapped at her twitching clit, and he slurped as fast as he could. Trying his best not to miss a drop. He waited for her to relax before retrieving his fingers, sucking one finger clean to taste the sticky warm liquids. And looked up at her, still shaking and breathing... he offered her the 2nd finger and she took it greedily into her mouth. Both her hands holding it, she swirled her tongue and sucked as much as she could get.

Logan: "Good? Yummy?"

Robin: "Mhmmm. Come here."

He crawled up slightly and felt her grasp his face with firm hands, caressing his jaw as she pulled him in kissing with depth and feeling. She let out a sigh as she ran her hand down and squeezed his still erect cock, caressing it as it was still erect. She sat up, following him as he leaned back; raking his fingers down her thighs, and than running his hands back up slowly. Robin squirmed and hooked her thumbs on her denim skirt, she forced them down slightly:

Robin: "Help me out of these."

Logan helped her sit forward allowing her to reach back and unzip the back. Once unzipped, Robin squeezed and squirmed, peeling down the skirt and the top together. She kicked them off and scooted back, Logan following. They kissed with depth and feeling, breathing shallow in between moments when they broke their kiss to catch a breath. Robin could feel his hands running up her sides and along her breasts. She ran her fingers down and massaged his cock. She smiled at him as she bit her lip, stroking him lightly... his hands ran down from the sides of her breasts and grasped her hips as he lifted her up slowly, standing on one knee. Robin followed his lead as she too stood, feeling the cool night air brisk over her naked flesh. She could feel her arms prickle as they broke out in Goosebumps. She slowly stepped back and felt his kiss tenderly over her neck and along the underside of her jaw. Suddenly she nearly shrieked, as her back came in contact with the cold metal of the truck. Her back and ass felt an INSTANT shock of cold and she squirmed against him to get away from it, but he spun her around. With her back to him, she felt his strong hands grip her arms and raise them up, gliding his hands down from her forearms, down to her elbows, her biceps, her armpits, and finally the sides.

Robin let her arms relax and hold onto Logan's neck, his kiss was more deeper and aggressive as she began to feel soft nibbles of his teeth between his kisses and licks. She bit her lip as she felt another light breeze blow across their bodies; her bare breasts absorbing the most of it, with her areola's nipples so hard now they could cut glass like diamonds. She felt his hands rake her flesh lightly along her skin, running around the sides and squeezing her breasts. She tilted her head back and let out a soft moan, turning her head as she felt his lips graze over her ear, giving him another kiss. In that moment, Logan grasped her right leg and lifted it up, turning her slightly. Her left arm wrapped around an held onto his neck. She held onto the back end of the trucks roof with her right hand to balance herself. She breathed shallow as she felt his left forearm hook her leg, and his left hand guide the tip of his cock to her slit. He teased her at first, running it up and down lightly, feeling the heat radiate off her lips. Than with a steady action, he eased it inside... feeling the warmth and moistness of her vaginal walls engulf the length of him. A deep sigh escaped both their throats, a whimper from Robin's closed mouth as she felt the sensation ripple over her skin. Being filled up, she gave to a steady rocking of her hips, that rocking became a grind. Steadily building with time, they're rhythm escalated. Logan began to slowly but lightly move his hips, the impact between them intensifying the stimulation. Robin felt her body grow hot, but cold as well. Feeling her skin wet with perspiration, but her core was so cool. Each chill of tingles that rocked through her from Logan's thrusting hips made her whimper and moan; each time a little louder than the last. Her leg still hooked in his arm with him pulling her back into his thrusting hips. Logan grit his teeth as he grunted, feeling her vaginal muscles squeezing him with each motion:

Robin: "Yes... yes... Oh yeah. Mmm!"

Robin's fingernails gripped the roof of the truck, feeling her body quiver as Logan's speed increased. The quiet slap of his hips impacting her, she could feel him piston in and out with ease. Her warm fluids lathering his shaft, the intense chills running up her legs, beginning to shake:

Robin: "OH GOD!!"

