Still Dancing
Rodney Jones' "The Journey of Soul" begins playing and you ease into bodily responses to its cool serenity, making it clear that every part of you already has an intimate connection with this clear sweet music.

Dancing, revealing your very soul, and doing it naked before me, you were already powerfully and overwhelmingly sexual, and now "Journey" seems to be opening a whole other part of you. Now you appear to be at one with the music in a stunning and fascinating way, and your hands soon begin stroking your body, expressing and magnifying the sexual undercurrents in the music.

You place your hands flat against your smooth skin just below your fabulous breasts and they glide down over your stomach. Your fingers reach your mound and begin a teasingly erotic massage as your thighs and your lush ass move in exaggerated sensual gyrations.

You are incredibly sexy, fluidly moving your entire body with the music as you lightly stroke your fingers all over your big full tits, and the look on your beautiful exotic face clearly shows that you are arousing yourself. You lift your amazing breasts and lean forward toward me as your body continues swaying with the music. Your penetrating eyes and your oh-so-sexy lips set me on fire as you teasingly offer me your magnificent tits.
Touching your upper lip with the tip of your tongue you press your big tits and mash them together, then you let them fall and begin lightly circling your broad dark nipples with the tips of your middle fingers. You touch just the ends of your large erect nipples, barely touching them and hardly moving your fingers at all, and your face takes on a look of extreme pleasure, wrinkling your brow with your eyes closed and a frown of erotic ecstasy on your full, parted lips.

Swaying sexily to your music, you lift your breasts again, this time up to your face. Your smoldering eyes meet mine as you brush your tongue across and around your big nipples, licking one, then the other.

You gradually turn your naked body and show your back to me, slowly sliding both hands over your undulating ass as you look back over your shoulder, your curly black hair hiding part of your face.
Turning to face me again, you spread your bare feet, open your swaying legs and draw your fingers erotically up the insides of your soft thighs, digging your fingertips into your creamy flesh.

And your eyes. Your eyes stare into mine with a sexual intensity that penetrates to my innermost being, stirring into flames my overwhelming desire for you, making my erect cock super hard, ready to penetrate to your innermost being.

I can only stare at you, transfixed. My cock is long, thick and hard as your incredible body fluidly writhes and weaves naked before me. Your sensual movements hold me captive as the music continues to flow smooth and easy. The quiet dreamlike guitar and floating strings draw out your most expressive, pornographic, sexually inviting moves that leave little doubt as to the extreme nature of your sexual desires and all the ways you have in mind to fulfill them.

I can't keep my hands off myself any longer. My thumb and forefinger encircle the rim of my swollen cock head, barely touching it, and I very slowly and lightly move them up and down only a fraction of an inch.
This subtle stimulation while watching you is wonderfully maddening.
I stumbled onto this method of masturbating a few years ago, and barely touching just the rim so slowly and lightly like this prolongs and intensifies the experience till I can hardly stand it, and because of the extremely long buildup it ends in a cum-spurting climax like I haven't had in years.

Your moving body is a dream, your arms floating above your head again, your black curls bouncing as you toss them in every direction. Your breasts are stretched because of your raised arms, and my gaze is drawn to their roundness, their fullness, and their broad dark nipples. Jesus christ I want to cum on your nipples.

Your belly and your navel guide my stare to your mound and the top of your slit, and I imagine licking your hood and your clit as I continue masturbating, teasing the firm rim of my cock head, now slippery wet with my pre-cum.

Gradually, in full erotic dance, you turn sideways to me and I groan at the sight of your beautiful, cock-stiffening, sexual silhouette.
With your arms and hands fluidly twisting high above your head, and your chest held high showing the form of your hot fucking tits, you pull your feet and legs together and drive your pelvis forward.
Bending your knees, lowering yourself, then pushing your hot round ass back and raising it up again, you complete the circle. Again and again and again and again without stopping or pausing, in perfect time with the music, your hot body continues the circular fucking motion. With your face slightly raised, eyes closed, your hair hanging back and your spectacular breasts jutting out, with your hot ass pushing forward and smoothly sliding back, I'm driven to the edge.

I take my hand away from my erection and let it stick straight up by itself straining unbearably while I watch your hot continuous fuck and your tits shaking as they rise and fall. A few seconds later a white stream jets up from the tip of my standing prick. Then another, and then a final thick one that runs down the head over the rim and gradually oozes down the hard shaft. Still watching you and your circular fucking ass, I noticed when your head turned. And as I groaned loudly during my climax I saw your narrowed eyes staring through your hair at my cum spurting out and falling all over my rigid cock.
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