Stephanie Meets The Stranger!
I woke up a little chilled as the fire had gone out. Pulling my blanket around me trying to hide from the chill but alas I am unable to.

I get up to start the fire again and make some coffee and then pull the blanket over me until it is warm and I smell the wonderful, magical and amazing aroma of freshing brewed coffee.

I get up and put my robe on grab some coffee and go out on my patio to enjoy my morning cup of Jo. Out to the deck and enjoying my first morning coffee, closing my eyes as I enjoy my coffee, the sounds of the morning birds and the sunshine as it warms me.

I open my eyes and look around as I felt like someone was watching me and as I scan the area few people are moving about and I scan the decks and balconies and finally I find the reason.

I am almost sure it is the man that watched me as I swam naked in the pool, it is the man of my dreams last night as I dreamed of making love with him. He is handsome, and I can not tell his age but still handsome and a nice body.

He is staring once again at me. I wonder if he just does this all the time or if he knows that I am the person from last night. Soon he raises his coffee mug to me, nods head and smiles. I smile back but still wondering.

I can hardly take my eyes off him and when I do my brain is still thinking of him. I kick back and put my feet up in the other chair, my robe slides open slightly and he smiles and then so do I.

I am enjoying toying with this man more than I ever thought I would. in fact I have never done or thought about doing this sort of thing.

I am flirt but never been one to be a cock tease but now I am finding myself doing it and loving it.

I go in to shower and put my bathing suit on, grab a pool towel, my book and go down to the pool and rest in the warmth of the sunshine.

The sunshine feels perfect, not to hot but just nicely warm and since I didn't get much sleep last night I fall asleep. I begin dreaming about my voyouer again.

I hear him say Hello My name is Matt. I open my eyes and realize it is not a dream. Here is this man standing over me introducing himself.

I tell him it is nice but a bit embarrassing to meet him. I apologised to him telling him that I have honestly never done anything remotely like what I did last night. It is even more embarrassing now that he is here in front of me.

He tells me to please not be sorry because he surely wasn't. He told me that he had been unable to sleep when he came out on his balcony for fresh air and to look at the moon and the stars. They always have a way of relaxing him.

He went on to tell me how excited he was to see me in the pool and naked at that. He couldn't believe his eyes at first or his luck.

He confessed that he was very excited and began to take matters into his own hands when I started to leave and that he just had to ask me not to leave. He was surprised though when I took off my robe and went back into the pool. He once again thanked me.

He told me that after that he went back in, went to bed and slept like a baby but dreamed like a horny man and woke up with me on his mind.

I did tell him that he fueled a dream for me as well, but I didn't give him the details. I just smiled.

He asked me if I would like him to put some tanning oil on me and I agreed. I told him that traveling alone I was able to get my front but only my legs and shoulders of my back side. I told him that he was welcome to oil up my body though because a nice oiled body rub warmed by the sun sounded heavenly.

He drizzled the warmed oil down my shoulders and arms and back massaging in very well. I have paid $50.00 for massages that wasn't this good. He then drizzled the oil down my thighs one at a time and massaged them thouroughly and with a lot of attention to them and the insides of my thighs. I wasn't sure what it was doing to him and I hoped to god my body wasn't telling all that it was feeling either and then just when I thought I couldn't take any more of it he moved down my legs. My legs wanted to clamp shut and keep his hands right there. How embarrassing would that be?

He finished up and if I had any doubts about how it was affecting him they were all gone when he told me he needed to sit down there for a moment. I looked up and over at him and he had a nice boner in those shorts. No hiding it at all!

Thinking about it now I am surprised men would ever want to hide their beautiful hard ons aka boners. It's beautiful!

Matt and I made small talk about the weather, what had brought us here, and a little bit about out personal lives and enough to know that we were both divorced.

Matt asked me if I would consider having dinner with him tonight and that we could either dine out or he would cook for me. My choice!

I graciously accepted and told him it was his choice since he had to do the cooking but there is nothing sexier than having a man cook for me. Matt agreed and said that was his choice as well. We agreed on 7 oclock and asked what I could bring and he just asked me to bring myself.

I spent my day in a leisurely fashion and a nice nap was needed since I slept so little the night before.

Very excited about having dinner with Matt tonight. It is difficult to know what to expect. He seems like such a nice guy and he is very nice to look at in more ways than one. I love his voice and just listening to him talk made my heart skip a beat.

In my lifetime there has been two others that the mere sound of their voice made my heart skip a beat, my heart beat erratically, my breathing shallow, my breath taken away, my nipples hard and that special place between my legs wet. One of them was only a friend and no he never knew the effect he had on me when he spoke. The other was more than a friend and he knew exactly the power his voice had on me and he used it too.