Suddenly Robin felt a huge surprise explosion in her, her body convulsed in Logan's strong grip. Robin's eyes closed tightly as her face tensed from the climax. She sighed and moaned, feeling his pace slow down slightly. She looked behind her, pulling Logan's head down onto her shoulder, his face pressing against hers. Logan's arm; no longer hooking her leg, now bent it back almost around his hip. He gently pressed her into the trucks back, her right arm outstretching across the roof. Robin moaned as she felt his hips let off a burst of stamina as they rapidly thrust behind her. His arm holding her leg to his side, pushing her against the cold metal of the trucks back. She could feel her breasts against the cool steel; her nipples growing stiff as she held tightly on to his neck. Closing her eyes, she felt his warm body pressed against hers; equally wet with sweat and perspiration. The sound of his breath and sexy whispers to her ear, the feeling of his big cock slamming her box again and again with the cold metal and night air around them. Slowing down suddenly, Logan let go of her leg. Robin stood and leaned forward over the truck's roof. But, she than felt his arms take hold of hers, hooking them behind her in a comfortable and yet "constricting" fashion. She could not free them as she felt them carefully held in place, his arms inter-locked with hers. With her arms held behind her, Logan hooked his one arm under one arm and than over-lapped the other. His hand gripped her forearm and held it down to hold her opposite arm down beneath it. With her arms restrained, he reached up and gripped her shoulder, and began to fiercely pull her back into him as he thrust his hips forward. She cried out as the steady action grew intense. Robin squealed and moaned, her eyes closed tightly, she grit her teeth as she whimpered. The chills were endless, just when she thought one was ending... two more would over-power the other. Her juices stirred with each penetration of his rod, some lightly running down her legs. Logan maintained a steady rhythm for a while, slowing down to keep from cumming too soon, pulling out, putting back in, running his hand up from her shoulder to grip her hair:

Robin: "Oh shit, okay! Okay, let me try something."

Robin regained herself after he let her go, she bent down with a shaking figure and took up a pillow. Putting it up on the roof of the truck:

Robin: "Help me up."

Logan picked her up and set her up on the truck, he had the idea. Robin lied back and rested on the pillow. Suddenly giggling as she felt Logan's hands grip her legs and raise them wide apart, pushing them back to her with her feet high in the night sky. He peered through the dark able to make out the delicious view of her swollen wet lips. He grinned and lapped them, flicking the tip of his tongue over the clit and lapping her lips with the flat-side of his tongue. He slurped and taste her juices like he was starving, all the while Robin held her ankles with both hands watching him suck and slurp her cunt for every drop of her. She sighed and breathed, her body on fire with her blood rushing through her delivering immense charge to her senses. Her head fell back on the pillow allowing her to look at the stars above her, the cold metal of the truck's roof on her back and the hot feelings below as Logan ate her pussy for the 2nd time tonight. It was so hot, she let go of her ankles feeling Logan's hands grip the underside of her thighs to hold them down. She gripped her breasts and pinched the hard nipples firmly, giving them both a slight twist that made her wince in pain. But it was of little help to suppress the tingles and warm feeling in the pits of her stomach, she could feel it building.
Logan: "Come on down, I got another idea."

Robin: "You do huh?" *grinning*

He helped her down and lied down with her on the sleeping bag, scooting closer the trucks outer edge. Robin reached up and gripped the trucks upper support at the back for support. Logan rested against the back and eased her down on his cock, it eased back in with little difficulty. With her hands still holding the support at her back, Robin smiled as she began to slowly ride up and down, up and down. Her turn to torture him as she squeezed her vaginal muscles, hearing him groan loudly behind her:

Logan: "Ahhhh Fuck... ah fuck...."

Robin: "Ohhh yeah, Oh yes. Yes, yes, ye.. Oh Yeah, oh my god."

