Steff22- Part 3 Wine Country
Steve and Steff awoke the next morning. There was a knock at the door, Steve grabbed his robe and walked out of the bedroom thru a living room area and approached area to eat as he got his robe on and answered the door. A chef was at the door and rolled in a cart, as Steff walked out in her robe. The chef said, "I've got fresh fruit, juice, coffee, and if you would care for an omelette." Steff spoke up, "Sure a southwestern omelette sounds wonderfu." Steve looked over the options and said throw in some of each meat, mushrooms and cheese. Steve said, "I'll be right back." As the chef prepared the omelettes Steff grabbed a banana, peeled it and began to eat. When she finished the banana she walked over and grabbed a cup and poured some coffee in adding milk and sugar. She was wondering where Steve was their omelettes were almost done. He walked in hair still damp and he was dressed and ready for the day. Steff did a double take, "Wow, that was quick." Steve laughed, "Yes I have a 10 minute system for getting ready in the morning, especially when we have a big day planned." Steff got her omelette, sat down and started eating. Steve pick up his omelette, tipped the chef as the chef left the portion of the cart with fruit, juices and coffee. He picked up orange juice, an apple and walked over to sit and eat with Steff.

Steff looked at him and spoke, "So, today is a casual day jeans okay?" Steve smiled and replied, "Yes today will be relaxing pick out what you want to wear and the rest of your luggage will be packed for you when you get out of the shower." Steff went in showered and prepped herself. As she walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom everything looked as clean as when she first walked in, all of her packages and luggage were gone. Steve looked at her and said, "I hope you don't mind I packed everything and had it put in the car and I just cleaned thing in here." Steff was impressed a man who can afford to have things done for him, still takes the time to do it himself, hmm. She saw a different side of Steve asking him, "Why wouldn't you just leave the room for the cleaning people?" Steve said, "Those people work so hard, don't make a lot of money, so I try to at least give them one room they don't have to do much too but I leave them a list of the things like change the sheets, ck amenities in the bathroom, and you may want to dust or vaccum but everything else has been done for you and tell them to have a nice day along with a tip."

Steff gathered her stuff in the restroom in to her make-up bag, asked Steve, "Where to I put the used towels and the trash I have?" Steve said, "Just give it to me I'll get it." He used the towels and wash cloth to wipe everything down, put the trash in the trash bag by the door, and set the dirty towels in the pile by the door. "Looks like we are ready for another big day," he stated as he carried her make-up bag, held the door open from her, held her hand as they walked, pushed the elevator button, held the elevator door, and grabbed her hand again. Steff again thought I think I have a gentleman in public and tiger in the bedroom, I could get use to this.

On their way out of the Ritz, the general manager walked up asking Steve how his stay was and that he looked forward to his next visit. Steve said, "Great job, you know I only stay here so I'll be back." He then walked over to the front desk, the concierge, the bellmen, and the doorman talking to them like they were friends for every and introduced Steff to each one. She was amazed how he remembered each of these people talked about their families by name and a achievement of their child each was most proud of. It had a tremendous impact on the employees that he spent more time with them and knowing them rather than the general manager. When they walked outside the sun was shining and an old Rolls Royce convertible sat outside, the older man walked around and opened the door with a chuckle and a grin saying to Steff, "Has this snot nosed kid impressed you yet?" He then added, "Don't let him fool you, he is just a man, a man with a lot of money to impress you but still a man." Steve laughed, "Sam, quit trying to undercut me in to get in her pants." Sam looked at Steff with a wink, "Any time you need a real man, just let me know I'm ready to be your plan B."

As they drove away from the Ritz with the convertible top down Steff snuggled against Steve. She inhaled the fresh air and smelled that fresh scent of Steve mixed in, realizing she recognized and was comforted by the scent of Steve. The hopped on the high way and headed out of town towards Missouri Wine County. Steve started in giving some of the history of Missouri's wine country, how long its' been around, how many of the vines were sent to Europe so they could rebuild their after droughts the wars, and how Missouri wine country was one of the best kept secrets from the rest of the world. Steff said, "Why don't you get involved and let the world know?" Steve laughed, "There is great money in that, but you and I wouldn't be able to enjoy it the way we will today if the entire world knew how great it is. There are many things in life that get ruined by going big, look at Wal-Mart. Sam Walton started that business and he would be so upset with what it has turned into." It was beautiful scenery as they crossed over the Missouri River and headed down Highway 94 towards Augusta. At the first winery they stopped a small band played outside as people sat outside eating and drinking. They went inside to begin their wine samples. Steve had the taste buds to pick out the flavors of each wine, pointing them out to Steff so she would find the tastes he discussed.

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