I dressed for my dinner with Matt. I wore a multi-colored sundress with scoop neckline to show a bit of cleavage, scooped in back as well to just above the bra line showed just enough tanned skin to be sexy but not slutty. Short hemline but not mini. Come on guys Im too old for a mini. Under my dress was a beautiful matching see through lacey bra and panties in periwinkle. Against my skin it was beautiful. Oh yes an my strappy white sandals.

iI think like he liked what he saw, because as he opened the door his eyes widened, he smiled and said "Wow you look great"!\

I went in to Matts condo it looked and smelled wonderful, he had the dinner cooking and candles and the fire going and some flowers on the table. Oddly enough he had and somome light jazz playing. I thought that this man is good with little details that women like.

He poured me a glass of Merlot and announced that we were having Steak, Baked Potato, salad and bread. Sounds good to me. I am very easy to please.

He was barbecuing on the deck and the table was already set with everything else. We enjoyed chatting with each , we started out kind of backwards because we met intimately even if it was from a distance then casually. However, once we began chatting everything just seemed to fit together like we had known each other a long time.

The chemistry was sizzling, his eyes dreamy and seductive. Difficult to think or keep my mind on dinner and chat even though it is nice getting to know this man.

He divorce from wife was about 6 months ago and it hasn't been easy for him, fighting depression and lonliness. Not being sure where to go in the dating world because it has been so many years.

I do understand as I am in much the same place. I had not been single for years either and I never liked the dating games anyway.

We talked while the steaks were cooking and then just before he removed them from the grill he leaned over and kissed me.

It was such a nice kiss, soft, smooth, warm...ok ok ok it was better than nice. It had been a long time since I had kissed anyone. I would have rather passed up dinner and had him for dinner.

Dinner was great and we cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen together and then retired to the couch to watch a movie.

We got very comfortable with each other so quickly it seemed yet again another strange and new thing to feel so comfortable with this man that I just met.

My shoes off and legs across his legs/lap as he massages my calfs as we watch the movie. It feels so good and I am not talking the massage on my legs and feet alone. I mean just to sit like this with someone. It has been so long.

He continues to massage my legs and his hands move up my thighs smoothing lotion into them and I lean back and close my eyes and as he does I hear myself let out a noise was that a sigh? a moan?

Whatever it was it told Matt that he was doing everything right. He continued until I could hardly take it as his hand brushed over my panty clad mound barely touching it. Was it an accidental touch?

What ever it was it sent shivers down my body and electrical impluses everywhere. I got up and pulled my dress up so that I could straddle his lap and began kissing him, stopped long enough to turn the tv off with one controller and the music on with the other.

As I sat straddled of his lap I felt his hardness growning again as we kissed each other long, deep and passionately feeling his hot mouth on mine as our tongues searched for each other. He started pulling my dress up over my head and I slid out of it quickly and now I only had on my Periwinkle panties and bra.

With one more kiss his hands where feeling my breasts, my wet mound was sitting on top of his hardness seperated only by a bit of fabric. In a blink of an eye I felt my bra give way to my breasts and they were set free and his mouth was instantly on each nipple tasting and licking, sucking and nibbling.

My hips moving forward and back across his hardness and all I knew is I wanted more and I was pretty sure he did too. Although neither of us were talking.

I began undoing his shirt and pulling it off over his head and as I began to play with his nipples I moved down his body and my body between his legs as I began removing his shorts. His beautiful cock came out of his shorts and I smiled. I always find it so amazing how beautiful a mans cock is. Absolutely perfect piece of artwork!

My has take it and stroke on it a few times pulling on it and watching it and as I do I see a bead of precum form on its smooth perfect head and I lean down looking at him in the eyes as I open my lips and my tongue darts out to lick that bead off and as quickly my tongue presses into that opening on its head as I always do as though I am searching for more but I love the feel of it on my tongue and I love just as much to watch him as his eyes close and his goes back, his back arches as his ass raises his cock into my mouth, and as it take him full into my mouth I hear him moan and push in further.

Each time his ass raises to meet my mouth my mouth is sliding down his hard cock and my mouth is fucking him and he tries to stop me but there is no stopping I want him to cum. I grab his balls and hold them snuggly and with only a few pushes he grabs my head as his cock begins shooting in my mouth and down my throat. My mouth slows down, sucks and licks him clean when he holds me tight.

He begins apologising for cumming in my mouth and cumming so quickly but that its been so long. I just say shush. It was wonderful!

Now lets go to bed!

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