Her speech grew in whispers and soon whimpers as she began to speed her endeavor, lightly rocking her hips and bouncing. Her breasts shook and her hair flew loosely as her body went on a intense action of riding Logan. The Truck gently rocked, the quiet squeak of the struts of it's suspension were just barely audible through their breathy gasps and moans, through their quiet whispers and groans. She could barely keep her body together as she felt it again, another warm stomach ripple shooting out from her abs and expelling out under her flesh. She slowed, letting that feeling engulf her, enjoying it. Logan groaned loudly behind her:

Logan: "Ahh Fuck! Can't take much more of this or I'm going to explode..."

She grinned and let go of the support, leaning back. Finding places on both sides of Logan to place her hands she supported herself slightly over him, feeling his hips running up her bare back, around her sides and cupping her breasts as she slowed down again. Going slowly up almost completely off his cock, than going down and taking all of him in her again. Slow, Deep. Speeding up at a steady pace, she went faster, up and down, rotating her hips, grinding them back and forth, looking for that one rhythm that would break the tension. Send them both over the edge. Logan's fingers rolled her nipples, feeling them over one last time before squeezing them firmly with a gentle touch. Than they traveled down and gripped her hips, beginning to aid her action... moving her up and pulling her down harder on him, the sound of their sticky bodies clapping together. Robin's whimpers again, her sighs of approval as she felt her cunt begin to twitch uncontrollably. In that instant, everything got the better of her as she could feel the warmth, the cool, the wetness, and the intense rocket like chills shooting through her skin, muscles, and legs. Her body was pulsing, just pulsing with heat and a radiance of tension. Her clit throbbed for release as she felt it all coming over her, her orgasm not far as it gathered like a storm on the horizon. Logan held her firmly above with both hands and thrust rapidly up into her, his cock slippery with her juices as she began to grow her loudest yet. Tilting her head back and crying out in a plea for him to not stop.

Robin: "OH GOD!! OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! I'M GONNA CUM!! I'M GONNA CUM SO HARD!!" *Breathing and Cries*

She threw her head back, her neck, legs, and stomach muscles tensed violently. Her body was suddenly enveloped by an intensely warm flow of silent explosions. Each rippling over her every hair and nerve. She collapsed and shook, but Logan kept at it. She whimpered and moaned loudly enough for someone local to hear the echo travel through the night air. Logan growled and grit his teeth as he felt himself closing in, he fought with all his will-power. Slowing down, he flipped her over on her back in a haze. Robin breathed exhausted by the multiple-orgasms that ravaged her, her muscles continuing to spasm violently. Logan now mounting her, holding her legs down as he drilled deeper, trying to maintain his rhythm. Robin watched down with a glazed view as she felt her climax coming again:

Robin: "OH!! OHHHHH!!! FUCK!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!"

Her hands clawed up the cloth of the sleeping bag, her head shifting back and forth as her mouth gaped in awe from another explosive orgasm that literally robbed her of oxygen from her lungs. She gasped, shooting her head down to see him pull out and stroke furiously. Her cunt twitching and leaking fluids in a steady flow down her ass onto the sleeping bag. Logan grunted and groaned, stroking and pulling at his shaft:

Logan: "Aw Fuck! AWW Fuck!!"

One, Two, Three White Shots of his Cream shot from his tip. But surprise came again as he shot another Jet, followed by 2 smaller ones. All the while Robin sighed and caught her breath, rubbing her chest as her legs and stomach shook and twitched. Her eyes rolled slightly as she ran her nails over her stomach as it flexed in reflex. Logan squeezed and milked the last drop of his load out. Her pubic region and just under her waist line were covered in his load. He groaned and caught his breath, reaching down to run his hand down her inner thigh; which caused it to shake slightly:

Robin: "Ooh! Oh, do.. Don't... Don't Touch me."

She was so sensitive, the simple feeling of fingers over her skin made her shudder. He grinned and climbed up next to her on the sleeping bag, engaging in a kiss. Slow and Deep at first, than with Feeling and growth of greater intensity. She grinned and ran her hand over his face. The two were quiet, covering up naked under the stars. They had 2 more rounds of fun, before turning in for the night. To think of all places, Robin would definitely get a membership for the Sauna. Maybe she could take Logan back there for more repairs again.

~The End~
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